If you are looking for the top rated cleaning service in Onalaska WI, Serene Clean is your best bet. We have an office in Sparta Wisconsin in an hour episode in Black River Falls Wisconsin and we provide services to homes businesses and vacation rentals in a 30 mile radius surrounding either of those areas. Many clients just want a one time house clean, other times clients would like a reoccurring service set up with us. Sometimes clients aren’t sure and they want to wait to see how the first cleaning goes before they decide. That’s totally fine we are willing to accommodate just about whatever cleaning schedule you wish. Our client satisfaction is our number one priority and we take our jobs very seriously. We have a stellar workplace as well and I will work cleaners love working with us.

I neither of our offices we have supply shelves for either of our cleaners to restock their cleaning kits. And serene clean your appointments will be handled by professionals to bring all their own non-toxic and safe cleaning supplies. The safety of our clients, their homes, and our cleaners is our number one priority. We will never bring it any harmful chemicals into your home. For the most part for our multipurpose cleaner we use a solution made out of water and Dawn dish soap. We find that this is the least harmful and most effective cleaner for tackling just about any task within the home. Answering clean we are bonded and insured to protect your home and all all of your Val valuables. If it anytime any of your belongings are damaged we will fully reimburse you or replace any items. If you want to reschedule your appointment that’s totally fine let us know as far out in advance as possible that you would like to cancel or reschedule your service. dream clean is the top rated cleaning service in Onalaska WI and the surrounding areas.

We use microfiber cleaning rags versus paper towels or any disposable cleaning costs because they are effective and non-harmful to the environment. We wash and sanitize them between each and every visit to homes. Our house cleaners are committed to remaining professional and pleasant and doing their best and a good job in your home. There’s nothing better than coming home from work at the end of the day to a sparkling clean home. A lot of our clients ask if they need to be home during their cleaning service. The answer is that to that is totally up to you. Many clients wish to remain home and carry on with life while our cleaner works in the background. That is totally fine. On the other hand a lot of our clients like to go run errands or be at work while they’re cleaning is being performed. There’s nothing better than coming home at the end belong day to a sparkling clean home. The only thing better than a claim to clean Home is a clean home that you didn’t have to clean by yourself. At Serene clean we are the top rated cleaning service in Onalaska WI because our cleaners are committed to their jobs and love what they do.

You need not be home during your cleaning appointment. The only thing your cleaners need is a way to gain entry into your home. Many clients choose to leave a key under a mat, a key code for an electronic lock, to simply leave the door unlocked for the cleaner. If you would like us to lock up upon leaving your home let us know prior to your appointment and we will certainly do that. Our client satisfaction is our top priority. We also clean many commercial businesses. We create custom checklist for our commercial clients to meet the individual needs of their facilities. We really are a diverse cleaning business that takes great pride in what we do. We also have add-on services that you can add onto any of your appointments such as blind dusting. Blinds are very flimsy it is an easy to break. This makes the taskCleaning them very tedious. Why do it yourself and we could do it for you. It’s a wrinkling we’re willing to accommodate a wide variety of client requests. Serene clean is the top rated cleaning service in Onalaska WI.

Our cleaners are also used to working around pets. If you have a pet that is friendly and agreeable to loud noises such as vacuuming, you are more than welcome to leave them out during the extent of your cleaning appointment. If they startled easily or aggressive or nervous, His best to keep them in a kennel or in a locked room during your appointment. That’s her and clean we are very pet friendly and we have three dogs in our work office at most times. That being said we know how hard it is to keep up with the dog hair and messes inside houses especially when you’re working in managing a family and still trying to take a little time for yourself. We would love to take some stress off of your shoulders. Serene clean is the top rated cleaning service in Onalaska WI.

If you have an alarm to your house make sure that we have the key code so we can disarm the alarm when we arrive inside it again before we leave. We will need to know where you keep your house key. If you leave your home unlocked we are not responsible for anything that would occur before after our visit. If you need to reschedule we totally understand that stuff is going to happen sometimes you are going on vacation please give us at least a two weeks notice to not affect our employees hours. For cancellations not related to sickness we must be notified 48 hours prior to the appointment to avoid the cancellation fee. Or if you or your children get sick with a contagious illness please call and reschedule your cleaning. Call today and find out why serene clean is the top rated cleaning service in Onalaska WI.