We were looking for the top rated cleaning service in Onalaska WI, You have come to the right place. Is there any cleaning been around since 2019. Today I’ll go through some of our deep clean checklist so you can get an idea of the level of detail detail we adhere to. There are many reasons you might want to get a deep cleaning on your kitchen done. He may be moving out of the hole moving into the home or you may simply just wish for your cabinets and kitchen area to be deep cleaned. Why do it yourself when we could do it and have the service guaranteed satisfaction.

First of all the inside of your windows will be completely cleaned. We will also dust and clean all of the windowsills. And if you have blinds that are around in your kitchen we will completely clean these off as well. That window tracks will also be clean. You’d be shocked at how many but how much bugs and dirt and grime buildup here. If there is a ceiling fan in your kitchen or cleaners will clean that too if they can reach it with an extendable duster and while standing on a stepstool. We will never ask for cleaners to do anything that will put their safety at risk. That’s why we never asked them to do anything hazardous to reach any tough areas that need cleaning. However if an accident does happen in the cleaners hurt while on your property, you are not liable we have insurance to cover situation as this. All of the walls and doors in your kitchen will be completely cleaned and wiped. Get your free quote today with the top rated cleaning service in Onalaska WI.

Your ceiling will be dusted with an extendable duster. Especially the ceiling corners are a favorite spot for cobwebs to appear. Why I do this yourself and we could do it for you. All of the walls and floor vents will be vacuumed and dusted off. All the switch plates and power outlets in your kitchen will be wiped completely clean. The outside of your stove would be clean. This includes all the drip pans coils cooktop exterior door and electronics panel. We even remove the temperature knobs so that we can clean behind them. Every new house that we clean has a lot of Graham and build up behind these knobs. The inside of your oven will even be cleaned. This includes the inside part of the stove door the window the Interior racks and even inside of the warming drawer. This is such a nasty task why do it yourself and we could do it for you and you can come home to a spotless open. Our extraordinary level of detail is part of what makes us the top rated cleaning service in Onalaska WI.

The outside of the fridge will be cleaned this includes the top if it is clutter free expose size gasket and all of the door hinges. The inside of your fridge will be cleaned. All the shelves and drawers will be removed so that we can clean every square inch of your refrigerator. The freezer will also be cleaned, but we will not defrost your freezer because of the time constraint involved. All of your kitchen countertops will be wiped and cleaned. All of the items that exist on your countertops will be removed so that your cleaners can clean underneath them and then after completing the counter cleaning task they will replace them to their original homes up on your counter. The extra tear your drain and drain stopper in your sink will be polished and cleaned. The faucet and sink will also be polished and cleaned. If there is any hard water buildup your cleaner will know all the tips and tricks to get rid of this so that your whole sink area is looking shiny and brand new. Call today for your free quote with a top rated cleaning service in Onalaska WI.

All the light fixtures in your kitchen will be dusted and cleaned. If you would like your cleaner to clean the inside of these light fixtures you must remove them and let your cleaner know prior to the appointment. Your toaster oven will be completely cleaned inside and out we will move it so that we can also clean the underneath part of your of your toaster and we will clean the counter underneath your toaster. Your microwave will also be cleaned inside and out. And if applicable we will also clean the underneath of your microwave and the counter underneath the microwave. All your kitchen backsplash will be completely cleaned and left splatter free. Serene clean is the top rated cleaning service in Onalaska WI.

We will clean inside and we use a extremely safe cleaning solution at all times so as not to damage any of your woodwork or paint on anything in your home. But if something were to happen and something was damaged we have insurance to cover any accidents and all of your damaged belongings will be replaced or reimbursed for accordingly. We will clean all of the cake plates underneath the cupboards that are hard to reach and get very dirty very quickly. We will clean all the cupboard handles and all of the door hinges on the cupboards and drawers. Every cupboard will be clean inside and out the dishwasher control panel cleaning all the buttons and Diles cleaned. We will also cleanThe interior of your dishwasher including all the interior walls wire baskets and the drain will be free of any debris or grime. Your dishwasher will be looking brand new. The garbage in your kitchen will be emptied and we will replace it with a clean garbage bag. We will also wash the exterior of your garbage can so that it is looking brand new. I love the floors in your kitchen finally be cleaned and mopped and everything in the kitchen will be looking shiny and brand new and you’ll be so happy. Call the top rated cleaning service in Onalaska WI today.