As the best house cleaners in Holmen Wisconsin, Serene Clean is ready to jump into your home and space to make it the best and most refreshed space you have experienced. We want  to give you time to relax and unwind in your own home and you can, when you outsource the cleaning to Serene Clean. We are bonded, licensed, and insured. Our cleaners go through an extensive interview process and we do background checks as well. You can trust the cleaning of your home to Serene Clean. 

We love to clean! Our professionals at Serene Clean are the best house cleaners in Holmen Wisconsin. One of the spaces you will see some of the biggest transformation is in your kitchen. We know this area of the home can be hit the hardest, especially if you have children and pets. We know the crumbs and pet hair tends to accumulate in the corners and under the table and cupboards can stress you out, but with your busy life becoming the last priority. We also have felt that constant pressure to get that stuff done every time you see it, but it gets pushed to the back burner, causing a build up of dirt, debris and quite frankly stress. We have lived and experienced this type of stress in our own homes and that is why our founder Stephanie saw the need to give people their time and their sanity back in their own homes. She saw the need in her own home and community to provide a service to reclaim the calm with a clean home. It is amazing what a clean space can do for your mental clarity. 

At Serene Clean we follow a standardized checklist to make sure we give you the consistency you expect when hiring a cleaning company, and so there is no question about the tasks that were performed in your home. As the best house cleaners in Holmen Wisconsin, Serene Clean will get your kitchen sparkling like new again! Some of the standard items on our kitchen tasks our professional cleaners complete is all counters will be cleaned. We remove all items and replace them if the counters are not terribly cluttered. We will spot clean the fronts of your cupboards. The kitchen faucet and sink will be cleaned and polished and backsplash cleaned and splatter free. The kitchen table will be cleaned and organized, furniture mirrors, frames and accessories will be dusted and claned. We clean / dust the outside of the fridge, outside of the stove and outside of the dishwasher. Ceiling fans will be dusted and the exterior of counter top appliances will be wiped down. We clean the inside and outside of the microwave and wipe down all points of contact, like light switches and door knobs. We will dust door molding, windowsills, baseboards, molding and corners in the room. We will empty garbage, and vacuum and mop floors. Your whole room will be neat and tidy when our top notch cleaners get a hold of it. 

Serene Clean knows you will be so excited to see your kitchen after it is cleaned by our detailed cleaners. As the best house cleaners in Holmen Wisconsin, we know that our detailed checklist will put your mind at ease to know what was completed every time we visit your home. Many of the items on our checklists are things we know that you want to get done when it comes to the cleaning of your home, but they are difficult to find time to do and get put on the back burner. We love that we can help you cross the tasks off your cleaning to do list. We know you may feel like you have to do it all, but you don’t!  Outsource your cleaning needs to Serene Clean. Start living and spending time doing what you love and give your time back to the people in your life that matter most. Leave those dust bunnies and dirty toilets for us to handle. We enjoy getting these areas clean for you!  You will never meet a team more happy to clean your toilet. 

At Serene Clean your bathroom will sparkle like new after we scrub and wash your tub / showers, sinks, and toilets. As the best house cleaners in Holmen Wisconsin we will clean mirrors and outside the medicine cabinet, soap dish, and toothbrush holder will be cleaned and of course your vanity top. The towel bar, toilet paper holder and light fixtures will be dusted. Door molding, molding, corners and baseboards will be dusted and wiped clean. Floors will be vacuumed and mopped, garbage emptied and the exterior of the garbage can, toilet brush and plunger contain will be cleaned. Your bathroom will smell and look better than ever!  If you are ready for this level of clean in your home, call Serene Clean today at 715-204-4270. 

Serene Clean is ready to serve you and your home. Call us today at 715-204-4270 or visit us online at There you can see our customer testimonials, look at before and after photos of clients just like you who decided to reclaim the calm in their home with a clean home! We offer a special deal for our residential customers. If you book your first clean with us and book your second cleaning with us within the next month, we will give you 50% off your second appointment. We will add such value to your life!  You can reach us by calling, texting or leaving a voicemail at 715-204-4270. You can also fill out a free quote request at our website We will make sure to respond to you as soon as possible. We also respond quickly to Facebook messages and emails. We are here to answer any questions you may have and ease any concerns. You can also look at our over 95 Google reviews to see how happy our clients have been with our services. We are so excited to be able to serve you and your family as the best house cleaners in Holmen Wisconsin. Call us today!