Moving can be stressful. That’s why it’s there and clean we offer top quality move in or move out cleans to our clients in the surrounding areas. We follow a standardize checklist to make sure that you know exactly what was accomplished during your cleaning appointment. One of our most common questions that clients asked when getting their quote is how long will our cleaning take? This answer varies. Each one is unique because of the home specific needs that may take more or less time to clean your home compared to somebody else’s. When you set up your initial cleaning serene clean will provide you with a ballpark estimate of how long a regular cleaning will take. Then we will head when we get to your house we will have a much better idea of how long the regular cleaning will take. Call serene clean today to set up your appointment with the top rated cleaning service in Black River Falls WI.

A lot of people ask us if it is OK for their pets to be home during their cleaning. At the serene clean office we have three dogs in our office at all hours. We have Junie a pitbull who is six years old and extremely friendly. We have Ally a boxer that is five years old and extremely friendly as well. And we also have Lily an Australian Shepherd who is magnificent at greeting people at the door. We all of the pets but you know your pets better than we do if your pet is comfortable around being your people especially those making noises with vacuum cleaners mopping etc. then having your pet stay at home during your cleaning is completely fine with us. Our cleaners love company a friendly animal. To ensure that everyone is safe and comfortable, we do recommend that the animal be in a crate or separate room for the duration of the job. If a pet is not comfortable around new people or noises we ask that the puppy contained in a matter which they will not be able to interact with our cleaners. Serene clean only hires creek cleaners who are comfortable with pets, but if a pet is acting in a threatening manner to our cleaners they are trying to leave the home immediately until we can reach you to discuss future cleaning options. Just know that we do not walk, feed or clean up urine or feces left from animals. Call serene clean and find out why we are the top rated cleaning service in Black River Falls WI. 

Some of us are included commonly used products are vinegar hydrogen peroxide essential oil’s baking soda dish soap rubbing alcohol as well as store-bought safe cleaners. We will never bring harmful chemicals into your home. If you have any cleaning products that you own that you would like us to use during your cleaning, please let your cleaner know prior to the cleaning and we would love to use your products. Also if you have a vacuum cleaner that you would like us to use during your cleaning, let us know and we will well use your vacuum cleaner. A lot of people choose this option due to the risk of cross contaminating and spread of germs. However we do have quality vacuum is that we will bring to each appointment, just in case. How are the floors in your house will be mopped and vacuumed. Siri clean is the top rated cleaning service in Black River Falls Wisconsin. Reclaim your calm with a clean home.

 At serene clean, we want you to feel safe with your home in our hands. For this reason we thoroughly screen and background check each potential employee. Also we are bonded and insured to protect your home and all of your valuables. On the off chance an accident might happen say a picture dropped from a shelf we will gladly replace the broken item or reimburse you for any damages. That’s a real clean our client satisfaction is guaranteed. That is way if you are unsatisfied with your cleaning for any reason we will gladly send a cleaner back to your house to fix any problem areas free is charge. We will do this as soon as possible. We are running a special right now so that you get your second cleaning for 50% off. You will love having our friendly cleaners in your home. Many of our clients ask if they are required to be home during their cleaning. You can choose to stay during the duration of your cleaning or you can choose to be out of the home. Many of our clients say how nice it is to come home from work at the end of the day to a sparkling clean home. If you choose to not be home for your cleaning our cleaners just need a way to enter the home. Call the top rated cleaning service in Black River Falls WI to set up your appointment today.

 Many of our clients choose to leave a key hidden outside of the home, or give you the key code to the cleaner, or just simply leave the door unlocked. If you would like us to lock up the house after the cleaning is completed, let your cleaner or our office know prior to your cleaning. Call serene clean today to set up your appointment. Find out why we are the top rated cleaning service in Black River Falls WI.

When your cleaner leaves your home we have a small safety checklist that we check off to make sure we leave your home in a safe state. Make sure that the stove and oven is turned off. We make sure that none of the toilets are running. We also make sure that all of the Fossetts are shut off and the windows are left as found. If we are required we make sure the door is locked. If there are any pet pets present in the home we make sure that they are all safe upon leaving. Serene clean is the top rated cleaning service in Black River Falls WI.