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There are so many advantages to hiring a professional house cleaner in Sparta, WI. Serene Clean is bonded, licensed, and insured. We carefully interview and screen our cleaners to ensure we are hiring the best house cleaners in Sparta Wisconsin. We follow a standardized checklist and will leave it for you to review. This ensures consistency no matter what cleaner comes to your home. We strive to be the most highly rated and highly revered cleaning service to exceed your needs. We clean your home the way we would want our home cleaned. We do not do short cuts. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and truly enjoy cleaning your home for you. We stand by our ethical business practices and making our client’s families happy. Our clients come home to a relaxing and refreshed space and get to enjoy their family time, screen time, or any type of relaxation they chose over cleaning. We want to see you happy and relaxed. What a wonderful gift of time a house cleaning can be. There is so much value in getting your time back!

Serene Clean uses natural-based cleaners and elbow grease to get your home sparkling. We will use gentle, safe products for your home, your family, and your pets. To be the best house cleaners in Sparta Wisconsin, we want to use the best gentle products and methods to give your home its sparkle back. Some of our most common ingredients include vinegar, essential oils, dish soap, hydrogen peroxide, and rubbing alcohol. Some tools we use include scrub brushes, very fine steel wool, pumice stones, plastic scrapers, microfiber cloths, and flat weave cloths. We are always testing new products and methods to see if we can get those extra little details with a more effective cleaner or technique. Serene Clean’s house cleaners are always open to show you what we use and how we use it in your home. We are available during your cleaning to answer any questions you have or address any areas of concern. Our house cleaners know what it is like to feel overwhelmed by the weight of cleaning and we want to alleviate that stress from your life!

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