If you are looking for the best cleaning service in Van Buren Arkansas call Serene Clean today! If you are looking for a top-to-bottom clean or a simple wipe down to help you keep up on the tidiness of your home Serene Clean can help you with that. Serene Clean is licensed, bonded and insured to protect your home, your possessions and keep you as a customer on the top of mind. We offer free estimates over the phone or online by visiting www.Serene-Clean.com we know you will be thrilled with your cleaning. We truly enjoy serving you and doing the cleaning. We want you to be able to sit back, relax and enjoy your home after it has been freshly cleaned by Serene Clean. 

Serene Clean was started in 2019 from a place of frustration our owner realized how much more calm and relaxed she was in a clean home. The light bulb went on and Serene Clean was born. As the best cleaning service in Van Buren Arkansas the Serene Clean will improve the quality of your life if you outsource the cleaning to us. We truly enjoy serving our clients and know that you will enjoy having us in your home. Serene Clean can help you with your home cleaning needs whether it’s basic cleaning, a deep cleaning, a move in or move out cleaning, Serene Clean is here to serve you. Many of us have experienced our own homes being cleaned by our professional staff and it has truly been a blessing. It is so nice to come home after a day of work to your cleaning to do list being complete. Everything looks neat and tidy and smells amazing. What a relief it is to go into the weekend without a huge cleaning to-do list. I know many of us would love to spend more time outdoors and spend time with our loved ones and we can do that with Serene Clean.

As the best cleaning service in Van Buren Arkansas, Serene Clean loves getting those details for you. We perform many move-in and move-out cleans and know it’s a giant relief for families when they’re trying to move in or sell a home. Some of the items we perform in our move out clean or move in cleans are cleaning the closet doors and tracks, vacuuming closet floors baseboards and Corners, making sure that hanger racks and rods are clean, clean the molding and Corners in the bedrooms making sure the ceiling fan walls and floor vents are vacuumed, clean walls and doors, clean light fixtures inside and out if they are removed by the client, will clean the switch plates and power outlets, inside of the windows and window sills and blinds will be dusted, and the garbage will be emptied and replaced.

 As the best house cleaners in Van Buren Arkansas this is just one of the rooms that will complete. There are so many items on our checklist that we can send you if you fill out a quote request at www.serene-clean.com  As the best cleaning service in Van Buren Arkansas, Serene Clean cleaners are incredibly detailed. We use detail brushes to get this in the nooks and crannies so you don’t have to. We get those hard hit areas as well as the areas that you’ve always wanted to get to in your cleaning to do list. Serene Clean employees love what they do and they will greet you with a smile. We pride ourselves on having staff that has a grateful and positive attitude and look forward to serving you in your home. At Serene Clean we use GPS tracking software for our employees to punch in and punch out. You’ll never be charged for any time that we are not actually cleaning. We get asked a lot if you have to be home at all while we are performing the cleaning. The answer is no. As long as you’re comfortable, you do not have to be home while we are cleaning. Pes can also be out and about as long as they are comfortable with vacuum noises and new people. We will always work around your budget, your life and your schedule and your pets too! As the best cleaning service in Van Buren Arkansas we also use more natural products so your home smells refreshed and clean not harsh and chemically cleaned. Nobody wants to walk into their home after it is professionally cleaned and it smells like bleach or other harsh chemicals. Serene Clean uses light scents from essential oils to make your home sparkling and fresh without the chemical smell.

So if you’re ready to hire the best cleaning service in Van Buren Arkansas and reclaim your, your home, your free time, or just enjoy your space more, hire Serene Clean today! You can reach us at www.serene-clean.com or by calling us Monday through Friday at 715-204-4270. We know you’ll be thrilled with your house cleaning. We are also running a special for our residential customers. If you book your first cleaning with Serene Clean and then book your second cleaning within a month of your initial cleaning, you will get 50% off your second appointment. This is just our way of saying thank you for choosing us and having us come back to your home. We value your trust when it comes to house cleaning and we want to show our appreciation. Serene Clean stands by our work and our customer satisfaction. If you’re not happy with your cleaning we will come back within 48 hours and make it right. We will make sure to get those stressful areas in your home sparkling so you can relax and have time with those that you love or spend time doing a hobby that you enjoy. We know that you have a choice when it comes to trusting a cleaning service in your home, the best choice is Serene Clean. Call us today at 715-204-4270 or visit our website at www.serene-clean.com