When you are thinking about relaxing and enjoying life, what is something that gets in the way? Is it the honey do list or the yard work. How about the cleaning? I know in my house just walking up the stairs, I see all the dirt, dog hair and other bits and pieces trapped in the corners. I always think I will get that on my day or weekend off. This leaves very little time to sit and enjoy life, my kids or pets. For me, being kind of a neat freak, it makes it difficult for me to relax when the house isn’t clean. It is kind of a catch twenty two. If you feel the same way, you need the Best Cleaning Service in Tomah WI, Serene Clean. Serene Clean comes in about once a month and takes care of the cleaning for me. I can relax knowing the details were done and done right. I don’t have to worry about dusting door molding and scrubbing the tubs and toilets, I know they were done right with Serene Clean. 

Serene Clean always gets those pesky stairs in my home. We have a main level home with a finished basement. We have our kids’ bedrooms and a bathroom down there. My dog also likes to go down there to sleep. When they built our house, they built the staircase in the middle of the living room and kitchen. An interesting place to place a staircase. We used to have railings on both sides but have since put up a half wall on the living room side. I didn’t find it pleasing to look under my couch every time I walked down the stairs. That has hindered some of the dirt moving to the stairs, but we still have the kitchen side open. That is where a majority of the crumbs, hair and dirt are coming from. The Best Cleaning Service in Tomah WI, Serene Clean always makes sure my stairs are vacuumed and mopped. It’s so nice just to have that one household chore done. It makes me feel better about the rest of the home when my floors are clean. 

You know there are always areas in your home that get “dirtier” than others. Living in the woods, mine is our floors. I was telling my spouse the other day, how it is hard for me to relax when the living room, kitchen and entry ways are a mess. We have an open concept house so when I relax at night in the living room, I can see all the other areas. It is kind of a need for me to have those areas at the very least picked up so I can relax. The Best Cleaning Service in Tomah WI, Serene Clean comes in and makes the areas I can see and cannot see clean. It’s a piece of mind to me to know that the house is clean and I can relax knowing the work is done. 

With Serene Clean, I am able to find time for other things in my day. I know the cleaning is taken care of, so now I have more time to garden, do grocery shopping or enjoy some leisure time. As the best cleaning service in Tomah WI, Serene Clean gives me my time back that I would have spent cleaning. I can spend time with my family, or doing activities I enjoy, instead of feeling guilty about hte cleaning not being done. We want to give you that piece of mind too. You can have that same relaxation, when you get to let your shoulders down and take a deep breath. The cleaning is done. Call Serene Clean to get more information on our cleaning service and what we can do for you in your home. It is super easy! You can message us on our Facebook page. You can visit our website at www.Serene-Clean.com and fill out a quote request. We normally get back to you with a quote directly to your email the same business day. You can also give us a call at 715-204-4270 or leave us a voicemail to return your call if it is after hours. There are so many convenient ways to get a hold of us.

We know you will enjoy your cleaning with the best cleaning service in Tomah WI, Serene Clean. Things will feel and smell so refreshed. I know my home always smells better after a good scrubbing. The weather is about to turn for the better, time to open up the windows and let the fresh air in. It will feel amazing to tackle two things at once. Get your spring yard work started and get your home cleaned all at the same time. You can do that with Serene Clean. You will feel so accomplished after a long day. May order carry out from DoorDash too just to make sure dinner is covered and you can enjoy your cleaned kitchen a little bit longer. 

Today is the day that you look into getting a cleaning service and call Serene Clean. Serene Clean is the best cleaning service in Tomah Wi and we are licensed, bonded and insured to protect your home and your possessions while we clean. We will make sure you are thrilled with your cleaning or will come back out and fix what we missed. Not too many service based companies have that type of guarantee. It is truly a great company that has your interests at hand. We care about our clients and want them to see the immediate transformation. We know it lifts a weight off their shoulders and can help improve their quality of life. We are here to help and so excited to serve you, your family, your home or your pets there in Tomah Wisconsin. So give us a call today at 715-204-4270 and find out what Serene Clean can do for you and your time in your home. Reach out today!