Things seem to be constantly changing in the world. Changing seasons, changing world views and our lives our changing daily. If you are looking for the best house cleaners in West Salem WI that will be consistent and show up for you, you can count on Serene Clean. We will get your appointment covered if a cleaner is sick. We will do our best to reschedule you if you need to cancel. We never hold you to any contract, so you can have us come as frequently or infrequently as needed. We know that it can be difficult finding reliable companies to serve you and your home, at Serene Clean, we pride ourselves on getting back to you as soon as we can and making sure that you get the cleaning you paid for. Serene clean has been serving your area for three years in April 2022. We look forward to evolving the business and reaching our clients and our communities in an impactful way. 

I was thinking earlier today about what to make for dinner. As i was contemplating on what to feed the family, i paused and took a look around my kitchen. I thought, wow it sure would be nice if after working a full day, i wouldn’t need to come home and worry about the crumbs that are currently on the floor or the milk puddles from cereal on the kitchen table. It would be nice just to come home and cook dinner and not worry about the cleaning. As the best house cleaners in West Salem WI, Serene Clean can do that for you. We clean residential homes Monday through Friday and we operate within the hours of 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. While you are away at work, we can get the cleaning done for you! You can have an awesome and refreshed space when  you return. We serve all types of family dynamics and homes. Reach out today and see if we can serve you and your home’s cleaning needs. 

At Serene Clean we are licensed, bonded and insured. We do light background checks on our cleaners. If you are looking for the best house cleaners in West Salem WI, a company you can trust in your home, call Serene Clean. As a company that carries insurance, Serene Clean will cover any damages done in your home or to your cleaner. We are very careful, but again we are human. We have broken microwave plates, glasses or a light fixture on accident. If this were to happen in your home, Serene Clean would make it right. We do not pass the buck. We would make sure to replace the broken item or take money off your invoice for that day’s cleaning. We strive to work with each client for a solution to the issue. If you are looking for a company you can trust, reach out to Serene Clean. We are available to get in touch with in a variety of ways. These ways include, emailing, through our Facebook page or calling or texting our main office line at 715-204-4270. We have someone in the office Monday through Friday 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM. Many individual cleaners may be actually cleaning and they are difficult to get a hold of. You know you will reach someone at Serene Clean. If you call on the weekend or after hours we do our best to get back to you first thing Monday morning or within 24 hours of your message. We are very responsive to all requests. 

We know that you have a lot of choices when it comes to trusting someone with your home cleaning needs. We know there are a lot of competing companies in the area. As the best house cleaners in West Salem WI we assure you that our cleaners are the top trusted cleaners in the area. There are some that claim to be the best and may offer lower costs, but Serene Clean is licensed, bonded, and insured and we employ many great cleaners that all follow the same checklist. So if your cleaner is sick or has a sick family member, we can usually send another cleaner in their place and you will still get the same quality clean. That is why many family’s, individuals or business owners just like you have trusted the cleaning of their residential home to Serene Clean. 

Serene clean will follow a standardized checklist at your cleaning. Whether you are having us for a move in / move out clean or just a standard residential clean we make sure we move through your home thoroughly and efficiently and then double check ourselves with our checklist. As the best house cleaners in West Salem WI, Serene Clean can customize your clean too. So let’s just say you want to follow the standard cleaning checklist. (You will receive our checklist prior to your appointment to review.) But you are not wanting a couple bedrooms or office clean. We can certainly skip those areas and focus on the areas you do want done. We never hold you to any contract, so we can come as frequently or infrequently as you need. We can do certain areas of your home and we charge hourly so you are never charged for time your cleaners are not in your home. That is why we use a GPS tracked clock in and clock out software on our cell phones. That way we know how long the cleaners were actually at your home. That is technology that you can trust, from a company that you can trust. 

As the best house cleaners in West Salem WI, Serene clean is so excited to serve you. Whether you have had cleaners in the past and they have proven unreliable or simply not up to standard, or it is your first time utilizing a service, Serene Clean would be so happy to assist you in whatever your cleaning needs may be. Give us call at 715-204-4270 or visit us on our website at We would love to be West Salem’s trusted choice for residential home cleaners! We will work hard to make sure you are satisfied with the cleaning! Reclaim your calm with Serene Clean