If you are looking for the best cleaning service in Bangor Wisconsin, Serene Clean is the cleaning service for you!  At Serene Clean we have the happiest, most positive house cleaner you have ever encountered. We truly want to make a difference in your life and we exude that by following our three core business values. Those values include family first, integrity and having a grateful and positive attitude. At Serene Clean we know that you will be so happy with your house cleaning we guarantee our service. That is a guarantee you cannot get from an individual house cleaner. We know it is important to trust who is in your home and know that they will get the job done right. That is why you need to hire Serene Clean for your house and business cleaning needs. 

Serene clean is bonded, licensed and insured to protect you and your home. We run background checks on all of our house cleaners and commercial cleaners. We want to make sure we have the best people to provide you with the best service. We find that people that do not fit in with our core values quickly weed themselves out. As the best cleaning service in Bangor Wisconsin, Serene Clean wants highly effective and caring people cleaning your home or your business. Our clients will tell you how we have positively affected their lives in their homes and in their business. We allow our clients to be more present and less stressed when they are in their home. We have quickly become the most highly rated and most reviewed cleaning company in western Wisconsin by providing excellent service at each and every single appointment. We know you will be so excited when you walk in and see  your newly refreshed space. 

Serene Clean opened its doors in April of 2019. Our owner Stephanie saw a need in the community. She saw how much more happy and relaxed she felt in a clean home and wanted to provide that service to others in the area. As the best cleaning service in Bangor Wisconsin, Serene Clean now has 17 employees and two locations. This is huge considering Stephanie started the business out of the back of her home. Outsource the cleaning of your home to Serene Clean and you will be so grateful you did. Most families are now dual income families. Both parents need or desire to work outside the home. There are a lot of different family and home dynamics we serve. Such examples of this is stay at home moms that need help with the cleaning, bachelors, elderly that need assistance, those that find difficulty in cleaning certain items due to a disability of physical limitation, dual income families, pet owners, and the list goes on and on. Serene clean is here to listen to your cleaning needs and accommodate you in any way you need. 

All of us at Serene Clean understand that it can be difficult to relax in a home that needs to be picked up or cleaned. One of the best feelings is to come home after a long day of work, a mom group meeting or from running errands to a completed refreshed space. Our te4am desires to get your homes sparkling so you can come home and relax. As the best cleaning service in Bangor Wisconsin, Serene Clean is bonded and insured to protect you and your possessions. We want you to feel confident with our cleaners in your home. Our cleaners are very empathetic and have a grateful and positive attitude. They are truly caring people that have gone through an interview process and background check . We only want the best in your home. We choose the top people that will give you the best service and best clean you have ever had. We truly care about our clients and our community and would be happy to give you a quote for the cleaning of  your home or your business. We find that many of our cleaners actually become friends with their clients or the clients specifically request a particular cleaner due to their level of professionalism. At Serene Clean that is particularly the type of people and mark we want to leave in your home and in your life. We want you to feel the positive and grateful attitude from our professional cleaning technicians. 


As the best cleaning service in Bangor Wisconsin, Serene clean is ready to work for and serve you! Call us today at 715-204-4270 or reach out to us online at www.Serene-Clean.com. You can view customer testimonials, before and after pictures or read awesome articles like this one. If you click on the get a quote button and fill out the information we would be happy to respond to your request within one business day. At Serene Clean we are so excited to help you reclaim the calm in your home. We know you need the time to relax, reset and just enjoy life a bit more. Some of us love to clean, so let us take care of the cleaning for you. 

Serene clean is running a special for our residential customers. If you book your initial cleaning with us and then book your second cleaning with us, within the next month, you will receive 50% off that second appointment. That is a huge cost savings for you and your family. As the best cleaning service in Bangor Wisconsin, Serene Clean can be reached via phone call, text messages to the business line, Facebook messages and or leave a voicemail. Reach out to us via email too at office@serene-clean.com. We are so thrilled to give you a sparkling clean space. We know things seem a little bit crazy right now, but we can help you control what you can inside your home and take care of the cleaning. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions, comments or concerns today.  Call us at 715-204-4270 or visit our website at www.serene-clean.com. You will be so glad you did!