The temperatures have finally crawled above freezing and everyone seems to be enjoying a Wisconsin Spring!  We know we love when our weather gets above forty degrees in the winter time and it’s truly an awesome time to be in the outdoors enjoying your family, pets, loved ones and your land. Many of us have started dreaming of warmer days and pre planning our gardens and flower purchases. It is amazing what a little warm weather can do after those gloomy winter months. If you are looking to get outdoors more and do not want to spend these gorgeous days indoor cleaning, hire Serene Clean. Serene Clean will get your home refreshed and ready for spring so you don’t have to. We will get the job done and get the job done right. As the best house cleaners in Onalaska Wisconsin, Serene Clean knows that your time is valuable. We want to help you get your time back with our service! We love to clean and we know you will love the cleaning you receive from Serene Clean. 

At Serene Clean, we know it can be hard to stay indoors and do the deep cleaning when you would rather be outside. Some of our kiddos want to be out riding bikes already. I know personally I am planning a garden and some new flower patches. We know these beautiful sunny days are valuable and we want to relieve some of that time so you can do what you love!  As the best house cleaners in Onalaska Wisconsin, Serene Clean would love the opportunity to clean your home. We will get your spring cleaning done for you, so you can focus on the other spring to do list you have around your home. 

As the best house cleaners in Onalaska Wisconsin, Serene Clean is bonded, licensed and insured to protect you, your home and your possessions. We follow a standardized checklist to give you the same, consistent beautiful clean every time. As we come into your home, our cleaners will be professional and greet you with a smile. We know you will love how sparkling we get your kitchen and bathrooms. Some of our best before and after photos are taken in bathrooms. To give you an idea some of the items the best house cleaners in Onalaska Wisconsin do in your bathrooms we will list some of these items for you. We will scrub your sinks, tubs, and toilets and work to remove any hard water staining or lime build up. We will clean your soap dish and toothbrush holder. Your mirrors and outside of your medicine cabinets will be sparkling. We dust high and low to include light fixtures, molding, door molding, and baseboards. Your vanity top will be cleaned along with your towel bar, toilet paper holder, and the exterior of your toilet brush and plunger holder.  We will empty any garbage and replace the bag and wipe down the exterior of the can. Floors will be vacuumed and mopped to top off the room. This is just one small list of what the best house cleaners in Onalaska Wisconsin can do for you in one room of your home!

Another hard hit area of your home is the kitchen. It is where we gather, converse and eat. It also is where messy kids snack, spill and smear. At Serene Clean we know dishes pile up and appliances get grimy. As the best house cleaners in Onalaska Wisconsin, Serene Clean will clean counters and cupboard fronts. We take a toothbrush to those corners that get filled with dust and grease. We will clean the backsplash and sink and faucet. We will organize and clean kitchen tables, furniture, mirrors frames and accessories will be dusted. We all know those appliances get the brunt of the build up too. We will clean the outside of the fridge, stove and dishwasher. We clean the inside and outside of the microwave. We will clean all points of contact like light switches and door knobs. We will dust ceiling fans if reachable, molding corners, baseboards, wipe windows and sills, and empty garbage and of course vacuum and mop floors. We love what we do and we know it will shine in your kitchen and bathrooms. 

At Serene Clean we would love to be able to serve you and your home in Onalaska. We are running a special for our residential customers. As the best house cleaners in Onalaska Wisconsin if you book your initial cleaning with us and then book your second cleaning within one month of your initial cleaning, we offer 50% off your second cleaning. This is a huge cost savings!  We know that you will love the whole house clean you will get with Serene Clean. We offer free estimates and never require any contracts. We can come and clean your home as often or as sporadically as you want. Many of our customers opt for weekly, biweekly or monthly cleanings to keep their homes feeling, looking and smelling fresh, but we do have customers that have us come every other month, seasonally or just when they need help getting ready for guests. Our services are totally customizable to meet your needs and your budget. 

Call Serene Clean today at 715-204-4270. Please visit our website too at We have many Google reviews, customer testimonials and before and after pictures taken by our wonderful professional staff to show you how customers just like you reclaimed the calm in their homes by hiring the best house cleaners in Onalaska Wisconsin, Serene Clean. We are here to answer any emails, phone calls, voicemails. Facebook Messages or other forms of communication you prefer. We would love to serve your home in Onalaska Wisconsin. Please reach out to us today for your free estimate and get your valuable time back. We know that you will love the cleaning that Serene Clean offers. You will be thrilled with your home and our professional, happy staff. Call us today at 715-204-4270.