At Serene Clean, the highest rated cleaning company in Black River Falls, we pride ourselves on providing outstanding results in our clients homes and businesses. Here is a sample of a few transformations we have provided for our clients:

Often neglected by homeowners everywhere – is the oven – and for good reason! Being able to transform an oven is one reason why Serene Clean is the lead cleaning company in Black River Falls. Oven cleaning is one of our specialties! The interior of the oven is included in any deep or move in/ move out cleaning, and any client can add on an oven cleaning to their regular standing cleaning also! If you have ever tried the oven’s self cleaning function, you have probably realized it doesn’t truly clean the oven. An oven can be notoriously difficult to clean because of how much elbow grease goes into it!

Oven Cleaning Image

No matter how busy your lifestyle is, for most families, maintaining things like dishes and laundry are manageable. It’s typically the smaller details that tend to get ignored or looked over. Every one of our cleaners are extremely detail oriented and are able to notice those smaller details that make a large difference in the overall cleanliness of your home. You may not notice these smaller details now but once we’ve cleaned them you’ll understand why we are the number one cleaning company in Black River Falls. 

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In a rural area such as ours, it’s pretty common to have water in your home that wreaks havoc on your shower’s appearance! At Serene Clean, we always use all-natural cleaners that are safe, yet very effective on your home’s most stubborn areas. 

For this particular tub, we used our power drill and scrub brush attachments to safely remove the red staining from this tub. We became the leading cleaning company in Black River Falls by always striving to work smarter, not harder, and without introducing harsh chemicals into your home!

Tub Picture

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Our cleaners love getting to know your family, especially your little ones! Children bring so much joy and life to your home – but they are also the biggest experts in creating messes! From crayon on the walls, cheerios under the bed, and fingerprints on the windows – we at Serene Clean are happy to take care of those messes so you can focus on spending time with your family. 

Being the highest rated cleaning company in Black River Falls means that we notice the areas that easily get missed. In particular – ceiling fans are one spot that gets incredibly dusty. When we thoroughly dust your home, we are improving the air quality and removing allergens and other irritating particles from your home! We know that dusting is one the most daunting tasks to do yourself, which is why we are so happy to take care of this for you!

Easily one of the hardest hit areas of the home – is the bathroom! When you have a hectic schedule, you are usually rushing to get ready – there’s hairspray on the mirrors and doors, stray hairs everywhere and soap scum but yet, no time to clean it up! Our cleaners at Serene Clean are experts at making your bathroom sparkle and shine! Nobody likes to talk about toilets, but they are used day in and day out, and it can show! This particular client had tried and tried to scrub their toilet, however after all their hard work, they were only left frustrated and disappointed. When Serene Clean stepped in, we were able to remove the heavy staining without issue, which is another reason we are the leading cleaning company for Black River Falls. Every inch of your toilet is cleaned, and we give great attention to the sides and base

Toilet Image

Microwaves can be incredibly stubborn to clean yourself because of how heavily they are used in every home! This particular microwave was at one of our commercial locations, though it may look very similar to your microwave at home! It is so easy for a microwave to end up with splattered food and grease all over it. Serene Clean gives your appliance the attention it deserves, being sure to touch every inch of the microwave – including the roof, sides, plate and outside surface!

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Is there anything better than sparkling chrome faucets? We think not – and that belief is what helps us to be the highest rated cleaning company in Black River Falls. Water spots are notorious for making a clean faucet look horrible! Our cleaners at Serene Clean will meticulously buff your chrome to remove all water spots to give you a stunning finish! For the majority of our cleaning – we use microfiber cloths instead of paper towels, therefore we won’t ever leave you with a streaky towel finish. We also make sure to dry all showers and sinks after scrubbing them as opposed to allowing the fixtures to air dry, which gives them that glowing appearance!

Faucet Image

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Our Serene Clean team members always strive to make your home and possessions as beautiful as we can. This client had a stunning kitchen, but they were struggling with stubborn rust on their stainless-steel fridge which left the overall appearance of the kitchen looking less than perfect. After extensive research to ensure no damage would be done, we were able to restore the fridge to its original showroom look! After a hard day’s work, we enjoy looking back to see how we have improved our client’s lives and smile!

There are tons of beautiful homes that could use a cleaning service in Black River Falls! One area of the home that we particularly love to see is our client’s kitchen! We do the best we can to make each appliance look as “brand-new” as we can! Our cleaners at Serene Clean have a variety of special tools that are used to get everything clean and shiny without having to use a single harsh chemical! No chemicals were used to get this stove clean!

Stove Detail


We can’t wait to make your home fresh and beautifully clean! Get your free house cleaning estimate at or call (715)204-4270.