If you’re looking for the best house cleaners in West Salem WI, look no further. Here at serene clean we are dedicated to serving the needs of our clients. We have a satisfaction guarantee that says that if you aren’t pleased with your cleaning for any reason we will come back and fix any problem areas free of charge. Serene clean was established in 2019. We use cleaning products that are free of harmful chemicals to protect you, your home, and our cleaners. We have a safety checklist that we check off at the end of every appointment. This includes making sure that the oven is shut off. We also make sure that none of the toilets are running. We also make sure that all the Fossetts are off and the windows are left is found. We will lock up your house if required upon our departure. Let your scheduler know prior to Your appointment if you would like your house locked if upon us leaving.

You don’t need to be home during your appointment, your cleaner only needs a way to gain entry into your home. This could be a key under mat, a code for a automatic lock, or just leaving the door unlocked for us. If you choose to lazy your door unlocked for us, we are not liable for anything that should happen during the time that we are not in your home. If you have pets in your home they are more than welcome to stay out during your appointment. If you have a pet that is anxious around new people are allowed noises such as vacuuming, we suggest that you leave them in a locked room or kennel for the accident of your appointment. We have three dogs in our office at most times so all of our cleaners are very used to working around animals in the vicinity. We are all dog lovers ourselves. However, We will not pick up or clean up any animal messes during our cleaning appointment such as feces or urine. Our extreme level of detail is part of what makes us the best house cleaners in West salem WI.

At serene clean, we are license and insured to protect your home and all of your belongings. We understand that sometimes accidents happen, and so do mistakes. In the past, it is happened where a cleaner was dusting off a shelf and has bumped a picture frame or trinket on the floor and it has broken due to human error. We will make sure that if anything is damaged during your appointment that we will reimburse you or replace the item completely. Our cleaners are all highly trained and very professional at their jobs. I Cleaners will greet you at the door with a smile upon arrival. They will be such a joy to have in your home. There’s nothing better than coming home at the end of a long day to a sparkling clean home and we look forward to giving you that blessing. We are all people pleasers here and there’s nothing better than a satisfied customer. On your bill there will be an option to tip, it is much appreciated by your cleaner but in no way is it mandatory or expected. Our willingness to please our clients is part of what makes us the best house cleaners in West salem WI.

We have two officers, when located in Black River Falls and one located in sparta Wisconsin. We serve clients in a 30 mile radius of either of these facilities. If you live over 10 miles from either of our office is there will be a slight trip charge added onto your bill. If you need to reschedule we understand that stuff is going to happen. At one point or another one of us might need to reschedule our cleaning. Communication is key. Call text or email as soon as you know that there is a conflict and we will do our best to reschedule cleaning at the next earliest convenience. If you or your children get sick with a contagious illness please call and reschedule your cleaning. It is possible that we might transfer germs to the next house we clean or become sick ourselves. On our end we will never sent a second play to your home just to protect you and your family. There will be no cancellation fees if you cancel due to sickness. Our flexibility and consideration for our clients and employees are part of what makes us the best house cleaners in West salem WI.

It is not necessary to be home while we are cleaning. If you have an alarm, please make sure that we have the code so we can disarm the alarm when I arrive and set it again after we leave. We will need to know where you keep your house key. If we if you leave your home unlocked we are not responsible for anything that occurs before or after a visit. We have a safety checklist that we follow when we leave each appointment. This includes making sure the oven is off and the toilet is not running. We make sure all the faucets are off in the windows I left his phone. The door will be locked if required and all the pets will be safe upon our departure. Call today for your free quote with the best house cleaners in West salem WI.

We have a very high demand for our services so please schedule in advance when possible so that we can accommodate your needs for cleaning. If there any special instructions that we need to know about cleaning your home, such as where the garbage can be disposed of or if there are any specific rooms that you would not like to be cleaned, please let your schedule or no prior to your appointment if you will not be home. Often on first time cleans it is helpful for the client to be home at least at first so that they can show their cleaner around the home and give any specific instructions when it comes to cleaning the house. Check out our Google page and read our reviews, everyone will agree that we are the best house cleaners in West salem WI.