Today I walked out my front door ready for the day. I was on my way to work at the top rated cleaning service in Black River Falls WI. If you’re not aware, Serene Clean provides top notch cleaning services to residential properties, vacation rentals, and commercial properties in the Sparta and Black River Falls vicinities. Anyway, my day started out like most others. As I stepped outside, headed to my car, I noticed that some of my chickens had escaped their fenced in area. This was surprising to me, as their coop is surrounded by a secure fence made of electric poultry netting. I was not immediately alarmed, just annoyed that I would need to go on a chicken chase and most likely be a bit late to work.

I texted my work office, letting them know that I would be a little late coming in this morning. Animal lovers themselves, they were very understanding. How great it is to be employed at the top rated cleaning service in Black River Falls WI. I quickly repaired the fallen fence and proceeded to frantically chase my chickens around my yard. Yelling at the little bastards as they ran like their life depended on it, one by one I captured them and tossed them back into their little chicken corral. Out of breath and admiring my work, I stood and gazed upon my flock of peckers. It was then that I realized it- my rooster was missing. I spat a slur of explicit words and began to take in the surroundings as they were… a violent murder scene. 

Normally my yard is littered with feathers here and there, this is just something that comes with the territory of having 20 birds. This is why no feathers stood out to me as abnormal when I was on my chicken chase. Looking at the scene in a different light, however, I noticed some feathers near the chicken coop entrance had bits of blood on them. These belonged to my beloved rooster. I could immediately pick out the white and grey feathers as his because he is a unique chicken to my flock.  It wasn’t looking like the outcome to this would be a pleasant one. As I continued my crime scene investigation I noticed a streak of blood just outside of the coop door, as if something pulled an injured bird out. I was incredibly sad to know that my friendly rooster was long gone, but I still wanted to search for his body if there was anything left of the poor little dude. While we don’t clean up crime scenes, Serene Clean is the top rated cleaning service in Black River Falls WI for all of your residential cleaning needs. I searched and searched the woods surrounding my house, to no avail. Alas, Rooster was no where to be found. 

To understand my sadness surrounding my missing chicken, we need to go back to when I brought him home. In March 2021, I purchased a group of eight chicks from Farm and Fleet in Onalaska. All of them were supposed to be female, but when chicks are freshly hatched it is very difficult to know their gender for sure. There is definitely room for error. I was hoping so badly that one of my chicks would be a rooster. I love hearing them crow in the morning, there is no better sound to wake up to in my opinion. Also, roosters are good at defending their flock of hens from predators. This is why I was so thrilled when my only Delaware Rock chick started showing rooster characteristics. He never lived to be old enough to crow for me, although I was waiting for him to start any day. He did die fulfilling his role as a protector of his flock, all of my hens were untouched. Serene Clean is widely known as the top rated cleaning service in Black River Falls WI. 

At Serene Clean, we put our customers’ satisfaction as a top priority. That is why if for any reason you are not satisfied with your cleaning, we will return as soon as possible to correct any problem areas, free of charge. We also leave standardized checklists behind at every appointment so that you can see exactly what was accomplished during your cleaning. This also ensures that the same great clean was performed no matter which of our cleaners was assigned to your appointment. Many people wish to be home for their cleaning appointments, that is fine with us. We understand that you might wish to oversee the happenings in your house while we are there. Many clients also choose to not be home during their cleanings. We hear all the time how wonderful it feels to come home to a fresh and clean home or apartment. You can rest easy knowing that we carefully screen and background check all of our employees. Book your appointment with us today and find out why we are the top rated cleaning service in Black River Falls WI.

We have add on services that you can add on to your appointments for an added charge. Just let us know prior to your appointment and we will alot time and notify your cleaner of any add on services. One of these include dusting blinds. Such a tedious and time consuming task! We will take care of that for you. We will also clean the interior of your fridge, another task that all too often gets put off because no one has time for that. We will also clean the interior of your oven. If you want the insides of your cupboards cleaned, we can do that as an add on service as well. We will even wash, dry, sort and fold your laundry. Just let us know prior to your appointment and we will get it all set up for you. Call and book an appointment today and find out for yourself why we are the top rated cleaning service in Black River Falls WI.