If you’re looking for the top house cleaners in Holmen WI, Look no further. Serene clean has the top ratings and more satisfied customers than any other cleaning company in the area. We have standardized checklist to make sure that the same great cleaning is done every time, and these are left behind every appointment so you know exactly what was accomplished. Today I’ll go through some of our deep cleaning checklist so you can get an idea of the level of detail we follow when we clean your house is deeply Weatherbee a move-in, move out, or just because it simply needs it. We offer free quotes and a variety of ways to get in touch with any of us at the office. You can email us, call us, text us, or stop in to our black river Falls office where there is a full-time staff ready to assist you.

When we did clean the bathroom, we make sure the counters are clean and debris free. The sink including the exterior drain will be all cleaned and polished. The Fossett will be cleaned including the top under the handle sides and all around the caulking. The mirror in your bathroom will be clean to a streak free shine. Your medicine cabinet will be clean inside and out. All of the cupboard and drawer hardware will be clean shined and fingerprint free. You’ll be amazed at the amount of grime and dust that builds up in these areas and the difference it makes when they are finally clean. We will clean all the coverage is inside and out. If there if you are moving out of your house or moving in if there are any items that were left inside of the drawers we will take care of these in whichever way you prefer. We will clean the whole bathtub if there is a door on the bathtub I will clean that to a wonderful streak free shine. We will clean your showerhead exterior drain and faucet. If there is a lot of hardware water buildup around these areas are cleaners know all the tips and tricks to take care of this. Book your appointment today with the top house cleaners in Holmen WI.

Your bathtub and shower will be looking brand new. All of the tile and grout in your bath room will be cleaned if there is any. They got the grout sending me to be refinished if applicable. The garbage in your bathroom will be emptied and the garbage bag will be replaced. We will make sure that we also clean the exterior of your garbage can in your bathroom.We will make sure all the inside of your bathroom windows will be cleaned, the windowsills well I’ll be wiped, and the blinds with acid. We will also clean the window tracks where the dirt and bugs like to build up. If you would like your window panes cleaned with a glass cleaner to a streak free shine, let you let us know when you are getting quoted for your appointment and we will include that in your cleaning as well. All the switch plates and power outlets in your bathroom will be cleaned and wiped. This is especially important in times of a pandemic as these are favorite spots for bacteria and germs to build up. Our tremendous level of detail is part of what makes us the top house cleaners in Holmen WI.

We will clean all of your light fixtures on the outside removing all of the dust. If you would like your light fixtures cleaned inside and out you must remove them prior to your appointment and let your cleaner know that you would like this done. We never want to ask her cleaners to do anything that would put their safety at risk. We only ask them to clean what they can reach from a stepstool with an extendable duster. All of your walls and doors will be cleaned. We will do this with a solution of water with a little bit of Dawn dish soap so we don’t damage any of the paint or finish on woodwork. The ceiling walls and floor vents will all be dusted and vacuumed off. I’d be surprised at how much dust buildup on walls especially ones that are textured. Call us today for a free quote and find out why were the top house cleaners in Holmen WI.

All of the baseboards in your bathroom will be totally wiped clean, I know at least in my house this is a spot that gets often neglected because you just don’t think about it. But when you wipe it with a cloth you realize how much dust really does build up there and it is so satisfying to clean. Clean baseboards make a world of difference in a room. All of the molding in and corners in your bathroom will be dusted. I found especially in bathrooms lots of dirt grime hair and dust like to build up in the corners. Especially if you live in a house like mine, with one bathroom and two females with a lot of hair that likes to find its way onto the bathroom floor and then all of the hard to get to spots. We will take care of all this for you. If you have a towel bar or a toilet paper roll holder we will dust these off as well. Resurface will be totally free of dust and dirt and grime buildup. Serene clean has the top house cleaners in Holmen WI.

We will clean the exterior of that your toilet brush refund your container if it is present. There is nothing grocer than a gross plunger container. Finally the floors in your bathroom will be vacuumed and then mopped. The overall of your bathroom will be so wonderful, you might never want to leave. Call serene clean today to book an appointment with the top house cleaners in Holmen WI. You certainly will not be disappointed and we look forward to serving you and your family.