Serene Clean is here to serve you and your family as the best cleaning service in West Salem Wisconsin. We at Serene Clean are all about reclaiming the calm in your home. We know how important it is to have the time to relax. Life is crazy and especially our work weeks. We have to juggle, kids, schooling, and now homeschooling, pets, doctor appointments, grocery shopping, cleaning, cooking and paying the bills. No one comes home and wants to spend hours picking up and cleaning the house, just to start it all again for the next week. We at Serene Clean know it doesn’t have to be this way. We are so excited to serve you and your home and give you your time back. We know what it is like to come home absolutely exhausted and be faced with chores. It is hard to relax in a space that is not clean. That is why we don’t want you to feel embarrassed about outsourcing the cleaning of your home to Serene Clean.

At Serene Clean we know your time is vital. We want you to relax and enjoy your home for the sanctuary it should be. We never want you to feel embarrassed by the condition of your home. As the best cleaning service in West Salem Wisconsin, Serene Clean is here to serve you. Our professional cleaning technicians are bonded and insured so we can put your mind at ease that your home is in capable and protected hands. At Serene Clean we carefully screen and background check our cleaning technicians. We select cleaners who align with our company values and culture. Our core values are Family First, Integrity and a grateful and positive attitude. We love people who love to serve others and who love to clean. And we know that you will love our cleaning techs too. We know how personal it is to have someone in your home and we know having a house cleaner feels even more personal. As the best cleaning service in West Salem Wisconsin, Serene Clean is the top rated cleaning company in western Wisconsin and we are highly reviewed by our clients. We take our clients’ trust very seriously and we want to make sure you are comfortable with your cleaner. We add extensive notes on each home to ensure you are getting a consistent clean every time. Our cleaners also follow an extensive checklist so you receive the same high level of service and cleaning you have come to love. Please read our over 90 Google reviews and see for yourself our before and after photos and what we can do for you in your home.

At Serene Clean we know you have many concerns when hiring a cleaning company to come into your home. We have many people ask if they can be home while we are cleaning. The answer is yes! Many of our clients chose to be home at least at the first cleaning or to show us around. We have many clients that are homeschooling now, so we are willing to work around your family and your schedule. As the best cleaning service in West Salem Wisconsin, we are also comfortable with your pets! We love our families and pets! If your pet would be uncomfortable around vacuum noises or new people, we would ask that they be separated from the areas of your home we would be cleaning or in a crate. We want your pets to be comfortable, and we only hire technicians that are comfortable with pets. However, we do understand that some pets may get threatened by a new person or unfamiliar noise in their home and our cleaners are trained to leave the home and communicate any issue with you directly. If you chose not to be home during your cleaning that is okay too. We will communicate with you on how you would like us to enter your home. Our insured house cleaning professionals will lock up upon completion of your home as well.

At Serene Clean we know that life happens and things come up. We want to be able to work with your schedule and your budget. If your budget only allows for a couple hours of cleaning, we will work with you to get those stressful areas of your home first or just work on the areas of concern for you. As the best cleaning service in West Salem Wisconsin, we will make sure we give you the clean you deserve in the amount of time you have allotted. We have great communication and will let you know if something is taking longer than expected. We have excellent software that allows you to quickly and easily pay your invoice online the day after your cleaning. Serene Clean has state of the art communication software. You will receive email reminders and text notifications prior to your cleaning, so you are always in the loop on the status of your house cleaning. You can always text our business line or leave us a voicemail and we will return your call within one business day. Call us today 715-204-4270 or visit it on our website at

Serene Clean is here to do the cleaning for you! As the best cleaning service in West Salem Wisconsin, we can provide our services to you as often as you like. Serene Clean is happy to provide services weekly, biweekly, monthly, seasonally or sporadically. We clean a large variety of home sizes, apartments, Air BnBs, commercial locations and we can also perform move in and move out cleanings. As the best cleaning service in West Salem Wisconsin, we are happy to work on a no-contract basis, which means you change and update your cleaning needs as your schedule or your budget changes. We are here to do the cleaning for you when you need us. If you are ready to have Serene Clean help you reclaim the calm in your home, please reach out to us at 715-204-4270. If you have more questions please call us or visit our website at