Are you looking to get your business cleaned? With no further than serene clean. We are based out of black river falls in Sparta Wisconsin. We have several experienced commercial cleaners ready to take on just about any task. We will create a customized checklist specific to your business to make sure that you are satisfied with your cleaning. Are customize checkless ensure that no matter which cleaner is assigned to clean your business, the same great clean world be done every single time. If you are not happy with your clean for whatever reason, we will send a cleaner back to fix any problem areas. This will be done as soon as possible and free of charge. Serene Clean is by far the best custodial service in Sparta WI.

Our clients happiness is our priority always. We do not require our cleaners to wear masks or be vaccinated, but if you wish your cleaner to wear a mask while in your establishment that could be arranged. Maybe you need a biweekly cleaning for a smaller office space. We can certainly do that. We do tasks such as mopping floors, cleaning countertops, disposing of trash, and just about anything. We clean for a very diverse range of businesses. Ranging from offices to industrial factories. We can guarantee that you will not find a better cleaning service around. We have several cleaners. We are licensed and insured to protect your business and properties from any injuries or damages that may occur at your time of cleaning. Our cleaners are thoroughly background checked and and highly trained to complete a wide variety of tasks. Call serene clean today for your free quote with the best custodial service in Sparta WI.

Our reviews speak for themselves, Call us today for your free quote. For commercial accounts we like to do it in person walks or if you’re establishment before the initial clean. The initial clean may take a bit longer than maintenance clean so I will follow. This is because we clean the establishment very very thoroughly so that it is easy to maintain that level of cleanliness from there on forward. It is so nice to come to work and not have to worry about the task of cleaning. Focus on your job and your employees, not the tedious tasks of taking out garbage or cleaning bathrooms. We will bring all of our supplies with us, or you can supplyYour own supplies for your cleaner to use while they are there. All of the ladies that work at the serene clean officer extremely helpful and can answer any questions that you might have. All of our cleaners clock in and out off of an app on their phone that is GPS enabled. So we will always know how long and what time they were in the establishment and out. If you are looking for the best custodial service in Sparta WI give us a call.

A lot of our commercial clients wondering whether or not somebody needs to be at the establishment to let their cleaner in to do their cleaning. It is kind it is up to your preference. Many times, commercial establishments give us a key and prefer us to clean after hours when they’re employees are not there. The key to your establishment will be kept in a locked box at our office location with a tag number on The key. The number correlates to your business so that if a key was dropped or missed placed you can feel safe knowing that nobody would be able to identify what like that that he would open it. We can customize your commercial cleaning accounts to fit your needs to a T. Our client satisfaction is a top priority to us. We will bring our own vacuum and mop to complete any task that are asked of us. Serene clean managers often perform random quality checks at their appointments to ensure that everything is going accordingly. Rest assured knowing that your establishment is in our hands. Serene Clean is the best custodial service in Sparta WI.

He will be satisfied with knowing that all of our cleaners are thoroughly background checked and highly trained to complete any task. Check out some of our Google and Facebook reviews. We are five star rated company and have worked very very hard to create a great reputation for ourselves. The culture that we have here at work is phenomenal, you will be amazed at the positive attitude is your cleaner will haveWow they are cleaning your establishment. They follow a very high level of detail when cleaning. Your customers and employees will love having a safe and clean environment to spend their time in. They will leave your bathroom mirror sparkling in your floor is glowing. Call the best custodial service in Sparta WI today.

We are highly experienced in providing our services to a wide variety of customers. Whether it is your home, your business, your vacation rental, or office. We have you covered. Spend more time doing things that you love and leave the cleaning to us. You will not regret it. All of our cleaners are very passionate about what they do and will be a joy to have in your home or establishment. We look forward to serving you. If you have any questions or something to add to your appointment, please let your scheduler know via email or phone call prior to your appointment. We will do our absolute best to accommodate any additional wishes that you might have. At serene clean our customers are important to us. We are very highly rated and leaders in the area when it comes to the business of cleaning. Contact us today even if you just have any questions about services we provide we would love to help you. There are many reasons why serene clean is the best custodial service in Sparta WI. What are you waiting for? Give us a call today!