One of our most frequently asked questions is what cleaning supplies or products do we use here at Serene Clean. There are tons of different brands out there and there’s pretty much a different type of cleaning product for each appliance, surface, specific area of your home, etc. I don’t think it’s just us when we say it’s hard to keep track of because there’s so much Product out there and it makes it confusing to know which one will actually do the job. If you’ve taken the time to read some of the labels on the cleaning products you have surely discovered that most cleaning products are filled with unhealthy chemicals that could potentially harm you, your pets, and your family. This is one reason why we choose to use more natural products. Here at Serene Clean, the best cleaning service in Arkoma Arkansas, we strive to be as an environmentally friendly as possible. If you’re wanting to switch over to using more natural cleaners, we can surely guide you on what to purchase.

Now granted, the year 2020 has thrown us all for a loop. With COVID-19 we have had to use more chemically-based products to follow the CDC guidelines for sanitizing and disinfection to prevent the spread of the virus. Some of these more chemically-based products are micro band, Lysol spray, and also Odoban. One of our favorite products to use in these situations is micro band. Micro band has a wonderful smell, it does not harm your respiratory system and it is approved by the CDC for the most common bacteria and viruses. Micro band is typically more expensive than the other common chemically best disinfectants but because Serene Clean of Arkoma, Arkansas cares about you and our staff we will spend the extra money to ensure everyone is safe. This is another reason why Serene Clean is the best cleaning service in Arkoma Arkansas.

Prior to COVID-19 we rarely ever used any chemically-based cleaners. As I mentioned above, we strive to be as an environmentally conscious as we can but we also choose products that are effective at cleaning your home. Serene Clean of Arkoma, Arkansas is open to using any product you would like in your home as we strive to be the best cleaning service in Arkoma Arkansas. Some of our most commonly used cleaning products include dish soap, vinegar, baking soda, essential oils, Rubbing alcohol, and hydrogen peroxide. The harshest products that we would use our barkeepers’ friend and our fume free oven cleaner. These are due to the limited amount of time that we have in your home, more natural products aren’t able to give us the sparkling finish we like in the amount of time we have in your home. If for whatever reason you would not like us to use any particular product just make sure to communicate that with either your cleaner or the office prior to your cleaning.

Serene Clean of Arkoma Arkansas Will provide all of the tools and supplies needed for your cleaning. If you have a tool or cleaning product that you would prefer us to use just make sure to communicate that with your cleaner or the office. We do supply a vacuum if needed but we would prefer to use yours if it is decent as this curbs the spread of germs from home to home. We also ask that you provide a toilet brush for the same reason but we do have disposable toilet brushes That we can bring if needed. Our clients love not having to provide anything for us which is why Serene Clean is the best cleaning service in Arkoma Arkansas. We do have three small exceptions when it comes to cleaning products that we will use in your home – Serene Clean will never use bleach, pledge or CLR in your home. We are continually testing new products and new methods to find what is the most effective cleaner and best technique to leave your home with a sparkling finish. If you’d like to see exactly how we go about cleaning a particular area just ask your cleaner and they will gladly walk you through it. Our cleaners are always available during your cleaning to answer any questions and provide any feedback in regards to cleaning supplies.

Serene Clean, the best cleaning service in Arkoma Arkansas, is currently running a special! If you book your Second cleaning within one month of your first cleaning, you will receive 50% off of your second cleaning! This is a deal that you do not want to miss out on! Do not hesitate, call us now 715-204-4270. If you would like to check out some of our before and after photos please head on over to our Facebook page or our website to check those out! I can guarantee that after seeing those that you are going to want to book a cleaning immediately. Once you have your first cleaning you realize how much of a relief it is and how much weight has been lifted off of your shoulders and how worth it is.

If you choose to book a cleaning with Serene Clean, the best cleaning service in Arkoma Arkansas, then you are choosing to get your time back with your family or to do whatever is important to you. Serene Clean has a vast array of clientele whether it be career driven individuals, parents, single parents, bachelors or anyone else that you can think of! We will never judge you based on who you are or what your home looks like. We are Simply here to make your life easier and to put a smile on your face. We are here to illuminate the stress of your home. Have you ever come home at the end of the day and walked into your home and found it to be not quite as organized as you’d like? If so then let us help take care of that for you so you can walk into a home that is sparkling clean and instead of being frustrated when walking into the door he will breathe a sigh of relief.