If you’re looking for the best house cleaners in West Salem WI, look no further than Serene Clean. Our cleaning services are unparalleled to any other cleaning service. There are so many different things that set us apart from other individual cleaners and other cleaning services. We leave checklists at every cleaning we do so you can know exactly what we accomplished during your cleaning. We also have a core set of values our entire team is dedicated to. We are also licensed and insured so that your home and belongings are safe in our hands at all times. Check out our website to get in contact with us or give us a call to book today at (715)204-4270.

Our standardized checklists ensure that you get the same great cleaning, no matter which cleaner is cleaning your home. Our cleaners follow the checklist line by line. There is a separate list of tasks for each room in your house to be sure no a single detail is missed. For example, in a bedroom we would make sure your bed is made and the linens are changed. (If there are fresh linens provided.) Every piece of furniture is dusted and polished to a sheen brilliance. Mirrors, frames and accessories are also cleaned. All points of contact where germs and bacteria build up are also cleaned and sanitized. This includes light switches, door knobs, door handles, outlets, etc. All of the window sills and window frames are wiped clean, if you would like the window tracks cleaned let us know and we could add that as an extra added service. We wipe and clean all the molding and those hard to reach corners of the rooms. We will wipe and clean all the door moldings as well. Our cleaners say that one of the most satisfying things to clean is ceiling fans. You really don’t notice how dirty those things get until you get up there and clean them, and we’ll do that for you too! We also dust and wipe any and all baseboards you may have too. We vacuum and mop all of the floors, even the ones in your walk-in closet! We will empty any garbage and replace the liner. We will even wash the outside of the can. Also, if you would like we can even wash a load of laundry for you. This is just the checklist of items for one of the rooms of your house and part of what makes us the best house cleaners in West Salem WI. 

Every team needs a core set of values so that everyone is on the same page and their moral priorities as a team are straight. Our first core value is “Family First”. This goes for our clients families as well as the families of our employees. Enriching the family lives of our clients with a “Serene Clean-ed” home is what we do best. Many of us employed at Serene Clean are mother’s ourselves, and we know how hard it is to enjoy quality time with your family when the state of your home is stressing you out! It becomes overwhelming and makes doing anything else unenjoyable. Because we understand this, it propels our cleaners to tackling the most stress causing areas of your home for you. And we feel great about doing that. As an employer, Serene Clean also puts the needs of our employees’ families at a priority too. We understand that things happen, especially with kids and we are flexible with the availability of our employees. This makes for very happy employees that feel appreciated and valued and want to do their absolute best for their clients and employer. This core value is part of what makes us the best house cleaners in West Salem WI. Reach out to us today or give us a call and we will book you a cleaning appointment that is 100% satisfaction guaranteed. If there is something that we missed or that you are not happy with, we will come back and fix it!

The next core value that we have and perhaps the most meaningful to our clients is integrity. Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching. We do what is right, not what is easy. This means when we clean we do an honest, good job. We make sure our cleaners are trustworthy and handle your home and belongings with care. However, we are human and in the off chance something would happen or get broken we are insured to protect your most treasured belongings so that we can replace them. Reach out and book an appointment with the best house cleaners in West Salem WI.

Our final core value is to always have a grateful and positive attitude. Part of what makes us the best house cleaners in West Salem WI is just how pleasant we are to be around! After our cleaners greet you with a smile you will want them back time and time again. This value is so important to us, because as house cleaners we need to be prepared for any mess and any situation. So having a positive attitude and seeing the good in every situation is paramount! We are also very grateful and we get a lot of satisfaction when our customers are satisfied with our work. Our standardized checklist ensures that you get the same great cleaning at every visit no matter which cleaner is cleaning your home at your cleaning appointment.

Call the best house cleaners in West Salem WI today to book your cleaning. As a thank you to our customers, if you book your second cleaning within 30 days of your first you can get 50% off! You can find us online at www.serene-clean.com or call us today at (715)204-4270. We will give you a free estimate and we can schedule the best time to set up your appointment! Make sure to book soon, our schedule fills up quickly! We cannot wait to help you with your cleaning needs!