Are you ready for summer? Do you have all those springtime cleaning tasks knocked out and ready to go for your summer fun in the sun? Do you need the best house cleaners in Sparta WI to help you get that list checked off and those tasks knocked out? Call Serene Clean!  At Serene Clean we can help you get those house cleaning tasks from to-do to to-done. We specialize in getting your house clean from top to bottom. We are not a speed cleaning service but will move as quickly and efficiently as possible while still getting those little details done. You know those little things that bug you on a daily basis but are not big enough to get to because you have bigger fish fry? Then you definitely need Serene Clean.

Here at Serene Clean, we get it. Sometimes you just need to take a break. Whether it’s from housework, or yard work or taking care of kids or pets. We of all people totally get it. That is how Serene Clean was born. From a place of frustration. Never having enough hours in the day to do housework. Or being too tired when arriving home from working over 8 hours a day and no energy left to put into our own homes. As the best house cleaners in Sparta WI, Serene Clean can help you with your house cleaning needs and take one thing off your list. So you can come home and have that peace knowing the house is clean and you can rest. 

I am someone that has a hard time sitting down at home. I see endless opportunities for home improvements. That includes the cleaning. We have 7 people in our home so it’s hard to keep up with simple tasks, let alone any deep cleaning items that need to take place. If you are looking for the best house cleaners in Sparta WI that add value to your day, you need Serene Clean. At Serene Clean we are licensed, bonded, and insured to protect your home and your possessions in your home. We bring all the tools and supplies and will leave a standardized checklist at the end of each appointment so you know exactly what we have cleaned while in your home. We can customize your clean to meet your needs and do add on things like interior oven cleanings or interior fridge cleans. We are here to serve you and get you your time back in your own home.

As the best house cleaners in Sparta Wi, Serene clean will get as much done as they can at each cleaning, given the amount of time you agree upon. Our cleaners do not milk the clock. If they get done early, they will clock out with our gps tracked clock in and clock out software on their smartphones. You will only be charged for the time our cleaners are in your home. Our cleaners are trained to serve our clients with positive and empathetic attitudes. Some of our clients found it very difficult to reach out for that first time to have us come into their lives and their homes. We understand it can be difficult to have someone in your private space. Some are embarrassed about the state of their home. Rest assured our cleaners know that we are there to help and we appreciate the opportunity for you to have us in your space. We will work hard to get your space up to where you want it to be. If we need to work on area by area at each appointment, we can do that too. Our cleanings are customizable to your needs. We do have a 2 hour minimum appointment time, but we can tackle specific areas to get your home back to the clean you want it to be. 

As the best house cleaners in Sparta WI, Serene Clean knows that our cleanings can provide instant gratification. We get a lot of satisfaction out of our before and after photos. Especially those in the bathrooms. At Serene Clean, some of the detailed items we tackle in the bathroom that are on our standard cleaning checklist include, scrubbing the tub, show and sinks, scrubbing the toilet to include the base and behind the toilet. Wil will work diligently to remove an iron or hard water buildup in the toilet bowl, sink and tub. We also clean all touch points which will include light switches, and doorknobs. We shine up any mirrors and outside of the medicine cabinet and make sure to dust and door molding , corners and baseboards. We do little details like clean soap dishes, toothbrush holders, dust towel bars and toilet paper holders. We also will wipe down the exterior of the trash can toilet brush holder and plunger if needed. Of course we will make sure exterior light fixtures are dusted, clean the vanity top, empty garbage and vacuum and mop floors. You will come home to a sparkling, fresh smelling bathroom. It truly is an amazing feeling. 

So do you need any more reasons to hire Serene Clean? As the best house cleaners in Sparta WI, we will make sure you are satisfied with your cleaning or we will make it right. Give us a call today at 715-204-4270 or you can fill out a quote request for cleaning your home at and click on the get a quote button. Fill out the required information and hit submit. We will get back to you within one business day with a personalized quote right to your email. We can adjust times to meet your cleaning needs and your budget. Reach out today for more information or visit us on the web. You can read all our client reviews on Google or our Facebook page. You can also view some of those before and after pictures we talked about and see how we can improve the quality of your home. Reach out today and see what Serene Clean can do for you and your family!