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Stephanie Zabel, Owner – Serene Clean Wisconsin locations

I have been married to my incredible husband, Andrew, since October 2nd, 2020. We have two sweet cats and one amazing border collie, Lily, who I get to bring each day to the office with me! Andrew and I enjoy working out together, reading, going for long walks outside, working on house projects and landscaping, and spending time with friends and family.

Opening Serene Clean in April of 2019 has been an absolutely life changing experience. It has been an honor to serve our communities in this way, and I am incredibly proud of the team we have cultivated. I would be nothing without the people who have chosen to work by my side, and I feel so blessed to have them with me as we continue to grow and serve more and more.

Luke Erickson, Owner – Serene Clean Fort Smith

Serene Clean Luke Erickson

Luke Erickson has been married to his wife Mandi for over a decade. They have three wonderful children and work diligently every day to raise them well and teach them the value of hard work. Luke loves to play music and spend time with his family. Luke partnered with Stephanie Zabel in 2019 to help grow Serene Clean in the Wisconsin locations and then branched out and launched the Fort Smith office.

He loves the challenge of building a thriving business and giving back to the community. Luke truly believes that when he can leave a home sparkling clean, it makes people’s lives better. His goal is always to leave our customers smiling in a peaceful and clean environment. The thing that Luke likes most about owning Serene Clean is the relationships that he can build with happy customers who are fully satisfied with the quality work provided.

April West, Customer Relations Manager

Serene Clean April West

I have been married to the love of my life for 15 years in August of 2021. We have 4 wonderful children, Tyler 9, and Hailey, Isabelle and Cadence all 7! Yes we were blessed with triplets! We have two dogs and 12 chickens and love spending time at our home in the country. I enjoy playing music, singing, bowling, being in nature, and most importantly spending time with our family near and far!

What I like most about working at Serene Clean is that everyone truly works so well together. Stephanie has created a culture in the workplace I have never experienced anywhere else. I enjoy serving others and seeing the immediate transformation we can make in our client’s lives. Our team is truly amazing!

Krystal Davidson, Operations Manager

Serene Clean Krystal Davidson 1

Between my significant other and I, we have 3 children, Rory (12), Mason (7), Brynlee (6), this will soon be 4 as we are expecting our newest bundle of joy in October 2021. We also have 2 dogs and 1 cat; our dogs names are Junie and Allie, and Carson is our cat – they are all rescues! My favorite things to do are spending time with friends, family and pets, going camping, and going to the movies. I also like to spend time doing furniture restoration and anything crafty.

What I like most about working at Serene Clean is the atmosphere. Everyone is very laid back and very friendly, we are truly like a family. I have never had a job that’s been this enjoyable to come to each and every day. The fact that we help people each and every day and make a difference in their lives, is such a wonderful feeling.

It All Started From a Place of Frustration

Serene Clean, the highest rated cleaning service of Black River Falls, was founded by Stephanie Zabel, who’s biggest stressor was her messy home. When you work full time, live a healthy and active lifestyle while also making sure to spend quality time with friends and family – it’s nearly impossible to maintain a clean home. When she was consistently trying to keep up with everything, she found it to be very overwhelming. She realized that she can’t be the only one, and others in our community must be feeling the same way.

 “I saw that the people in my community are BUSY. They have kids, pets, taxing careers, and not enough time to do the hobbies they want to AND keep their homes clean and tidy. I’ve always loved helping people – six years as a waitress showed me how much I enjoy bringing a smile to my customer’s face.

Every time my home was sparkling clean, a sense of relief and calm washed over me, and I want to bring that feeling to every home we clean. Being able to add true value to my customers’ lives is the main driver behind me opening Serene Clean.

Serene Clean was born out of my desire to help this community get their valuable time back to spend with the people that matter most to them.” – Stephanie Zabel, Owner

The Highest Rated Cleaning Company in Western Wisconsin

Since being founded in April of 2019, Serene Clean has quickly become the most trusted house cleaning service in Black River Falls and in Western Wisconsin. Our clients range from stressed parents, career-driven individuals, non-local Landlords and AirBNB owners, empty nesters and those who just simply HATE to clean, and we truly enjoy helping them all maintain their beautiful homes without having to sacrifice the limited time they already have.

Company Values That Influence Every Choice We Make

We have seen that other cleaning companies can be very impersonal and inconsistent, and we understand how frustrating that can be to the customer. We strive to be the most reliable and consistent cleaning service in Black River Falls. We use checklists in every home and have quality standards that we always follow to ensure that you get the same great cleaning, every single time. The staff here at Serene Clean will get to know you, your home and your preferences so we can give you the absolute best service possible. No matter how large or how small the task may be, we believe that each task is equally important. We believe that how you do anything is how you do everything and we strive to exceed your expectations to ensure that we have an ongoing, value-packed relationship with you. Serene Clean doesn’t enforce contracts either; we want this to be a partnership. We want you to be so thrilled with our cleaning services in Black River Falls, that you continually choose us.


Serene Clean’s Three Core Values:

  1. Family First
    Our mission is to bring families closer together. We do this by providing services that give you the freedom to spend more quality time with those closest to you.
  2. Integrity
    We don’t cut corners. We do the right thing, every time, regardless if anyone will find out about it.
  3. A Grateful & Positive Attitude Each Day
    We are honored to be able to make your life better. We are always looking for new ways to make you smile!

The staff at Serene Clean are chosen based on their personal values aligning with our company values. For a cleaner to join our team, they have to be a little OCD about the details because we are NOT a “quick wipe down” kind of company. It may seem a little extreme that your first home cleaning takes 10, 15, or 20 hours to clean – but rest assured – you aren’t any dirtier than your neighbors! As the leading cleaning service in Black River Falls, we work in a systematic and efficient manner so that no detail is missed. We know that with everything going on in your life some of the last things on your to-do list are scrubbing cabinets, toothbrush holders and baseboards! Allowing the staff at Serene Clean obsess over these details will take the burden off of your shoulders!

When we talk about our mission value of “family first”, we take that into consideration when hiring also! Serene Clean chooses to employ people who need flexibility, and may not be able to work the traditional 9-5 schedule. Just like many of our clients – our cleaners in Black River Falls are parents who wish to be very present in their children’s lives. This includes making sure our cleaners are able to drop their children off at school and pick them up as well; we will schedule around these important moments to ensure our cleaners are putting their family first. We welcome constant communication to ensure their job with Serene Clean is not negatively impacting their home life. We not only want to be the best cleaning service in Black River Falls, but also the best employer! Just as much as we want to bring value to your life, we ALWAYS want to add value to our team’s life as well. 

We are a part of a very close-knit community and that means we are continually seeking out new ways to give back to the towns that support our small business. Serene Clean is a proud member of the Black River Area Chamber of Commerce. We are also a certified partner of the nonprofit foundation Cleaning For A Reason. What does it mean to partner with Cleaning For A Reason? It means that when a local community member who is battling cancer joins the program, we are notified. Serene Clean of Black River Falls will then provide a free house cleaning for that individual. The last thing you have energy to do when battling cancer is cleaning, and your focus should be fighting to survive, not fighting the ring around your toilet. This is a small, humble way of giving back to the community that has supported us throughout our journey and led us to being the highest rated cleaning company in Black River Falls! We will often donate cleanings to others in the area that we feel compelled to help – spontaneous giving makes OUR lives much more fulfilling! 

Another way that we ensure our team members are supporting the community is through our employee-chosen donations. Each month, one team member chooses a non-profit organization that speaks to them personally and Serene Clean will donate a portion of our profits to them. As our cleaning service in Black River Falls grows, we will only increase these donations! A few of the organizations that we have donated to include Bruce’s Legacy, Network For Youth, Jackson County Animal Shelter, Friends Sharing Food, BRF Hockey Association and Jackson County Interfaith Volunteer Caregivers.

The Company You Can Trust

We understand how hard it may be to have someone in your home – and we strive to be the type of cleaners we would want in our own home. Here at Serene Clean we are honest, friendly and hard-working. Trusting us for your cleaning service in Black River Falls is a decision you won’t regret – you will just wish you hired us sooner! To schedule your first cleaning, fill out our easy estimate request at www.serene-clean.com or give us a call at (715)204-4270 and we will get your appointment scheduled!