The kids are finally out of school and it’s summer time! Yay! Summer time is wonderful for making family memories and relaxing off the routine of the school day a bit. But summer time also means the kids are home more which is good, however more time at home means more messes in the home. We get it. Especially when both parents are working out of the home, we see more messes too. It can get pretty overwhelming. If you are looking for the Best House Cleaners in West Salem WI to help you keep up with the house cleaning this summer give Serene Clean a call!

At Serene Clean we know your time is valuable. Who wants to spend time in the house cleaning when this is the season to be outdoors and having fun with our friends and family. After the pandemic, a lot more people are getting out to visit friends and family, which means more visitors in your home for barbecues and gatherings or just hanging out by a fire.  You don’t need to spend your time panicking and cleaning for unexpected guests. Get on a regular cleaning schedule with the Best House Cleaners in West Salem WI, Serene Clean. We can help you conquer the cleaning so you can relax and enjoy your summer and your family and friends. We know that there are so many other things you would rather be doing than cleaning so call Serene Clean today to have your cleaning needs met. We can work with your time, budget and around your family. 

Serene Clean has the Best House Cleaners in West Salem WI because we are compassionate about helping people. We help our client’s families as well as our staff’s families during times of need. Our staff has been through the ringer this year and we continue to serve our clients with a smile, cause lets face it, we all have bad days. We leave most of that at home and bring a smile to you, knowing we are going to directly impact your day in a positive way. We may not always feel the greatest or we have a lot going on in our personal lives, but when we clean it is almost life-giving. We never may know what our clients may be facing in their personal lives and coming home to a clean house can truly be a blessing and a weight off their shoulders. I know I feel so much better when I come home and the bathrooms and kitchen are clean. My stressors are the areas I like to relax in. Areas like the kitchen, dining room and living room, the main spaces I can see, stress me out if they are not picked up and tidy. It is truly a lifted weight knowing these spaces were professionally cleaned and they are ready for another week, couple weeks or a month. Of course there are everyday messes  you will have to clean in between, but we can get a bulk of the deep cleaning that you don’t always get to or those details that you appreciate but do not always have time for. 

As the Best House Cleaners in West Salem WI, Serene Clean can make sure the details are done so you can relax. You never realize how much you appreciate those little details until you have Serene Clean come and do them for you. It’s small things like the toaster or coffee pot being wiped down or cabinet door corners being scrubbed. Serene Clean is not a speed cleaning service. We focus on moving as quickly and methodically as possible, but we do not speed clean. Our business is all about the details. If we don’t get it right, we will come back and fix it. We appreciate an open line of communication to make sure our quality is up to standard and that you as the client are satisfied with your cleaning each and every time. We don’t take shortcuts and we make sure to communicate any damage or breakage that may have occurred while we were cleaning. We do not believe in just sweeping things under the rug. We shine a light on those things, so we don’t lose your trust. If any damage or breakage does occur, we are licensed, bonded and insured. Our insurance can cover any damage done to items in your home. Our cleaners will communicate with you and with the office staff right away if anything happens. We will continue to communicate with you to remedy the situation if needed. 

At Serene Clean we want you to know about our core values. Family First, Integrity and Having a Grateful and Positive attitude. If any applicant or cleaner does not match up with any one of these three core values, it quickly becomes apparent and they do not last long on our team. As the Best House Cleaners in West Salem WI these core values have been the key to building a successful team and giving you quality, empathetic cleaners you can trust in your home. With our amazing team we have expanded the business to serve over one hundred residential clients and over 160 appointments each week between our residential clients, commercial clients and vacation rental clients. With this volume we love to make sure that you as a client are happy. We regularly check in with our recurring clients or will make sure to get an email or call back to you right away if there are things that are not satisfactory. Our cleaners really try to make sure they are doing their best at cleaning, each and every time. 

So are you ready to get your time back and enjoy your summer? Call Serene Clean today for the Best House Cleaners in West Salem WI! We are here and ready to serve you five days a week at 715-204-4270. We also offer a special to any of our new clients. If you book your first cleaning with us, your second cleaning will be 50% if performed within thirty days of your initial cleaning. This is a huge cost savings for you and your family. Call us today and find out if Serene Clean can help you relax! Call soon! We book up quickly in the summer!