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Are you an aspiring cleaning business owner? Or currently working in the field, but want to be running your business, not cleaning? Maybe you’ve had your business running for awhile, but know there’s room for improvement. If so, I’m here to help.

My name is Stephanie Pipkin. My passion is growing my business
and teaching other cleaning business owners how to grow their businesses by adding systems to actually be scalable!

Testimonial Consulting

A Friend in the industry who’s been through it-
and can get you from frantic to systematic faster and easier!

Testimonial 2 Cleaning Company Business Consulting

Hear Mark & Hannah’s experience working with Stephanie & how the bundles have helped them in their brand new business:

Bundles Available

Bundle 1
Bundle 2

Ready to get your Systems and Documents Bundle? Fill out the form below to order! You will receive an invoice via paypal (you can pay with your normal credit card) within one business day to the email you fill out- be sure to check your spam!

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Interested in more of my content? Be sure to follow the Zenmaid Youtube Channel, where I create new content each week full of tips to operate your cleaning business! Here are a few long-form videos deep-diving into a ton of useful topics!

Prefer short and sweet videos with actionable tips? 

Finally, I highly recommend joining the Zenmaid Mastermind Facebook group- you do not need to be a user of Zenmaid to join! This is a completely free space to ask questions and learn from fellow cleaning business owners. In addition, I post frequently there, too! Click here to join

I hope to see you there!