Are you looking for a professional house cleaners in Tomah WI? Serene clean has years of experience in this field and we are willing to help. There is nothing better than coming home at the end of a long day to a sparkling clean home. You won’t believe how fresh smelling and clean your house will look and be for you when you get home. It’s a wrinkling we leave standardize checkless behind it every visit so you can see exactly what was accomplished during your cleaning. Not only for this reason, but also so that no matter which cleaners cleaning your home you can be assured that you will get the same grade clean every single time. These checkless go room by room and have several different categories. The categories are bedrooms, hallways and common areas, bathrooms, kitchen, and other rooms. We also add on services that we can add onto any appointment I had a charge. Some of these adult services including client dusting if they are sturdy enough to be worked with effectively. Blind a singer such a tedious task. So much dust and dirt buildup on the surfaces and it is such a pain to remove. Let us do it for you.

Another add-on services that we could provide is the inside cleaning of your fridge. We will clean all of the shelves drawers freezer and the top of your fridge as well if it is left uncluttered. We can also organize of the contents of your fridge just let your cleaner know or let your scheduler know prior to your appointment that you would like this done. We Also clean the interior of your oven. This is such a daunting task, leave it to us the professionals to get this done effectively and correctly for you. You will love cooking in your newly cleaned oven. We will clean the interior of your stove door interior racks and even the warming drawer on the bottom. Another add-on service that we can accomplish for you is the cleaning of your kitchen cupboards inside and out. If you would like the contents of your kitchen cupboards to be organized what’s your schedule are no prior to your appointment that you would like this done so we can a lot extra time in your appointment for this task. Our reviews speak for themselves find your professional house cleaners in Tomah WI today by giving us a call or stopping into one of our offices.

Another ad on service that we can add onto your appointment is the cleaning and organizing of your closets. If you’re like many people, you these areas are the last place that gets cleaned and organized because often times no one sees it but you. I will stay out of mine is a lot of peoples models when it comes to cleanliness and organization of their closets. But what a stress relief it would be to have someone come in and get this daunting task done for you. We can accomplish that. Just let your scheduler know prior to your appointment so they can a lot extra time for this test to be done. Serene clean truly has the best professional house cleaners in Tomah WI.

Their ad on service we would love to provide for you is washing drying sorting and folding of laundry. Due to time constraints we will only be able to do a two hour maximum per visit, but it even doing this much is a great deal of help for our clients. We also have a safety checklist that we check off on our checklist before leaving each and every appointment. We make sure that the stove and oven is turned off. We make sure that the toilets are not running. We also make sure that all the faucets are shut off. We will make sure that the windows are left is found. If your windows are unlocked before we get to your appointment, we will also leave them unlocked when we leave. If you require us to lock the door before leaving your house we will make sure that that is done and check it off on her checklist. If you have any pets that are home during your appointment we will make sure they’re safe and sound prior to leaving. for a professional house cleaners in Tomah WI, make sure to give serene clean a call.

The last thing on our safety checklist is that we make sure that the heat or air conditioning is changed back to the original setting that it was on upon arrival. The The only time we would alter a temperature change in a house would be if our cleaners cannot effectively work in the temperature that the house our property was at. We clean a lot of rental properties that have been empty for a while and the heat setting might be extremely high and we want our cleaners to work as effectively and efficiently as they can and still be comfortable doing so. Let us clean your home for you so that you can get back to doing some of the things that you love. There is nothing better than coming home to a clean home at the end of a long day and you deserve it. You want professional house cleaners in Tomah WI to make sure that the job is done right.

It’s a wrinkly we aim to please. If for any time you’re not 100% completely satisfied please contact us immediately and we will do everything in our power to resolve your concerns or your money back. Our client satisfaction is our top priority. We will send a cleaner out to correct any problem areas completely free of charge. We look forward to working with you. Our cleaners are a joy to have in your home. We have been around since 2019 and have a lot of experience. We thoroughly screen and background check all of our cleaners. We have a location in Sparta and another in Black River Falls. For professional house cleaners in Tomah WI give us a call today.