If you were looking for the best cleaning service in Mindoro Wisconsin, Serene Clean is the right choice! We are the highest rated and most reviewed cleaning service in Western Wisconsin. We are here to serve you and your family’s needs and we will make sure we give you the highest quality clean that you have ever had in your home. Serene Clean can give you your time back. Call us today at 715-204-4270 or visit our website to learn more at www.Serene-Clean.com. You will be thrilled with your cleaning with us and will enjoy that freshly cleaned house feeling we offer!

At Serene Clean we find that sometimes we have to go back in and fix an individual cleaners mistakes. Often times we will find areas that were missed and that really upsets us and upsets our clients. First, because the clients were paying good money to get a quality clean that was not performed before. And now they have to pay again to get a quality clean. At Serene Clean we are not here to judge other cleaners, we just want to focus on what we can do for you as the client because all that matters is that you get the best quality clean from the best cleaning service in Mindoro Wisconsin, Serene Clean.

Serene Clean is very communicative in answering all communications for our clients. We want you to know that we care about your questions and concerns so we are quick to answer email, phone calls, text messages, or any other form of communication you wish to engage in. As the best cleaning service in Mindoro Wisconsin, we always make specific notes of any requests by our clients in our customer relationship management software. This is very useful for keeping us organized when you have as many clients as we do now. Our clients love how organized we are and that we always know what to
do in their home, even when their home is very different than other people’s homes in the area. It’s also really important when we have different cleaners coming to the home. Every time we clean we continue to add notes so that we can improve on the clean we perform in your home.
We try our best to send the same cleaners to every single visit but if we can’t, we have detailed notes for the cleaner to make sure you get the consistent clean that you are looking for. The nice thing about being a company is if somebody called in sick we always have another cleaner that we can send to your home. This is not the case when you hire an individual cleaner you’ll probably have to cancel a clean or find somebody new. That can be a lot of work. With us at Serene Clean you can trust that we’re going to send a professional cleaner in your normal cleaners place every time.

At Serene Clean we love serving all our clients home and we have a special place in our hearts for our clients that have children and pets. We want to take the weight of cleaning off your shoulder and give you the sparkling, refreshed home you deserve. We will get the mopping done and clean the toilet too! We love the details. We will actually clean your home and spend
great attention to detail. No job is too big or too small for Serene Clean. If you are looking for the best cleaning service in Mindoro Wisconsin, Serene Clean is the right choice for you and your family.

Serene Clean is licensed, bonded, and insured. We carefully screen our cleaners to ensure that we are the best cleaning service in Mindoro Wisconsin. We follow a standardized checklist and we will leave it for you every time to review. This shows that consistency you are looking for and
the piece of mind to know the job was done right. If any time you’re not completely satisfied we will come back and reclean or get the places that may have been missed. We train our cleaners thoroughly, but if you’re ever not 100% satisfied we will always do the right thing. We stand by
our ethical business practices and our communities happiness. We want to see you happy and relaxed because you used the best cleaning service in Mindoro Wisconsin, Serene Clean.

At Serene Clean we love what we do and we know it will show in her happy, respectful cleaners.
Our cleaners sign a confidentiality form upon being hired to ensure that you and your family’s
privacy and safety are number one. Serene Clean is ready to get the job done and give you
back the time you deserve in your home. We will make sure we address any concerns, problem
areas, or major stress points that your home may be causing. Let us melt that stress away and
make your life easier. Who doesn’t want one less thing to worry about? Our service will truly
give you a breath of fresh clean air in your home. As the best cleaning service in Mindoro,
Wisconsin, Serene Clean is the right choice!

At Serene Clean we serve many areas and we would love to be your best cleaning service in Mindoro Wisconsin. Make the choice today to get your time back with your loved ones and enjoy life more. Hire Serene Clean today! We are running a special right now. If you schedule
your first appointment with us and schedule your second appointment within the next month, you will get your 50% off your second appointment. We offer free estimates or you can get pricing over the phone.

To learn more about the best cleaning service in Mindoro Wisconsin and see for yourself the wonderful five star reviews from our clients please visit
www.Serene-Clean.com or call 715-204-4270. Make sure you check out our before and after photos on the website as well. You will see exactly what Serene Clean can do for you and your home. Thank you so much for the opportunity to serve you and your home.