We were looking for the best house cleaners in Sparta WI call serene clean. Today I will be going over how we properly deep clean a kitchen. Our cleaners usually start with the higher points in a room and work down. That way all the dirt knocked down from high places won’t get on freshly clean surfaces. For example we are usually begin to clean the corners along the ceilings or the top molding on top of like the cabinets Or by dusting off the top of the window frames. After I do that I work my way around the room in a circle. I might start with cleaning the insides of the windows. There is an option many bugs and lots of dirt that builds up in these places. Then we wipe off the surfaces of the windowsills and dust the blinds. Dusting the blinds are such an awful and tedious task why not let us do it for you. Blinds can often be very delicate and difficult to clean but rest assured that if anything is broken during your appointment we will reimburse you or replace anything that is damaged. We will also clean off the ceiling fans if they are reachable on a stepstool with an extendable duster. All of our cleaners carry these items in their kits.

Serene clean we will bring all of the cleaning items necessary to perform your cleaning appointment properly. Don’t worry we will never bring any harsh chemicals or anything harmful into your house to clean with. We don’t we only we not only do this for our clients safety and their home safety but also for our cleaner and safety. We will clean and wash all the doors in your kitchen. There are so many foods flutters in grease marks that find themselves at home on the surfaces. All the baseboards in the kitchen will be nicely wiped clean. All the molding in the corners will be dusted in your kitchen. All the social is in power outlets will also be wiped clean. Call us today and find out why serene clean has the best house cleaners in Sparta WI.

These are favorite pop spots for germs and bacteria to build up upon. We will clean the outside of your stove this includes all the Drip pans coils cooktop exterior door and electronics panel. We will also clean the inside of your stove. This is such in a dirty daunting task but our cleaners are professionals and we will make sure that you’re the inside of your oven is looking brand new again. We will clean the inside of the stove door all the interior racks and also the warming drawer on the bottom. I will clean the outside of your fridge and clean the top of explore sides gaskets and door hinges. We will also clean the inside of your fridge including all the shelves drawers in the freezer. All the counters in the kitchen will be wiped off. We provide free quotes every single day our level of detail is part of what makes us the best house cleaners in Sparta WI.

If there is items on your counter at your cleaner will remove them all so that we can effectively clean underneath them and then replace all those items back to the original homes. We will clean the exterior drain and drain stopper in your kitchen. Your faucet and sink will be cleaned and polished to a nice shine. If there’s any hard water buildup Inside of your sink or around the faucet hardware your cleaner will know all the tips and tricks to effectively remove these marks. Your faucet and sink will be nicely clean and polish it will look brand new you won’t believe we didn’t just replace the whole thing. All the light fixtures in your kitchen will be dusted and cleaned inside and out. If you would like your cleaner to clean the inside of your light fixtures say to remove bugs or dust from the inside of the light you must remove them prior to your appointment and then please let your cleaner know that you would like this done. Our reviews speak for themselves. Serene clean has the best house cleaners in Sparta WI.

Your toaster oven will be cleaned inside and out including the area underneath it. We will move it so that we can get all the crumbs from underneath. Your microwave will be cleaned inside and out as well. We will move your microwave if possible to clean all the dirt and crumbs from underneath the microwave. We will then put it back where it belongs. The backsplash in your kitchen will be clean so that it is looking bright brand new in splatter free. We will clean all the inside and outside of all the kitchen drawers drawers including polishing Cleaning of the sliding mechanisms and handles. We were also clean the hard to reach kick plates underneath your kitchen cabinets. Often times we don’t even notice how dirty these are because we don’t necessarily see them every single day. So these areas get forgotten about it. Call the best house cleaners in Sparta WI for your free quote today. We look forward to hearing from you.

We will make sure that every square inch of your kitchen is sparkling clean and new looking again. We will clean and polish all of your cupboard handles and your cupboard door hinges. Every cupboard will be cleaned inside and out removing all the crumbs grease marks and splatters and spills. Also wash your dishwasher outside and inside. We will wash the control panel buttons and make sure all the tiles are cleaned. We will clean the interior walls wire baskets and make sure the drain is debris free. Call serene clean today and find out why we are considered the best house cleaners in Sparta WI. Or stop in to one of our offices at either location. We look forward to seeing and working with you.