Have you ever wondered what traits to look for in a house cleaner? If you’re not exactly sure what to look for then keep on reading because I’m about to tell you exactly what you should look for when looking for a house cleaner. Serene Clean, the best cleaning company in Fort Smith Arkansas got to the top by always hiring the top house cleaners. Each and every employee is hard-working, trustworthy, loyal, and friendly.

The main things to look for when looking for a house cleaner is are they dependable, do they have good work ethic, are they honest, do they have discretion, and do they have a positive attitude? If you haven’t been able to find a cleaning service that checks all of these boxes then you have come to the Right Place because we can! Our staff are our number one reason why Serene Clean is the best cleaning company in Fort Smith Arkansas.

The number one trait that your house cleaner in Fort Smith Arkansas should have his dependability. Serene Clean has gained its reputation as the best cleaning company in Fort Smith Arkansas by being reliable and dependable. You can always count on us to get the job done when we say were going to. We will never not show up like an independent home cleaner might. We have heard from countless clients that when they do hire an independent home cleaner the biggest issue is that they don’t even come. Hopefully they didn’t require a down payment because now you would be out some money. Which of course understand that emergencies and scheduling conflicts do happen and we may need to reschedule but as a professional we will always reach out to you in a timely manner to get this taken care of if needed. To ensure that you know when your scheduled for cleaning you will always receive an email confirmation three days prior to the cleaning and also a text message confirming the time the night prior to the cleaning. When your cleaner is on your way you will receive a text message stating how long until they arrive. Our timestamps are always GPS tracked.

The next thing to look at when hiring a house cleaner is the work ethic. Let’s face it cleaning is physically demanding work and a lot of people think they can clean for a living only to realize that they’re just not up to the task. When you’re looking for the best cleaning service in Fort Smith Arkansas you will want to make sure you can find a cleaner that has great work ethic. Serene Clean has excellent work ethic. To verify that A cleaner has good work ethic you can check out there before and Afters to verify that for yourself. It’ll be very easy to tell whether or not they are doing a quality job and whether or not they are standards Match yours. You also need to make sure that your cleaner is in good physical health. Cleaning is a very strenuous job. You have to be able to bend down, bend your knees, stand for long periods of time work without taking breaks and scrub things tirelessly.

Next we’re going to look at honesty. Having a home cleaner means that you need to be able to trust somebody in your home. Whether or not you choose to be home is completely up to you, but most of our clients are out of the home during the cleaning. Our clients trust us as the best cleaning company in Fort Smith Arkansas. Serene Clean only hires trustworthy and honest employees. If you’re looking at hiring an individual cleaner make sure to check their references and if you’re looking at a company check to see what measures they have in place to ensure that you can trust them. All of our employees are not only honest but they hold discretion. A lot of people have no problem admitting that they need or want a house cleaner. But there are some people that don’t want anybody to know that they are not doing the cleaning themselves. We never talk about a client outside of the clients home or outside of our office. Let’s face it being in your home means that we’re going to see things that are personal, Near and dear to you, and things other people may never see it. Even when we are seeing these things we understand that your privacy and confidentiality is of upmost importance. If you’re looking at hiring a company or an individual cleaner you need to make sure that they are not gossipy or providing information about another client to you to try and sell to you. If they are talking about another client you can be sure that they will talk about you also! When it comes to a company make sure to ask if they have privacy or confidentiality waivers that they have to sign or if there are any policies or procedures that staff must follow in order to provide discretion for clients.

Lastly a positive attitude is a must for a home cleaner. Serene Clean, the best cleaning company in Fort Smith Arkansas only employees people who show up to work every day with a positive attitude and a smile on their face. Our staff does not bring their home life to work. Our staff does not let their personal lives affect their job. Even if our staff are having a bad day you would never know it, one of our main goals is to put a smile on our face for our clients no matter what. A positive attitude is not something that you can train, it is something that is engraved in someone’s personality. And that is exactly why serene Clean hires for personality and not for experience.

If you are interested in receiving your free estimate today please head on over to our website at www.Serene-clean.com or give us a call today at 715-204-4270. Let Serene Clean, the best cleaning company in Fort Smith Arkansas take care of the cleaning for you!