Many people ask us, what type of cleaning products do you use in my home? As the best cleaning service in LaCrosse, Wisconsin, Serene Clean would love to talk about cleaning products with you. Many times customers or potential clients ask us if we use natural cleaning products. At Serene Clean we know that some of the most common household cleaning products are laden with unhealthy chemicals for your family and for your pets. When it comes to cleaning with more natural and more affordable cleaners, Serene Clean is a better choice!

At Serene Clean we use all natural products and we try to restrict what we use to gentle, more natural cleaners. As the best cleaning service in LaCrosse Wisconsin, Serene Clean only uses these natural products as well as our all purpose heavy cleaner that is a dish soap and water solution mixture. We know how important it is to have a home that is clean and refreshed without the chemical smell.  We love to use more gentle, natural-based cleaners and elbow grease! We can still give you the clean home you deserve without the harsh chemicals. Trust us, have you ever spilled a bottle of bleach based cleaner on your carpets or rugs? It will discolor the fabric and leave you wishing you didn’t even start cleaning in the first place. If we spill a bottle of our cleaner on your rug, we simply clean up and dry the spill. No harm done! That is the glory of steering clear of chemicals.

As the best cleaning service in LaCrosse Wisconsin, Serene Clean will work with you and your products too. If you have a particular product you would like us to use on your appliances, floors, or bathrooms, just leave us a note or communicate that with us. We are more than happy to accommodate you. If you have a particular scent you enjoy or would ever prefer us to switch products for your next cleaning, please reach out to us about that too! 

At Serene Clean we strive to be environmentally conscious and we chose to use gentle but effective cleaning products and solutions for your home. If  you have a particular scent or floor cleaner you are in love with, we will use that product in place of our traditional products to give you the perfect clean you desire! As the best cleaning service in LaCrosse Wisconsin, Serene Clean does not use any chemicals. Of course, if there is a particular stain or build up that we cannot conquer with good, old-fashioned elbow grease, we may resort to a heavier all purpose cleaner with minimal chemical composition.  

Serene Clean uses gentle, safe products for your home, your family, and your pets. To be the best cleaning service in LaCrosse Wisconsin, we want to use the best gentle products and methods to give your home its sparkle back. Some of our common ingredients include vinegar, essential oils and dish soap. Some tools we use include scrub brushes, very fine steel wool, pumice stones, plastic scrapers, microfiber cloths, and flat weave cloths. We have many clients that have us mop their floors with our products, however we have some that provide steam mops too! We love to use the tools and products you prefer and are willing to work with you and your cleaning wishes. In order to give you the best clean, we want you to communicate those wishes so we can ensure you are receiving an exceptional clean and service every time. 

A great example of how we get your bathroom mirrors smudge free. We eliminate toothpaste splatter with a water and vinegar mixture and a flat weave cloth. That’s it! We love that squeaky clean sound that clean bathroom mirrors make and we know you will love how it looks. We love the details. As the best cleaning service in LaCrosse Wisconsin our professional cleaners at Serene Clean love what we do and it will show in your reinvigorated home. We can get rid of that ceiling fan dust or that cobweb in the corner that has been there a bit too long with our soft extension dusters.  We can dust those lights above the vanity with a little step stool and a microfiber cloth. Don’t worry, we will do that before we make that mirror beautiful! All those little things that are looming in the back of your mind to clean, let us take care of that for you! We bring all the necessary tools and cleaning solutions we will need, so there is no need for you to supply anything unless you have a particular product you would prefer. 

As the best cleaning service in LaCrosse Wisconsin, Serene Clean would love to serve you and your home! Give us a call today at 715-204-4270 or you can visit us on our website at Search us on Google to read our raving customer reviews or find us on Facebook. There we have more customer reviews and lots of before and afters to show you what we can do in your home. Make the choice to get your free time back and enjoy your time in your home again! It is time to relax and spend time with your loved ones in your home. Leave the cleaning to Serene Clean! Reach out to us directly at 715-204-4270. If you have special requests we would be happy to accommodate those too. We will strive to use our resources and meet your needs for all your cleaning tasks. If at all you are not satisfied with our work at Serene Clean we have an amazing redo policy. If you are not completely satisfied , we will come back and redo any missed spots/areas completely free of charge at  your convenience. There is no reason not to try Serene Clean! Reach out to us today at 715-204-4270 or visit us on our website at and fill out a free estimate for the cleaning of your home.