If you’re looking for the best house cleaners in West Salem, Wisconsin you have come to the Right Place!

Serene Clean has the best house cleaners in West Salem, Wisconsin! Serene Clean provides commercial cleaning, move-in/move out cleaning, vacation cleaning, and residential cleaning. Three things that set us apart from any other cleaners in the area is that we always follow standardized checklist to ensure that you receive the same quality cleaning no matter who the cleaner is. We also bring all of the tools and supplies so that you do not have to worry about providing anything for us. We do request that you have a toilet brush in your home and if you have a decent vacuum we will use that To prevent cross-contamination. We do have a vacuums that we can bring though if for whatever reason yours doesn’t work that well. Lastly we are bonded and insured to protect your home and your possessions. Most people don’t realize that that individual cleaners typically are uninsured and not bonded which means that if they are injured on your property or break anything in your home you are 100% liable for that. The last thing you want to do is hire a cleaner and they fall and break their leg and now you have really expensive medical bills.

One service that we here at Serene Clean of West Salem, Wisconsin offer that most people don’t realize is laundry! Depending on how many people you have living in your home the amount of laundry you have is probably quite big! Especially if you have little children who like to change their outfits multiple times a day and throw them in the washer when they’re not even dirty. Families of five or more typically have one load of laundry per day that they need to do and who really has The time or the patience to do laundry every single day of their life. Especially if your children are little and they aren’t able to help you complete the task. We will do as much laundry as we possibly can in the time allotted. We will wash, dry, and even fold them if you’d like! If there are any particular things that you like done with your laundry just make sure to communicate that with us so that we know. Although we do bring all of the tools and supplies that we will use the laundry detergent and dryer sheets that are supplied by you. Being able to provide this service is one reason why Serene Clean has the best house cleaners in West Salem, Wisconsin.

Just picture it at the end of your workday you go to pick up your children, run to the grocery store and then come home to a beautifully clean home with all of your laundry done! I know for sure that any mother out there picturing this knows that this would be such a beautiful feeling. Let’s face it sometimes it’s just difficult to keep up with that every day tasks! Dishes, dusting, vacuuming, laundry, disinfecting and everything else that it takes to make your home shine! It is a very rewarding feeling knowing that you can provide a house cleaner for your family because what that does is give you more time to spend quality time with your family. Being able to take care of all of these tasks for you is what makes Serene Clean the best house cleaners in West Salem, Wisconsin! We will even clean your pet dishes out if you’d like us to! We won’t change your cat litter or pick up your dog feces though will leave that to you! Give Serene Clean of West Salem, Wisconsin a call today at 715-204-4270.

We are currently running a special and if you book your second cleaning with it one month of the first cleaning then you will receive 50% off of that second cleaning that is an incredibly huge cost savings and you shouldn’t let this pass by! Make sure to take advantage of the special offer by calling us today or visiting us at www.serene-clean.com and filling out a free booking estimate! While you’re there make sure to check out all of our before and after pictures, our location pages, and also our testimonials! After reading our testimonials and seen those before and Afters I can almost guarantee you’re going to want to get on our schedule! Serene Clean of West Salem, Wisconsin only hires honest, loyal, trustworthy and friendly employees! Our incredible staff is the number one reason why We have the best house cleaners in West Salem, Wisconsin.

It is not necessary to be home while we are cleaning! If you have an alarm just make sure that we have the key code so that we can disarm the alarm when we arrive if you would like we will absolutely reach alarm at when we leave. We will need to know where you keep your house key or you can surely provide us with one. If you leave your home unlocked we are not responsible for anything that occurs before or after our visit. Serene Clean of West Salem, Wisconsin takes your home safety very seriously. Here at Serene Clean we also understand that stuff is going to happen At one point or another for whatever reason, one of us will need to reschedule the cleaning. Communication is key. If for whatever reason you need to reschedule please make sure to let our office know as soon as possible! If you are going on vacation please give us at least two weeks notice so that it’s not affecting our employees hours. For any cancellations that are not related to sickness we must be notified 48 hours prior to the appointment to avoid a cancellation fee. If you do not provide us with that 48 hours notice and you only give us one day notice then you will be charge 25% of the estimated cleaning time. If you cancel the same day you will be charged 50% of the estimated cleaning time. The reason we do this is because if you are canceling last minute it makes it very difficult for us to fill those spots and therefore our employees do not get to their hours. The cancellation fee is simply to cover the lost wages that would occur for him please. Our excellent communication is another reason why we have the best house cleaners in West Salem, Wisconsin