Have you been searching the internet for a house cleaner near you? Are you looking for a cleaning service or person you can trust? The best house cleaners in Leon Wisconsin are with Serene Clean. Serene Clean started in 2019 when our owner Stephanie saw a need in the community for a cleaning service. She realized how much more calm and relaxed she felt in her own home when it was clean. We know that you have probably felt the same way. It is easier to spend time with your children, pets, loved ones, or just chill out after work if the cleaning is not staring you in the face. Our team of professional cleaners would love to take care of the cleaning for you. Call us today at 715-204-4270. 

As the best house cleaners in Leon Wisconsin, Serene Clean knows that you are busy. We serve a variety of homes, apartments, family dynamics and situations. We never want you to feel embarrassed or ashamed of the condition of your home. We at Serene Clean are empathetic to you and your cleaning needs. We know that some days you get home from work and you are just tired. The last thing you want to do is clean cupboard fronts or mop floors. We have felt the same way. We at Serene Clean want you to feel empowered to outsource the cleaning of your space to us!  We can give you your time at home back and help you reclaim your calm!  We never required you to sign a contract for our services. We can come as often or as sporadic as you would like. We charge hourly rates for our residential customers so you never get charged for the time we are not in your home. We use GPS based tracking and time clock so we ensure our cleaners are onsite and working hard to give you the sparkling space you deserve. 

Serene Clean shines as the best house cleaners in Leon Wisconsin. We stand out from a regular house cleaner because we are fully bonded, licensed and insured. This means if an accident or breakages was to happen in your home, you would be covered. We know we are the best and we strive to continue to be the best in your area. We want you to feel ready and comfortable with the cleaners you have in your home. We are sure you would agree that we can help you and serve you cleaning needs. Please read our many five star Google reviews from satisfied clients that made the choice to hire Serene Clean to get their time and their freedom back in their homes!  We know that you will enjoy how sparkling we can make your bathrooms, kitchen, appliances, and how we tidying up bedrooms and eliminate cobwebs. We love doing floors because we know that is a high stressor for people. It is so easy to have crumbs, paper or pet hair build up in the corners and crannies of your home. At Serene Clean we will clean out those spaces that have been bugging you and make you feel at ease. 

As the best house cleaners in Leon Wisconsin, Serene clean will dust, wipe down accessories, and do floors in each room from top to bottom. We truly enjoy when the over appearance of a room is clean, neat and tidy!  We know you will love the smell of our fresh essential oils we use too. We are always willing to accommodate you with preferred scents or products with a few exceptions. We never use bleach, CLR or pledge due to the damage it can cause to your finishes and the smell can be quite overpowering. We use more natural products that are safe for you, your home, your children and your pets. We find that with a little bit of elbow grease and the right products you can truly make a difference in the cleanliness of the home. 

Serene Clean will bring all these wonderful tools and supplies to your home. As the best house cleaners in Leon Wisconsin, we strive to use more natural products and tools to be as environmentally conscious as we can be. Some of the ingredients you will find in our cleaning products include, dish soap, water and vinegar. If we need a little more scrubbing power we will use hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. We also use products such as extra fine steel wool, scrubbing brushes, plastic scrapers and if we need some extra elbow grease, we have a drill with scrubbing attachments. We can use products to fit your needs. We have many clients that have us use particular floor cleaners due to the love of the scent or stainless steel cleaner to get those appliances perfect. We can customize your cleaning to meet your needs your time, your schedule and your budget. For the best house cleaners in Leon Wisconsin call Serene Clean today!

As the best house cleaners in Leon Wisconsin, Serene Clean offers a special to our residential customers. If you schedule an initial cleaning with us and then schedule your second cleaning within one month of your first, we will give you 50% off your second cleaning. This is a huge cost savings and you will get to appreciate the Serene Clean feeling more than once. Call us today at 715-204-4270 or visit our website at www.serene-clean.com. You can fill out a free quote request or view our customer testimonials and our favorite before and after pictures of the cleans we have done for other clients. At Serene Clean we love what we do and we know it will show when we clean your home for you. Please read our Google reviews to get a more in depth look at what we have done for customers and families just like yours that needed a little help with the cleaning. We can help you reclaim the calm in your home. Call Serene Clean today and get the clean sparkling space you want and deserve!