It’s holiday time here in Neillsville Wisconsin which means that everybody is busy prepping for the holidays and keeping up with everyday life. Fall and winter are such a beautiful time in Wisconsin. Wisconsin has some of the best state parks and has extraordinary landscaping all around. Wisconsin is truly a state where people come to and follow or people are born and never want to leave. Even though in the winter it could be 30 below and we could have 4 feet of snow there’s something about Wisconsin that is special. Right now, our real estate market is insane! It’s a miracle for a home to be listed for more than a week right now. That means there are tons of people who are moving in or moving out and when the weather isn’t the best that can make it incredibly difficult. If you are buying or selling a home or if you’re moving in or out of an apartment, you’ll definitely want to get your security deposit back. Letting Serene Clean, the best cleaning service in Neillsville Wisconsin, take Care of the cleaning will allow you to rest easy and move in or move out without any hesitation.

Serene Clean, the best cleaning service in Neillsville Wisconsin offers a standard clean or a deep clean. If you’re moving in or moving out a deep clean is realistically the best option for you. For us here at Serene Clean, a deep clean is much easier if the home is vacant and without any possessions. The reason we say that is because we are so incredibly detailed that we’re going to open every single drawer in every single cupboard during a deep clean and that can be difficult when there are items in there. Serene Clean is a professional and timely cleaning service and we will make sure you are happy or we will make it right!

No matter what type of cleaning you get Serene Clean will follow an extensive checklist to ensure that you’re receiving consistent and quality cleanings. Some things that are included in our deep cleaning checklist are the interior and exterior of the refrigerator, the interior and exterior of your stove/range, the interior and exterior of your dishwasher, and no matter what type of cleaning you have we will always clean the inside and the outside of the microwave! All other appliances will be cleaned too! These tasks alone take a significant amount of time if you’re going to do it yourself and you’re really not sure what the best way to clean it is! Save some time and call us today 715-204-4270! Some other areas that we will clean during A deep clean is literally everything from top to bottom in your home or apartment. We will look for all of those cobwebs we will check the baseboards for dust we will even look inside of the closets in the areas that you can’t really see from the outside to make sure those are clean too! I’ll touch areas such as light switches and power outlets will be wiped clean! Any and all garbage will be removed from the home or placed in a designated area. We will even clean the outside of the washer and dryer including the dust collector in the dryer! Like I said, we are incredibly detailed and there really isn’t much of a home not touch during a deep clean! Our level of detail is what led us to being the best cleaning service in Neillsville Wisconsin.

Here at Serene Clean safety is a top priority of ours. At the end of each cleaning no matter what type of cleaning you have, we will provide a safety check. And each checklist on the second page you can see that there is a safety checklist that we follow. This checklist includes making sure the stove/oven are off, toilets are not running, all faucets are off, the windows are left as found, pets are safe and the door is locked if required. The fact that we here at Serene Clean are so conscious of everybody’s safety, including pets is another reason why we are the best cleaning service in Neillsville Wisconsin.

Serene Clean is here for you no matter what type of cleaning you need! All of our cleaners are the most positive and empathetic people that you could ever meet. We understand that you cannot do it all because quite frankly even with our homes we can’t do it all! Some of our cleaners even have our other cleaners come to our homes to clean it because we simply just can’t keep up, we completely understand how stressful it can be! And let’s be real after cleaning all day do you think our cleaners really want to go home and clean their own home? I don’t think so. Having your home cleaned and ready and ready for whatever you may need is such a wonderful thing. If you’re trying to do a cleaning on your own and especially if you’re moving in or moving out it can take days let alone weeks to complete that. Give yourself the gift of time and have Serene Clean, the best cleaning service in Neillsville Wisconsin take care of all of your cleaning needs today!

Here at Serene Clean we are currently running a special! You surely do not want to miss out on this! If you book your second cleaning within one month of your first cleaning then you will receive 50% off that second cleaning! If you would like to see some examples of our work please head over to our website at or to our Facebook page and check out our gallery and photo section of our before and after pictures! To receive a free estimate give us a call at 715-204-4270 or request a free estimate on our website or Facebook page! Serene Clean, the best cleaning service in Neillsville Wisconsin can’t wait to take care of the cleaning for you!