Are you looking for a way to make more time to get things done? Do you need time to run errands, get household projects done, give more attention to parenting or family or further your career? Stop spending time on the cleaning of your home and let Serene Clean take care of the cleaning for you. As the best cleaning service in Van Buren Arkansas, Serene Clean wants to help you get your time back to do what you love or spend time with your loved ones. Serene Clean is licensed, bonded and insured to protect you and your possessions. You can trust the cleaning of your home with Serene Clean. We are currently serving your area and are equipped to give you an awesome, detailed cleaning. We leave a standardized checklist at every visit so you know that the job was done and the job was done right. 

At Serene Clean we never require a contract. As the best cleaning service in Van Buren Arkansas  we are willing to work with your cleaning needs and schedule. We offer ongoing cleanings weekly, biweekly, monthly or quarterly. We can also schedule you sporadically or as needed. We do book out a few weeks in advance so if you need a cleaning at a specific time we just ask that you keep that in mind when looking to schedule a cleaning. We want to make sure we are able to fit you in and get your home or space ready for your events, or if you just need it to relax. We are here to help you reclaim the calm in your home. If you need help with some of those bigger projects like a fridge or oven cleaning, we can add that service on as well. This may add some time to  your appointment time but we know that you will be absolutely thrilled with the result. Some of our most rewarding and satisfying before and after photos are of fridge and oven cleanings. We will move fast and efficiently through your home to make sure you get the detailed cleaning you desire. There is so much a clean home can do for you. It can help you, your family and even your pets relax more. There is so much value in having a cleaning service and we know you will agree when you hire Serene Clean. 

As the best cleaning service in Van Buren Arkansas, Serene Clean gives you a detailed clean without the harsh chemicals. We use more natural based products to make your home sparkle. At Serene Clean we care about the health and safety of your home, your family and your pets. Our more natural based cleaning can improve air quality by removing dust and allergens without the harsh chemicals that can induce health risks like allergic reactions, respiratory distress and skin irritations. No one wants to walk into their freshly cleaned home and be smacked in the face by the smell of bleach. These overpowering scents can be harmful to your family and your pets. We are always willing to work with your products that you prefer. However we will not use CLR, Bleach or Pledge for this very reason. We use a more natural all-purpose cleaner and add scents with essential oils. We are more than willing to work with any scent requests you may have when it comes to essential oils. Serene Clean has many clients who provide their specific scent preferences and we are more than happy to accommodate those requests. 

Serene Clean serves homes of many sizes, many family and age dynamics and can provide a timeline to fit your schedule and your budget. As the best cleaning service in Van Buren Arkansas we know that those cleaning chores can be difficult for our aging community, dual income families, stay at home moms and the list goes on and on. We serve very large homes and small apartments. We know that cleaning can be difficult or overwhelming to some and we are here to help and serve you! Many of our clients are unable to get their home to the level of clean they desire. This can be for varying reasons such as time, physical limitations, exhaustions or just simply being overwhelmed. At Serene Clean we do not judge you for the condition of your home. We are there to serve you and make your life better. We want you to be able to enjoy your time in your home and not stress about the cleaning. As the best cleaning service in Van Buren Arkansas, we can clean your home while you are away or you can be home with us!  We work around pets, kids and your lifestyle. We will lay out a plan to move through your home as efficiently as possible without interfering with your day. We know you will be thrilled with your cleaning from Serene Clean. Call us today for your free estimate at 715-204-4270 or fill out a quote request form online at

At Serene Clean we are running a special for our residential clients. If you book your initial cleaning with us and book your second cleaning with us within one month of that initial cleaning, you will receive half off your second cleaning as our way of saying thank you for choosing us and trusting us with the cleaning of your home. As the best cleaning service in Van Buren Arkansas, Serene clean can turn that frown upside down when you look around at your cleaned refreshed space. Call us today for more information at 715-204-4270. You can also text that line if you prefer. We always offer free estimates. Please look over our before and after photos, our Facebook page, and our Google reviews for even more information on the best cleaning service in Van Buren Arkansas. You will be so thrilled with the cleaning we guarantee what we have done. If you are not happy with your cleaning, we will come back and make it right. Get your time, your calm and your relaxation back in your home. Outsource your cleaning needs to Serene Clean.