If you’re looking for the best house cleaners in Onalaska Wisconsin, look no further. Serene Clean is the top rated and most reviewed cleaning service in Wisconsin. All of our cleanings are guaranteed. There is no cleaning job too big or too small that our cleaners cannot tackle. Whether you need your kitchen deep cleaned or your business, we are ready to face all kinds of messes. Many times clients have rental properties that need to be deep cleaned before a new resident can come to live in the apartment or home.

Our standardized checklists are what sets us apart from other cleaning services and makes sure you get the same deep clean every time. This is one of the qualities that make us the best house cleaners in Onalaska Wisconsin. When our cleaners arrive for a deep clean, our cleaners first do a walk through of the property to get familiar with the space and decide where to start. When we come for a deep clean, we bring a drill with a scrub brush attachment to make cleaning showers more efficient and quick. When our cleaners deep clean a bathroom, we first start with cleaning the light fixtures, corners of the ceiling, and all the dirty higher up spaces and work the entire room from top to bottom. We wash the walls and even the insides of all the cabinets and drawers. This is something that separates a deep clean from a standard clean. If there is clutter or items in the drawers or in the cabinets, it will make the deep cleaning process more difficult for our cleaners to do a good and thorough job on your property. Make sure all items are removed from drawers and spaces if you would like our cleaners to clean that space. Something that a lot of people don’t realize until after we clean their houses is how much fresher their home smells after our house cleaners leave. Our cleanings are satisfaction guaranteed. 

Hard water build up is something that many of our clients struggle with in their homes. But let me tell you, the best house cleaners in Onalaska Wisconsin have a few tricks up their sleeves to get rid of those unsightly stains and build up. Our cleaners are able to remove stains and build up that our clients never thought possible to be removed. We can make your toilet and shower look as brand new as the day you bought them. You will be amazed at how spotless and shiny we can make your stainless steel fixtures. When cleaning showers, we also clean the grout and tile and even get into all the nooks and crannies with a tiny toothbrush-like scrub brush. We clean around the base of your toilet and behind it, where all those dust bunnies and debris like to hide. There is no better feeling than a clean bathroom! 

The kitchen is where our cleaners commonly spend the most time working on. Before your appointment make sure that the sink is free of dishes and that the countertops and table tops are free of clutter so that our house cleaners can clean all areas of your kitchen efficiently and with ease. This makes sense, given the kitchen is probably the most used room in most houses! It makes sense that it would need the most attention when it comes to cleaning. At Serene Clean we understand that the important things in life are not scrubbing the stovetop, or washing the baseboards. It’s spending quality time with loved ones and we’re here to make your life a little easier. After your cleaning we would love it if you could give us a review and recommend us to your friends and family. Our clients will agree that the house cleaners at Serene Clean are the best house cleaners in Onalaska Wisconsin. When we clean your kitchen, every time we will take out your trash and wipe down the garbage can. Most people don’t realize how dirty their garbage can is until it gets a good cleaning! Contact us to book your cleaning today!

Did you know that you can add a refrigerator cleaning onto your cleaning appointment? You sure can! Refrigerators seem to be one of the most neglected areas of the house, and the least favorite thing to clean for many of our clients. We have you covered. You’ll never have to worry about cleaning out your fridge ever again. Let the best house cleaners in Onalaska Wisconsin take care of it for you. Another add on service we have to offer our clients is oven cleanings. Ovens get SO dirty, and yet we still use them every day to cook our food! Many people don’t know how to properly clean an oven or hate doing it in their own homes because of the fumes. Our cleaners will clean your oven and it will look brand new again. Once you experience a cleaning by Serene Clean you will want to book again and again. As a thank you for choosing us you will receive your second cleaning 50% off if booked up to 30 days from your last appointment. 

Here at Serene Clean we really care about our clients and want to make sure each customer is satisfied. Our cleaners will leave a checklist of everything we accomplished during your appointment so you can see exactly what got done and where. All of our cleaners get immense satisfaction from making a difference in the lives of our clients. We all know how stressful life can be, even without adding house cleaning on top of everything! If you are looking for the best house cleaners in Onalaska Wisconsin, look no further than Serene Clean. We are the best because we care. Serene Clean has an office location in Sparta and in Black River Falls but we do travel up to 30 miles for a small trip charge that is added onto the total cost of your appointment. Call Serene Clean today at 715-204-4270 or visit us on our website at www.serene-clean.com for more information.