Many people have several questions before they hire a new cleaning service. Rest assured that we are the top rated cleaning service around! I will go over some of the frequently asked questions and give you the answers that you may be looking for. Contact us if you have any further questions. Many people wonder what type of cleaning products we use one of the things we were to do a spring cleaning is to be as environmentally friendly as we can be. It’s just one of the reasons why we are the best cleaning service in Black River Falls. Our staff are trained to use the most gentle Affective planning for it is for your home we are always open to using your cleaning supplies at your request. We will never use Home for cleaning products such as pledge bleach or CLR in your home. We are always striving to be more environmentally friendly and safe. Some of the products we commonly use answering clean our vinegar and hydrogen peroxide essential oils baking soda dish soap throwing up all is well as well as store-bought natural cleaners. Green clean is the top rated cleaning service in Holmen WI.

Is it me the fact of products will disinfect clean and polish services in your home as well as any of those nasty harsh chemicals. It’s just one of the reasons why we are the top rated cleaning service in Holmen WI. Our cleaners will always be a pleasure to have in your home. They will always greet you at your door with a smile and wave your home sparklingly clean for you.

Using harsh chemicals is not only it was safe for our staff but also you and your family. And as a client you are always on top priority. At the moment the only product that Serene Clean uses in the home  that is not extremely gentle is fume free oven cleaner. Due to the fact Whoever minute time you’re home Evans do not have the time they needed to self with a more natural product oven seven to have the most filled up and can be one of the most difficult appliances to quite clean if you request not to have this in your home we will be at more blades to do so.  Another question is will the initial cleaning take longer than the ones that follow? The first cleaning always takes long as we bring her home after that maintenance clean level. The length really depends on several things some of these things include the amount of kids kids are people living in the home, the level of build up, the decorating style and the size of your home. Sorry clean is the top rated cleaning service in Holmen WI.

Processor includes clients prefer to schedule regular cleanings whether it bi weekly biweekly or monthly. Biweekly every four weeks are our most popular reoccurring service. Having reoccurring services helps us maintain your own vehicle and keeps the length of time and cost down for you. If you’d like to use our cleaning serious services more sporadically each visit will take longer than if you were to have us come regularly more time between appointments more build up there is. Each house is unique because of the specific homes needs it may take more less time for us to clean your home compared to your neighbors. Once you’re in clean get to know your home it will be quite consistent with how long each cleaning will take. Without cleaning the space for us I can be very little difficult to tell how long it will take their lifestyle habits dictate our homes our cats and everyone is very different. When you set up your initial cleaning certainly will provide you with a ballpark estimate of how long a regular cleaning my day. Then once we have provided initially and will have a much better idea of how long the regular cleaning will take. Call us today and find out why we are the top rated cleaning service in Holmen WI.

Your pets are welcome to stay out during your appointment. Do you know when your pets better than anyone. If your pet is comfortable being around new people especially those making noises vacuuming mopping etc. then having a pet at home is completely fine with us to ensure that everyone is safe and comfortable we do recommend at the end will be in a crate or separate room during the duration of the job. But that is not comfortable around new people or noises we are so the puppy contained in a manner which they will not be able to interact with the cleaners. Sorry clean only higher screeners that are comfortable with pets but if a pet is acting in a threatening manner to the cleaners they are trying to leave the home immediately until we can reach you to discuss further cleaning options. Serene clean is the top rated cleaning service in Holmen WI.

If they need to be home for the cleaning. You do not need to be home unless you would like to. We will ask if you if you will be home or how are you we will be able to enter your home if you plan to not be there. For the initial cleaning most of our clients prefer to be home to show the cleaners around and explain any areas to give special attention and explain any areas we can avoid. Majority of our regular clients trust our insured house cleaning professionals with a spare key or a key code to enter the home. We are licensed and insured to protect all of your belongings which is why we are the number one trusted cleaning company in the Black River Falls in Sparta areas. It’s perfect insurance as requested we are more than happy to provide it to you. Call today to find out why we are the top rated cleaning service in Holmen WI.