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The Serene Clean Difference

At Serene Clean, we provide professional cleaning services for residential, commercial, and vacation rental locations. Our clients love our friendly cleaners, who are trained to clean your home or office with detail and efficiency utilizing as natural of products as possible to get the job done right. We follow extensive standardized checklists to ensure the same high-quality clean every single visit. Our passion is for relieving the stress of a less-than-clean space, allowing you to be more present and relaxed with the people who matter most in your life.

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About Our Founder

Serene Clean was created with one primary goal: to relieve the stress of our clients. Our founder, Stephanie Pipkin, understands the struggles our clients face with their homes because she has the same difficulties in her own home. The frantic cleaning before the in-laws are “just stopping by” in 10 minutes is a very familiar crisis to her, and she realized many others must go through this as well. Serene Clean was born and has quickly become the highest-rated and most reviewed cleaning service in their service areas.



Serene Clean offers many services including Commercial, Residential, Moving, and Rental Property cleaning. Our vast array of services and excellent customer service is what led us to being the leading cleaning service in Western Wisconsin and Fort Smith, Arkansas. At Serene Clean we genuinely care about our clients; our number one goal is to put a smile on your face and make you feel like a weight has been lifted off of your shoulders. We understand how hard it can be to keep up with everyday life and maintain a beautifully clean home at the same time. We work with a multitude of different clientele and all of them have one thing in common – they just simply don’t have enough time in their day. That is where we come in, at the end of the day when you come home, do you feel you have enough time to clean sufficiently? Most people don’t and that is why it is so important for us to be here and give you back the time that you need. Letting Serene Clean handle your cleaning needs allows you to spend more time on what is important to you – whether that be your job, your family, your pets or yourself.

One of our most frequently asked questions is about what cleaning products we use. It’s simple – all natural! We strive to be as environmentally conscious as we can be. Some of our main cleaning ingredients include dish soap, vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, essential oils, baking soda and elbow grease. All of our cleaning supplies are gentle yet effective. Using natural products allows us to leave you with a gorgeous home without filling the air with chemicals. When it comes to Commercial or more Industrial clients, the products that we will use will be discussed with each account on an individual basis. For all clients whether it be Residential or Commercial your cleaning is completely customizable to fit your needs.

Serene Clean services a variety of different areas in Western Wisconsin and also Fort Smith, Arkansas. If you don’t see your town on our location list don’t worry, just give us a call today at 715-204-4270 to see if we can come to you!

We are also currently running a special for both Residential and Commercial cleaning! For Residential if you schedule your second cleaning within one month of the first then you will receive 50% off your second cleaning! For Commercial accounts that book Monday through Friday you will receive 50% off your first month of services! Whether it be Residential or Commercial this is a huge savings and you surely don’t want to miss out!

Serene Clean stands out from a typical cleaner because we assume the risk with full liability insurance, Worker’s Compensation insurance, and bonding to protect you and your home or your business. For Commercial accounts we can provide flat rate billing each month so that we can avoid any fluctuation in charges based on the speed of the cleaner. We provide appointment reminders, GPS tracking on all cleaners and invoicing that is easily paid from your smartphone or computer. All of our cleaners are professionally trained with ongoing quality control. We also guarantee 100% satisfaction or we will re-clean any areas should you be unhappy for any reason. Serene Clean is committed to providing the highest quality cleaning for your home or your business. No matter what type of cleaning you need no contracts are ever required; we work together because both parties are happy with the partnership.

Our three core values here at Serene Clean are:

Family First

Our mission is to bring families closer together. We do this by providing services that give you the freedom to spend more quality time with those closest to you.

We don’t cut corners. We do the right thing, every time, regardless if anyone will find out about it.

A Grateful & Positive Attitude Each Day
We are honored to be able to make your life better. We are always looking for new ways to make you smile!

Serene Clean is confident we will greatly improve your free time and get your time back for what’s most important!