Just buy a new home? You probably want to get straight to moving in your belongings and getting settled. That can be tough if the previous owners left the home in less than clean condition for you and your family! Maybe you just want your new bathrooms deep cleaned- let us at Serene Clean do the dirty work for you! We have years of experience providing clients with move in or move out deep cleans. At Serene Clean, if you’re ever dissatisfied with our services, let us know and we will come back and correct any issues as soon as possible, free of charge. With Serene Clean you are getting a top notch clean from top notch people. We carefully screen and background check any new employees to make sure that we are allowing only the most trustworthy and reliable cleaners into our clients’ homes. This careful consideration for our clients is just part of what makes us the best house cleaners in West Salem WI. 

We have standardized checklists that we leave at each appointment so that you can see exactly what was accomplished during your cleaning. Today I will be walking through a bathroom deep clean so that you can get an idea as to exactly what our level of detail is and our standard of clean. I think you will be impressed! We clean off the counter top inside of your bathroom. Will will scrub off any unsightly tooth paste marks or smudges from the tops of your countertops. If there are any items on your counter tops, your cleaner will remove them and clean underneath them. Then your cleaner will return those items back to their proper homes. Your sink, including your exterior drains and faucets, will be washed and then wiped with a fine microfiber cloth to a wonderful and spectacular streak free shine. We will also clean your bathroom mirrors to a wonderful streak free shine. Your faucet will be cleaned behind and back and all around. Book an appointment with us today and find out why we are the best house cleaners in West Salem WI. 

Including the top, under the handle, around the caulking and around the sides. If there is any hard water build up, our cleaners know all the tools and tricks to get rid of that for you. Your faucet will look so new and shiny. You will be just thrilled when you see it. We will clean both the inside and outside of your medicine cabinet, getting rid of any garbage, dust or smudgy or stick marks. The cupboard and drawer hardware will all be cleaned to a streak free shine, getting rid of any gross build up. Our cleaners keep brushes of all different sizes to be sure they can clean out even the smallest of nooks and crannies. Your cabinet and drawer hardware will be left fingerprint free. Your cupboard and drawers will be cleaned inside and out, getting rid of any trash, smudges or sticky marks. If we are deep cleaning your bathroom on the house you are moving into, your bathroom will be left free of any evidence of past occupants for you and your family to enjoy.  We will clean the tracks the the drawers run on so that your bathroom drawers are in the same clean state that they came from the factory as. Same with the cabinet hardware and hinges, we will clean those so that they are “factory new” and clean! Our careful level of detail oriented work is just part of what makes us the best house cleaners in West Salem WI. 

We will scrub and clean your bathtub from top to bottom. If there is a glass door on your bathtub or shower, we will clean that with a safe glass cleaner to a brilliant shine. We will clean any door tracks and water build up or discoloration from these shower door tracks as well. The shower head will also be cleaned and polished, as well as the exterior drain and faucet on your bathtub or shower. We will remove any evidence of prior occupants in your bathroom so that you and your family can enjoy your lovely and clean “new to you” space! If there is tile or grout around your bathtub or shower, we will clean the grout with a small brush to get your bathroom up to the highest level of clean possible. We will clean the insides of any existing bathroom windows, wipe the window sills, and dust and wipe your bathroom window blinds as well. All of the light switch plates and power outlet covers will be wiped down so that everything is smudge free. Call and book your appointment today with the best house cleaners in West Salem WI. 

All of your bathroom light fixtures will be dusted and cleaned inside and out. All of your bathroom walls will be spot cleaned and dusted. The ceiling will be vacuumed so that it is free of any dust or cobwebs, and your bathroom floor vents will be vacuumed out so that there is no dust. All of your bathroom baseboards will be wiped clean as well as all of the existing molding and corners. Your towel bar and toilet paper roll holder will be dusted and cleaned. Finally, your floors will be vacuumed and mopped and your garbage will be emptied and replaced with a fresh liner. Call us today and find out for yourself why we are the best house cleaners in West Salem WI.

At Serene Clean we are bonded and insured to protect all of your belongings. Our cleaners will be a joy to have in your home. If you choose to, you can be home during your cleaning. Or, you can schedule your cleaning to happen while you’re at work or at an outing. It’s so refreshing to come home to a clean home at the end of a long day! Call Serene Clean today and find out why we are the best house cleaners in West Salem WI.