Do you own a vacation property that you have considered renting out to short term guests, but are held back on how you would manage cleaning between guests? We at Serene Clean are here to help you! We have extensive experience with cleaning AirBnB, VRBO, and other similar short term rental properties. Your vacation property is most likely one of your most valuable assets, and you can trust it in the hands of Serene Clean. Many of the vacation rentals that we clean are owned by clients that live hours away. We ask that you make up a checklist that is custom to your vacation rental and exactly how you would like it cleaned and ready to be presented to paying guests. During every cleaning, we make sure that the whole property is first walked through by one of our experienced cleaners so that any damages are documented and that you are immediately made aware of the condition that your home was left in by your guests. When cleaning a kitchen at a short term rental, we clean the inside and outside of the microwave. Getting rid of any food that was cooked on or any food splatters. All of the counters will be cleaned and sanitized. Your stovetops will be cleaned so that there is a fresh and clean cooking surface made ready for your next guests. Book your regular vacation rental cleanings with the top rated cleaning service in Black River Falls WI today.

We will check the cabinets and fridge for any food or drinks that were left behind by previous guests. Then we will wipe down the entire interior of the fridge and freezer. We clean out the coffee maker and make sure there are no dirty dishes present in the sink or counter. Then we wipe out the sink so that all evidence of previous guests are gone. Then we will finish the kitchen by taking out the garbage and mopping and vacuuming the floors. We will get instructions for you on where you would like the trash to go. Maybe it’s in a garage, dumpster on the property, or maybe you’d like us to take the garbage with us and dispose of another way. Any of those options are great, we can remove the trash from the property for an extra charge. This flexibility is just one reason why we are the top rated cleaning service in Black River Falls WI.

If you would like goodies set out for your guests such as coffee, candies, snacks or drinks, you can put all those instructions in your checklist so that we can be sure your vacation rental is left just so for your next guests. When we clean the bathrooms, we clean everything as we would a standard residential clean. The counter tops are cleaned and sanitized, faucet is cleaned and sanitized as well as all touch points inside of your vacation rental bathroom. The bathtub and shower is sanitized and cleaned, being sure to get rid of any evidence of previous guests using the shower or bathtub. The faucet and shower head will be cleaned to a lovely shine. We will stock your bathroom with fresh hand towels, wash clothes, and bath towels that can be customized to the number of guests that you will be having next. Some hosts have little bottles of soap, shampoo that they have us leave out for their guests and we can certainly do that. Let us take care of your vacation rental for you and find out why we are the top rated cleaning service in Black River Falls WI.

With short term vacation rentals come a lot of laundry. That’s why we will wash and dry one load of laundry while at your vacation rental, free of charge. If there is more than one load of laundry that needs to be washed, we will haul it back to our office and wash it there for an extra fee. Then we will bring the newly cleaned laundry back to your vacation rental on the date of your next cleaning. This is a popular option for many vacation rental hosts. Our high level of accommodation to our clients are just part of what makes us the top rated cleaning service in Black River Falls WI.

When cleaning bedrooms at our vacation rentals, it is important to check and double check and drawers and dressers for belongings that were forgotten about or left behind by previous guests. We do that first before completing the bedroom clean and notify the host of any belongings that were left behind. Then we strip the beds of dirty sheets and place them inside the washer. We dust all surfaces inside of the bedrooms. Lastly, we make the bed. At vacation rentals, we carefully fold the sheet over the top of the comforter so that the guests don’t have to come into contact with the comforter itself. Then we empty any existing garbage cans and replace the can with a fresh liner. We will finish cleaning the bedroom by mopping and vacuuming the floors. Book us to clean your vacation rentals today and find out why we are so highly regarded as the top rated cleaning service in Black River Falls WI.

At Serene Clean, we thoroughly screen and background check all of our employees to make sure we allow only the most trustworthy and reliable cleaners into your properties. We understand how nerve wracking it can be to trust a stranger with the task of cleaning your property. We are committed to our clients’ satisfaction. That is why if for any reason you are not satisfied with your cleaning, we will return as soon as possible to fix any problem areas completely free of charge. After your cleanings, we will email you an invoice and then you can choose to pay the way that is most convenient for you. Book us today and find out exactly why we are the top rated cleaning service in Black River Falls WI.