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Working for Serene Clean just works for my lifestyle. I’m a busy mom who needs certain hours and certain days off. They stick to their word unlike most employers. If there is ever an issue, it’s extremely easy to talk to management and get things straightened out asap.It’s very easy to follow the routine checklist between homes. You get to drive to different locations and clean different homes. Sometimes there are pets there and it’s always nice meeting a furry friend.I am welcomed with a smile when I restock supplies at the office. Management is kind and supportive. More furry friends at the office. Even the mail people say that it’s their favorite place to stop in.I’m proud to know that I’m working for a small business – especially one that is woman owned.Team members are there to show support and there are weekly meetings where we can connect and show up for each other as well as the company.I recently noticed a quote on the wall in one of the offices. It says, “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”I’m doing just that.

Team member at Serene Clean

Updated Starting Wages since the above video was created! $16 an hour starting and a $250 sign-on bonus after 3 months!

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Work for a company that is on a mission to help as many people in our communities as possible! Each month, a team member chooses a local non profit for the business to donate to- you can see the variety of organizations we have donated to here: Giveback

We are also members of Cleaning For A Reason, which means we donate free cleanings to folks in our area going through chemo therapy treatments. At this job, you truly make a difference every single day, and it is such satisfying work to see such a difference immediately! Whether you are a commercial or residential cleaner, our clients are incredibly appreciative of your work, and we make sure to let you know all of the positive feedback you get! Check out our Facebook page to see some of the wonderful reviews clients have left as well as satisfying before and afters:  Serene Clean Facebook

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Why You Will Love Working At Serene Clean


Working at Serene Clean is truly amazing. Our team truly works well together. Our owner Stephanie, has created a culture in the workplace that is difficult to find on other teams. This culture stems from Serene Clean’s Core Values: Family First, Integrity, and having a Grateful and Positive Attitude. We are reminded of our values every day when we serve our staff and our clients. We couldn’t consistently serve our clients without our staff continually upholding these values. We hold our staff to high standards and it shows in our customer’s satisfaction.

Family First at Serene Clean means putting the needs of our clients and our staff’s families first. This means that we allow our staff to have a flexible schedule so you can be home with your family or be able to attend family birthday parties, get togethers and vacations. It also means we are always considerate of our client’s cleaning needs in their home and make sure they are satisfied with their cleaning. Our staff will start laundry for an overwhelmed mother of a newborn or do dishes for a client that struggles with chronic pain. We train Serene Clean employees to go above and beyond and recognize our client’s needs.

Our pledge to Integrity is we do what is right, not what is easy. This is true in client’s homes and businesses. We do not cut corners when nobody’s looking. There are no sweeping things under the rug. We believe in shining a light on things when they are wrong or are not going right. If we break something, we call attention to it immediately and work to remedy the situation with our clients. We investigate concerns brought to our attention by our clients and staff to ensure an enjoyable and safe work environment.

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Best Carpet Cleaners In Sparta 275234913 10158955344428143 684182346157138860 NAt Serene Clean, we believe in having a Grateful and Positive Attitude. We greet each day and person with a smile. We know the impact a simple smile can have on our client’s and all those we meet. We do some dirty work, but we bring smiles to our client’s and their families everyday. Having a positive attitude while we clean, furthers the impact we have on our families and client’s families.

Persistently acting within these values has truly allowed us to have an impact in our community and in our staff’s lives. We enjoy serving others and seeing the transformation that happens within their homes. Serene clean has created a laid back atmosphere where staff is more like family. Our team loves what they do and they consistently go above and beyond to make a difference. We support each other on the job, in the office and in each other’s personal lives. Serene Clean makes everyone feel like they are working with family.

At Serene Clean we now offer health insurance benefits and Paid Time Off. We do on the job training, so if you are the right fit for the job we do paid training to show you how we clean. Cleaning is a physical job so you will get plenty of exercise throughout your day. We offer full-time and part time positions. Work is available during the day, nights or weekends. The great part about a flexible schedule is you can work as little or as much (up to 40 hours) as you want. You stay busy all day long so your work week will fly by.


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