Serene Clean is now serving Fort Smith Arkansas and the surrounding areas. As the best house cleaners in Fort Smith Arkansas, you will be pleased with our professional staff and how we can clean and sanitize your home. We enjoy making your house look and smell its very best. We know you will be pleased with the work our professional cleaners do. We are highly rated and reviewed by our current clients. Read our Google reviews to see how we are changing our clients lives. We truly love to clean and you will see the difference when you hire Serene Clean.

At Serene Clean there are several items that have set us above the rest of the cleaning companies. We always leave a standardized checklist at each visit so you know what was completed. This gives you a peace of mind to know that we double-checked our own work too. We are bonded and insured to protect you and your home and your possessions. We also bring all our own tools and supplies so you never have to worry about providing anything except a toilet brush. As the best house cleaners in Fort Smith Arkansas you’ll be glad you hired a professional company instead of an individual cleaner. We can give you the best clean your house has ever had and give you the peace of mind that only a professional company can offer. 

At Serene Clean our residential house cleaners are extensively trained to clean every room in your home based on your needs, your budget, and the timeframe you desire. Our staff is always professional and will greet you with a smile when they enter your home. They will introduce themselves and have you show them around the home if it’s the first time they are cleaning. We want to make sure we get the major stress points in your home completed first so please don’t be embarrassed about the condition of your home. We want to make sure we can relieve as much stress when it comes to the cleaning as possible. As the best house cleaners in Fort Smith Arkansas, Serene Clean knows you will love the level of detail and service we provide. 

At Serene Clean we never require any contract. As the best house cleaners in Fort Smith Arkansas we make sure every cleaning is as good as our last cleaning. We always want to perform top notch service and resolve any issues immediately. We always perform dusting, vacuuming, scrubbing, sanitizing light switches, door knobs, bathroom surfaces, and other commonly touched areas. We make sure we dust high and low clean baseboards touch up walls if needed ceiling fans and light fixtures are also dusted. Your kitchen appliances and bathroom fixtures will shine like new and everything will be mopped and vacuumed. Many of our clients tell us how good their house smells after their initial cleaning. We know that you will enjoy that same feeling when Serene Clean performs cleaning on your home. Our professional cleaners will go above and beyond to exceed your expectations. You will be so happy you did this for yourself and for your family. 

 As the best house cleaners in Fort Smith Arkansas, we have continued to clean through the pandemic and be trusted to be in your home during the pandemic. We do not require our cleaners to wear a face mask while cleaning, but they will respect your wishes to wear one if you are home during the cleaning. We know things are crazy right now but we want to give you the time to do the things and enjoy the people that really matter in your life. After all, we have learned how precious that time really is this past year. Our very first core value is Family First. We make sure that you have more time to spend with your family by having us come to do the cleaning. We also focus on our employees and their needs for their families. Many of our cleaners are parents as well so they are empathetic to your home situation and your need for more time.  

 At Serene Clean we love cleaning bathrooms. Some of our best before and after pictures are taken in the bathroom. Some of the line items that we complete when we are cleaning in your home include the tub and shower area scrubbed and washed, the sink scrubbed and washed, toilet scrubbed washed including the base and behind the toilet, and we will wipe and sanitize all points of contact including light switches and door knobs. As the best house cleaners in Fort Smith Arkansas we will make sure your mirror shine, soap dish and toothbrush holders are cleaned. Door molding, floor molding, corners wiped clean, the vanity top will be cleaned, the table and towel bar and toilet paper holder will be wiped clean and the exterior of the light fixture above the vanity will be cleaned. We always empty trash, wipe down the exterior of the can clean exterior of the toilet brush and vacuum and wash floors. This is just a small list compared to the overall clean you will receive from Serene Clean. 

So what are you waiting for! Call Serene clean today for a free estimate at 715-204-4270 or you can visit our website at As the best house cleaners in Fort Smith Arkansas you will be so glad that you reached out to us and that you made more time inside your home to do what you love. We are running a special for our residential customers right now. If you book your initial house cleaning with Serene Clean and then book your second cleaning within the next month, you will receive 50% off your second cleaning. The first time we clean your home will always take the longest and cost the most. Once we get your home up to an easily maintainable level, the costs and time of cleaning go down significantly. You will be so happy you hired Serene Clean. Call us today at 715-204-4270. Or peruse our website at