Every single room in your home gets dirty, but let’s face it – one of the hardest hit areas of your home is the bathroom! We are all aware that it is impossible to keep a bathroom clean. Especially if you have kids – or husbands! The amount of hair and dust that can collect in one single day is so bad it’s almost impressive! But have no fear – when Serene Clean of Onalaska, Wisconsin cleans your home you won’t have to worry about getting every beard hair or ripped pieces of toilet paper – we will! Serene Clean is the leading cleaning company in Onalaska, WI because of our attention to detail! We won’t miss a single speck of dirt or dust!

When it comes to cleaning the bathroom itself, there are so many things that go into it. We are going to delve into the details of how a cleaner would go about taking on your bathroom in Onalaska, Wisconsin. Serene Clean, the leading cleaning company in Onalaska WI would start at the very top. That’s how we like to work – top to bottom and left to right. It’s a systemic approach that makes us as efficient as we can be! Starting at the top means typically starting with ceiling corners and any molding above. See those cobwebs in the corner – you won’t after hiring us! From there we will move to the light fixtures. We will dust and wipe down the light fixtures. We do not disassemble the light fixtures so if you’d like the insides cleaned out please have it disassembled prior to our arrival and we will clean it all! You will then have to reassemble it. From there it’s typically the medicine cabinet or vanity and mirror! If you have a cabinet all items will be removed from the top and it will be wiped down and items will be replaced. We will clean all exterior areas of the cabinet! We will then make your mirror shine like it never has before! From there we will go around the room and wipe down anything hanging on the walls – pictures, towel holders, etc. Once we get back around to the sink area we will focus on the vanity! Oh boy, you know that thing that gets covered in facial hair and toothpaste. Gross, right? Not after Serene clean, the leading cleaning company in Onalaska WI comes! There won’t be a single speck of dirt left to see! Even the toothbrush holder and soap holders will be cleaned.

Our amazing staff love to get all the areas of the bathroom cleaned! It’s so incredibly satisfying! We take as many before and after pictures as we can too! Don’t worry – nothing identifiable would be pictured! After Serene Clean, the leading cleaning company in Onalaska WI finishes up with your vanity – we’ll move along to the bathtub and or shower! The entire tub or shower will be scrubbed from top to bottom! We like to use our all purpose cleaner, bar keepers friend, baking soda, and good ol’ non-scratch scrubbers to get that tub or shower looking sparkling clean! From there Serene Clean will move to the toilet. The arch nemesis of the bathroom, right? The entire toilet, interior, exterior, back and base will be cleaned. We will also make sure to disinfect the toilet, because, you know… they are gross. Since we’re in the area we’ll make sure to give the toilet brush and plunger some love too! We all know you never clean those, we don’t even want to touch them if we don’t have to…right!?

Now that all of the really nitty gritty areas are done and cleaned up we’ll move on to the rest of the bathroom. We certainly can’t forget about the light switches, door knobs or any other touch areas as we like to call them. We make sure to wipe these down, and since we are in a pandemic we are going to disinfect those for you also! Our willingness to help keep your family safe is another reason why Serene Clean is the leading cleaning company in Onalaska WI! Once all of those areas are cleaned we will move to tidying up the rest of the bathroom. We will spot clean the walls, wipe down all baseboards and moldings and any other areas that need to be dusted or cleaned! We will also take out any garbage, replace the bags and wipe down the garbage container too!

We are currently running a special right now too! You surly don’t want to miss out because it’s an incredible savings! If you book your second appointment within 1 month of the first appointment, you will receive 50% off that second appointment! WOW, that’s huge! Make sure you don’t hesitate – give us a call now 715-204-4270 to get your free estimate today! You can also head on over to our website at www.serene-clean.com and fill out the estimate form to get your free estimate within 24 hours! Serene Clean, the leading cleaning company in Onalaska WI books up fast, so if you are looking for a specific day and/or time then make sure to reach out to us today!

A few things that set us apart from any other cleaners in the area are that we always follow standardized checklists, we bring all the tools and supplies needed and we are bonded and insured! If you are still on the fence about hiring Serene Clean – the leading cleaning company in Onalaska WI then while you’re on our website make sure to look at our before and after photos! Once you see all those examples of extraordinary work that we do, I’m confident you’ll have us hired by the end of the day! You can also look at our testimonial’s sections – we have tons and tons of 5-star reviews and many kind words from our current and past clients! Give us a call today at 715-204-4270 so that we can give you back the time that you need and deserve!