Rental Properties

This past year, short term rentals have EXPLODED in our local area as more people are looking for comfortable and private lodging for their business trips and vacations. As more and more homeowners are turning their vacation homes and cabins into short term rentals, the need for reliable and high-quality cleaning of these properties has risen, as well. At Serene Clean, we are experts at short term rental property cleanings in the Black River Falls area! 

Since opening in April of 2019, our number of short term rentals tha we service has grown steadily, exploding in the summer of 2020 with the rise of COVID-19. We do countless “flips” a week for a variety of rentals that are listed on Air BNB, VRBO, or privately listed online by the owners. We have heard from many owners of these rentals that they are completely overwhelmed with taking care of the cleaning in between guests when they oftentimes have jobs outside of rental management or aren’t even local to our area, so rely on their cleaner completely to handle everything at the rental. By allowing the top rated rental cleaning service in Black River Falls, Serene Clean, to do the turnovers for you, you can be sure you are in the right hands and your guests will have the most positive experience possible. 

We all know the impact of reviews, especially on sites like Air BNB and VRBO.  One negative review on the cleanliness of the home can seriously impact your booking ability, especially in a competitive market like Black River Falls with our beautiful natural resources. The rentals we take care of the cleaning for consistently have incredibly high cleanliness scores, which will absolutely catch the eye of potential guests. As your chosen rental property cleaning service in Black River Falls, Serene Clean will ensure your cleanliness scores are always top notch.

Strong management and organization are the name of the game to ensure your property gets the level of attention it needs to stand out. We create individual checklists for every single short term rental we service. This ensures that our cleaners know the specifics about your home so all details are properly accounted for. Compared to standard house cleaning, flipping short term rentals takes quite a bit more specific instructions, because every single location is unique and needs “out of the norm” tasks. We find that our communication with rental owners is MUCH more extensive than a typical house cleaning because of how many new people are staying, leaving the home in various states that must be documented and accounted for. Serene Clean is the preferred cleaning service for short term rentals in Black River Falls because our homeowners know they can count on us to get the job done right every time, and quickly communicate needed information to get the next guest experience to be the best possible.

Our standard tasks we complete at short term rentals are very similar to our standard residential cleanings, though we typically will rotate dusting on a more spread out basis since we are visiting much more frequently than regular houses.

Some of the more specific tasks we do for these homeowners:

  • Change all used bedding and make beds as specified to health department code
  • Wash all used bedding and towels either on site or haul excess off site to be washed and returned at next visit
  • Document any damage or excessive dirtiness to send to owners
  • Check interior of fridge and empty of all food left behind
  • Check stock of all kitchen and bath supplies, restock if desired. Many owners ship to our office and we take with us any supplies for the next visit.
  • Check exterior of home for trash or debris that needs to be picked up
  • Put away all dishes that have been washed by guests
  • Garbage removal if there is no dumpster on site
  • Leave out care package items for next guests (specific greeting cards, snacks, wine/beer). Typically left secured by the homeowner and we leave out for guests.


This list is not all inclusive, and we are happy to do an assortment of tasks not included in these lists. We understand how much goes into managing rental properties, and we love being able to relieve some stress from these owners by providing professional and efficient cleaning services for these rentals. Serene Clean’s reputation in both standard residential cleaning and short term rental cleaning service in Black River Falls is well known in our community, but owners who are not from around here may be hesitant to trust someone to take care of their rental. Here are a few of our current rental property owner’s experiences working with us:

“Serene Clean has exceeded my expectations! The first time I walked into our cabin after they cleaned it I was amazed that many of the spots I thought were permanent, were no longer there. Stephanie is great to work with and very accomodating. We rent our cabin out on VRBO and they have been a great partner!”

-Kristi S,

Rental Homeowner

“Last minute vacation rental left me scrambling, desperately needed help and was saved by Serene Clean. Thanks for the immediate response and professional services! Very much appreciated! I highly recommend Serene Clean for all your cleaning needs.”

-Beth R,

Rental Homeowner

“I have a log cabin which I rent to guests when I am not using it.  Stephanie and her team have been consciousness about their cleaning and being my eyes and ears when I’m not there. I am grateful for their commitment to quality work.  Stephanie is really on the ball and able to juggle a lot with grace and good problem-solving.”

-Leah D,

Rental Homeowner

“Serene Clean helps us at our vacation rental home, Caballete Retreat. They did a fantastic cleanup after we did some remodeling and construction work inside the home. We had them do a thorough spring cleaning where they washed and sanitized almost every surface, including the dishes. They continue to help us with cleaning between guests. Again they are just great to work with. Friendly, honest, dependable, and thorough in their attention to detail is why we will continue to partner with them and recommend them to others.”

-Dan S,

Rental Homeowner

If you’re ready to take the stress of turnovers and endless laundry off your shoulders, give the highest rated and most reviewed rental cleaning company in Black River Falls a call. The Serene Clean team can’t wait to help!, (715)204-4270