If you’re looking for the best house cleaners in Neillsville Wisconsin, you have come to the right place! Serene Clean is a cleaning company that is dedicated to making your life better! We here at Serene Clean understand how hard it can be to keep up with everyday tasks as a bachelor, single mom, growing family, career driven individuals, etc. There are countless things to do in a day and it can very difficult to keep up with the cleaning tasks and everyday life.

The staff at Serene Clean are the best house cleaners in Neillsville Wisconsin because they understand how hard it can be. Our staff strive to make your day easier, by taking care of the tasks that prevent you from doing what you love, or spending time with those you love. How awesome would it be to come home at the end of a long work day and not spend the next several hours cleaning? If you have never walked into a spotless home and felt the weight lifting off your shoulders – I assure you – you need to try it! You will surely be glad that you did. Once you feel that relief, you probably won’t ever want to clean your own home again!

Serene Clean offers a standard and deep residential cleaning, you can also completely customize your cleaning to fit your needs. Being able to customize your cleanings is one of our client’s favorite things about us – we are flexible! This is one of the main reasons we are the best house cleaners in Neillsville Wisconsin! We are also flexible when it comes to scheduling. Most of our clients are set up on a weekly – bi-weekly or monthly basis, that way we can maintain your home beautifully. The more often Serene Clean visits, the less time it will take us to clean.
When it comes to our standard residential clean, we will touch all the areas in your home that you’d like us to. The bedroom, bathrooms, hallways and common areas, kitchen, laundry area, and any other rooms. If there is any particular room in your house that you’d prefer we didn’t clean that’s totally fine, just make sure to communicate that with the office staff or the cleaner that comes that day. Serene Clean has the best house cleaners in Neillsville Wisconsin because we know how important communication is! We have many add on services, some of which include – blinds dusted (if sturdy), inside of fridge cleaned, inside of stove cleaned, kitchen cupboards cleaned inside and out, clean and organize closet/ pantry, and we can also wash, dry, sort, and fold laundry! If you’d like any add-on services just make sure to let us know beforehand!

Another reason Serene Clean is considered the best house cleaners in Neillsville Wisconsin is because we always follow standardized checklists to ensure you get the same quality service no matter who your cleaner is. We are incredibly detailed cleaners so following a checklist makes it a no-brainer! We will always leave this checklist after your visit so that you can see exactly what was completed also. If the cleaner has any notes for you, that’ll be on the second page of the checklist. We will also provide a safety check on your home prior to leaving. This safety check includes checking to see if the stove and oven are off, the toilets are not running, all faucets are turned off, windows are left as they were found, pets are safe and doors are locked (if required).

Serene Clean doesn’t require you to be home during your cleaning – you’re busy and if you had to plan to be home for the duration of the cleaning that can be very challenging. If you have an alarm system, just make sure that we are aware and have the code to disarm it upon arrival. If you chose not to be home you can either leave the door unlocked for us, hid a key, or provide us with a key. We are also bonded and insured to protect you and your possessions to ensure no matter what happens, you are covered. Our insurance protection is another reason why we are the best house cleaners in Neillsville Wisconsin.

If you ever need to reschedule your cleaning with Serene Clean, the best house cleaner in Neillsville, WI just make sure to call or text us in the office at 715-204-4270! We do require a 48-hour notice for there to be no cancellation fee. If you cancel within 48-hours of your cleaning we will charge 25% of the estimated cleaning, if you cancel same day then you will be charged 50% of the cleaning. We totally understand that things are going to happen, and if it’s last-minute cancellation due to unforeseeable circumstances, we typically will not charge the cancellation fee. If you or anyone in your family is sick with a contagious illness (flu, cold, chicken pox, etc.) please let us know so that we can reschedule. If we were to come into contact with the illness, we could potentially transport germs to the next home, or become sick ourselves.

If you are still on the fence about having Serene Clean in your home then head on over to our website or Facebook page and check out the testimonials and before and after’s! We guarantee after seeing those it won’t take long for you to decide that you need to hire us! You can find our website at www.serene-clean.com and if you’d like to Facebook us, just search for Serene Clean. We are currently running a special and if you book your second cleaning within 1 month of the first cleaning then you will receive 50% off that second cleaning! You don’t want to miss that incredible savings! If you’d like to receive a free estimate head on over to our website, Facebook or give us a call at 715-204-4270. As the best house cleaners in Neillsville Wisconsin we look forward to helping you regain your life!