Are you looking for the best house cleaners in Sparta WI? The cleaners at Serene Clean are here to help. We have three locations located in Sparta WI, Black River Falls WI, and Fort Smith AR. Some of the services we offer are deep cleaning, basic residential cleaning, commercial cleaning, move in and move out cleaning and vacation rental cleaning. Call Serene Clean today for your free quote. 

Are you moving into a new home in the near future? Keep us in mind for your move in cleaning! Especially in times of a pandemic, you might want to make sure everything in your beautiful new home is cleaned and sanitized for your family to move into and enjoy. At Serene Clean we follow a standardized checklist to ensure you get the same great clean every single time, no matter which of our wonderful and experienced cleaners is cleaning your new home. For many people, their home is their most valued asset. And at Serene Clean, we are licensed and insured to protect all of your personal belongings in case of accidents or damages. We carefully screen and background check all of our cleaners. For all of these reasons you can rest easily knowing that your home is safe in our cleaners hands. We only hire cleaners with the most positive and friendly attitudes who also hold value in the same core values as we do. There are many reasons why Serene Clean has the best house cleaners in Sparta WI. 

During a move in clean, we go over the entire house in detail to make sure it is sparkling clean and ready for you and your family to move into and enjoy. When we clean the bedrooms, the closet doors and tracks are all cleaned, if the closet doors have mirrors attached to them we will clean those to a beautiful streak free shine. We will make sure the closet floors are vacuumed including the baseboards and any corners within the closet. If the closet has any shelving, we will rid them of any dust, cobwebs or debris. We will dust the hanger racks and rods. Our cleaners will then dust the walls and remove cobwebs from any ceiling corners. If there are any heat vents, we will vacuum the dust from those as well. We will spot clean any scuffs or markings from the doors and walls with safe and non-damaging cleaning products. If you would like us to clean any light fixtures, you must remove them so that our cleaners can easily clean them inside and out. If not removed, we will clean what we can easily and safely access with a step stool and extendable duster. If there is a ceiling fan present, our cleaners will dust them if they are reachable with our step stool. Our cleaners will clean all points of contact within your bedrooms such as outlets, light switches, door knobs, and drawer handles. We will clean the tracks, window sills and insides of any windows that are present. This incredible attention to detail is what makes us the best house cleaners in Sparta WI. 

Bathrooms are perhaps the most requested room to clean when it comes to our move in move out cleanings. We will deep clean your new bathroom so that it is completely free of any evidence of prior inhabitants.  We will start by cleaning the countertops and making sure that it is totally free of any dust, dirt, grime and debris. Your sink, including the exterior drain, will be cleaned and polished. The faucet will be cleaned as well including the top, under the handle, sides and all around the caulking. The mirror will be cleaned to a streak free shine. The medicine cabinet will be cleaned inside and out. The cupboard and drawer hardware will be cleaned so that it is shining and fingerprint free. Then our cleaners will clean the insides of any cabinets and drawers. The bathtub, including any doors if they exist, will be cleaned. We will clean the shower head, exterior drain and the faucet. If you have til in your shower, we will clean that and get any build up off of the grout. Our cleaners will clean the insides of the windows, wipe the window sills, and dust all of the blinds. We will clean and sanitize all points of contact and dust any light fixtures. We will clean your toilet including the base and around the base and behind where dust and build up likes to hide. Finally we will finish by vacuuming and mopping all of the floors and removing any trash if there is a garbage can. Our amazing attention to detail is what makes us the best house cleaners in Sparta WI. 

If the home has a laundry area, we will clean the outsides of the washer and dryer and remove any lint in the dust collector. We will clean the walls and doors in your laundry room. We will dust any light fixtures. Any switch plates and power outlets will be wiped and sanitized. The ceiling, walls and floor vents will be vacuumed. The moldings and the corners will be cleaned. Baseboards will be dusted and wiped clean. Finally, all the floors will be vacuumed and mopped and the garbage will be removed. For the best house cleaners in Sparta WI, call Serene Clean today.

At Serene Clean, your satisfaction is a priority. That’s why your satisfaction is guaranteed. If for any reasons any issues arise, we will do everything within our power to correct this. If you are unsatisfied with your cleaning, we will send another cleaner to your property to correct any problem areas as soon as possible. We know how crazy life gets, and we are here to help take some of that stress off of your shoulders so you can get back to doing the things in life that are most important- spending time with loved ones and just enjoying your free time instead of cleaning. Call the best house cleaners in Sparta WI today to set up an appointment!