Owning rental properties can be a stressful endeavor especially if you take on the task of cleaning them between tenants. Let us take some of that stress off of your shoulders. At serene clean we provide rental property cleaning in Sparta WI. We have a deep cleaning checklist that we follow up on these appointments. We have a checklist for bedrooms hallways and common areas laundry areas bathrooms kitchens general spaces in common areas living dining room office and done areas. Basically the whole house. I will run over a deep cleaning checklist so you can get an idea of the level of detail our cleaners follow when they’re inside and cleaning these types of properties. You’re clear my star in the bedroom. The closet doors in Trax will all be clean. If there are beers on the closet doors those will be clean as well. The closet floors will be vacuums this include the baseboards and the corners. If there are any hanging racks and rods in the closet skills will also be claimed. All the more molding in corners in the bedroom so we clean.

The ceiling wall and floor vents what others will be back in the bedrooms. There’s lots of dust buildup on the surfaces. We were also spot clean and wash all the walls and doors in your rental property. All the light fixtures will be dusted and clean inside and out. If you would like your cleaner clean the insides of your light fixtures you must remove them prior to your cleaning appointment. The ceiling fans will all be cleaned if they are reachable on a stepstool with an extendable duster. All the switch face and power outlets in these rooms will be wiped clean. We will clean the insides of the windows including wiping off the windowsills and dusting the blinds if they are sturdy. If there’s a garbage in the bedroom we will empty it and replace the garbage can with the fresh garbage bag. We will also wipe and wash the outside of your garbage can. We will leave the overall appearance of your bedroom so neat and tidy. For the best rental property cleaning in Sparta WI, call Serene Clean today.

In the bathrooms, we make sure that the counters are cleaned and left debris free. The sink including the exterior drain will be neatly cleaned and polished. The Fossett will be cleaned including the top under the handle the sides and all around the caulking. The mirror will be clean to a streak free shine. The medicine cabinet will be cleaned inside and out. The cupboard and drawer hardware will all be cleaned in the fingerprint free. The cupboards and drawers with all be cleaned inside and out. The bathtub will be cleaned and scrubbed. If there are any stains or hard water build up our cleaners and all the tips and tricks to take care of these issues for you. If there is a door on the bathtub shower area we will clean it if it is glass and will clean it to a streak free shine. All the tile and grout will be cleaned. The garbage can in your bathroom really emptied and we will replace the bag with a fresh bag. We will also clean and wash the exterior of your garbage can. We’re looking for a rental property cleaning in Sparta WI, give us a call.

We will also clean the insides of your bathroom windows. You’d be shocked at the amount of dirt and bugs a build up in the spaces in a small amount of time. Will also dust and wash the windowsills and dust the blinds if they are sturdy. We will wipe and sanitize all the switch plates and power outlets in the bathrooms. We will dust and clean the outside of the light fixtures. If you would like the insides of your bathroom light fixtures clean you must remove them prior to your appointment and let your cleaner know that you would like them to be cleaned. We will wash and clean all the walls and doors in the bathrooms. We will clean the ceilings walls and floor vents. We will make sure all the baseboards in your bathroom are wiped clean. All of the molding and corners in your bathroom will be dusted. We will make sure that the towel bar is dusted off. Also make sure that your toilet paper roll holder will be cleaned so it is looking brand new again. Your bathroom floors will be neatly cleaned and mopped and then we will clean the exterior of your toilet brush and plunger container if it is present. At serene clean we Provide rental property cleaning in Sparta WI.

Serene clean we are also banded and insured to protect your home and all of your blinds. This means that if any of your belongings are damaged or stolen during your appointment they will be replaced or you’ll be reimbursed. You can rest easy knowing that you’re home and safe entering Clintons. Our customer satisfaction is our top priority. We use non-toxic non-harsh chemicals for all of our cleaning appointments to protect not only are clients in their homes but also our cleaners. Our cleaners love working at serene clean because it is a amazing workplace for anyone to be working out. Tips for your cleaners are not mandatory but they are greatly appreciated. Our cleaners like to know that their work is recognized. If you are looking for a rental property cleaning in Sparta WI we will provide you a free quote today.

Serene clean has two branches. One in Black River Falls and one in Sparta. We also provide service to home within a 30 mile radius of either of those locations. We know how stressful life can be and we want to take some of the weight off of your shoulders. Enjoy doing the things you love again. If you are looking for a rental property cleaning in Sparta WI, we are here to help.