Serene Clean strives to be the best cleaning service in LaCrosse, WI, at all times. We pride ourselves on being a family oriented company. Our main core value is family first – and we truly mean it! I mean, I am typing this with my 3.5 month old on my lap, on a boppy – breastfeeding. I am hoping he will go to sleep soon, because when he does I can get so much work done. I can still get a decent amount done when he is awake, but if you have ever typed while a baby is standing on your lap – it definitely makes it much more difficult. 

I am so proud to work for a company that allows me to bring my baby to work. I’m honestly not really sure what I would have done if I wouldn’t have been able to bring him to work. I exclusively breastfeed and although I have tried many times, he will not really take a bottle. He does gnaw on the nipple and some comes out, but the most he’s ever actually taken in with a bottle is maybe 1 ounce. Which, if you are a parent, you surely know that 1 ounce is not a lot. I have a Boppy pillow and a smaller pillow that I use. It kind of depends on my mood and my back when it comes to which one I will use. The Boppy gives the baby a little bit more support, which supports my back more, but I do find myself to be pretty comfortable with the smaller pillow sometimes. Allowing me to continue my exclusive breastfeeding journey is one reason why Serene Clean is the best cleaning service in LaCrosse, WI.

Having a baby at work is a delicate balance for sure. At our Monday morning meeting I was trying to update our staff on our monthly surveys and the baby was trying to talk louder than I was. If you have a baby you know that their coo-ing can get quite excessive while they are discovering their voice. It’s so super cute, but I had to talk so loud so that everyone could hear what I was saying. I have also been puked on about 15 times so far this morning. My shirt smells like old milk and my baby is currently sleeping now, with nothing but a diaper on. I don’t think he’s feeling the best, I have an upset stomach as well, so I think he does too. He’s been kind of fussy today, so I am very happy that he is sleeping. I couldn’t imagine having to send him to a babysitter to be cared for when he feels like this – I mean, he’s not sick enough to stay home, but he’s just not 100% and he’s feeling a little crumby. Also, I do certainly have tons of back up clothes for him here but he was spitting up so much that I figured it was best to keep him naked for the time being. It’s also a nice and toasty 73 degrees here, and he’s nestled into my chest/ stomach with a blanket so he is certainly not cold. Being able to spend time with my sick baby all day is another reason why Serene Clean is the best cleaning service in LaCrosse, WI.

I think Tuesday’s are the hardest days for us because we have to be here for interviews at 430. Baby has done super well here at work and is adjusting nicely, but this is only our third week. He does super great in the mornings but it seems to go downhill in the afternoon. Last week and this week have been better – but he’s definitely ready to go home when we leave at 345. I have considered changing the time of our group interviews. I mean, we already accommodate people with other times if absolutely necessary – and a lot of the time the people interviewing with us are currently unemployed, so likely the time shouldn’t matter. Having the flexibility to be able to move interviews like this is another reason why Serene Clean is the best cleaning service in LaCrosse, WI.

We offer so many different types of cleanings – we do residential and commercial cleanings. We offer customized cleanings based on each clients needs. For residential we have a deep cleaning checklist as well as a standard clean checklist. The type of clean we provide is based solely on the clients needs. The deep clean checklist is more of a move in or move out cleaning, as it entails the interior of appliances, cupboards, and drawers. It’s really just more in depth than the standard clean, but that’s not to say that our standard clean isn’t thorough. We are thorough no matter what type of cleaning is provided. For commercial cleans we do a walk through with them to see exactly what the needs are, then we compile a bid for cleaning based on that. Once the bid is accepted we create a detailed checklist for the commercial account with everything that the cleaners need to know to perform the cleaning. We do quality checks on all of our staff to ensure that all cleaners are performing up to the level expected of them. This is a really great system and is another reason why Serene Clean is the best cleaning service in LaCrosse, WI.

If you’d like to see any testimonials or before and after pictures, please head over to our website at or visit our Google page, or Facebook page. We have tons of ways for you to see us and see what we can do! We have tons of wonderful reviews and amazing and interesting before and after pictures so you can see exactly what we do. If you’d like a quote, please give us a call at 715-204-4270 or you can go to the get a quote section on our website, Thank you for reading about the best cleaning service in LaCrosse, WI! We hope you have an amazing day!