Do you need help with the cleaning in your home? Is the spring cleaning fever hitting you hard, but you don’t have the time or energy to clean? If your cleaning task lists is getting to heavy, you can get help from the best cleaning service in Sparta WI, Serene Clean! Serene clean is here to help you with your cleaning needs. Whether you are buying or selling a house, need help keeping up with the day to day or just want to take your day off and have a day off. Serene clean is here to serve you and your home cleaning needs. Get a sparkling clean space and enjoy your time in your home. 

At Serene Clean we pride ourselves on getting your home clean and nailing the details. As the best cleaning service in Sparta WI , Serene Clean trains our cleaners to have an eye for the details. We will leave you home sparkling clean and ready for spring. So open up your windows and enjoy a breath of fresh air in your freshly cleaned home done by Serene Clean. We know how to get your home up to your standard. We train our cleaners to go above and beyond. You would be shocked at the results and the details. We are not a quick clean service. Serene Clean offers estimates over the phone or online based on square footage of your home or apartment. We serve homes Monday through Friday around the hours of 830 a.m to 430 p.m. This way we can have your home clean without much interruption to your day to day life. 

Serene Clean loves to serve our client’s families and our staff’s families. That is why our first core value is family first. We put the needs of our clients and our staff families first. That means we work with you and your schedule. As the best cleaning service in Sparta WI, we can come as frequently or infrequently as you need. If you find your current cleaning schedule needs to change or the length of time needs to change, give us a call and our friendly office staff will work with you to fit your needs and your changing life. We even have our cleaners clean each others homes. We know the importance of having time with yourself, your family and how important it is nowadays to have a peaceful and relaxing home to go to. That is why Serene Clean never locks you into any contracts. We are always open to honest feedback, positive and negative and are constantly changing and shifting the business to meet our clients needs. So if you are ready to have a peaceful haven to come home to, call Serene Clean today at 715-204-4270 or visit our website at for more information. 

Serene Clean was opened in April of 2019 by our owner Stephanie. She saw a need in the community for a cleaning service and answered the call. As the best cleaning service in Sparta WI, Serene clean will always follow up after your first cleaning to ensure you were happy with our services After that Initial clean we keep the lines of communication open. We are available through phone, email, and facebook monday through friday. We are quick to respond to messages during business hours and will get back to you as soon as we can on monday morning if you message us over the weekend. We know things come up and you may need to cancel or reschedule. We work with each client as best as we can to get you back on the schedule as soon as possible. Serene Clean knows that we are all doing life together. Even our cleaners get sick or have sick kiddos at times and cannot make it in to work. We will let you know as soon as we are aware to ensure we get you rescheduled or send a different cleaner to your home. 

As the best cleaning service in Sparta WI, Serene Clean loves pets. We have dogs in the office almost everyday. We know it can be difficult to find a space for your furry loved ones when we are cleaning. We are totally cool with them being out while we are cleaning. We call them our little helpers. As long as your pets are okay with new people in your home and weird noises like a mop wringing out and a vacuum buzzing, they can be out and about. If they are uncomfortable, we ask that you have them in a kennel or a separate room that we will not be cleaning. This is for our cleaners safety but also for the comfort of your pet. We want everyone to be healthy and happy when your cleaning is complete. If your pet is comfortable with new people, we will make sure to give them lots of pets and attention if you are away. We even have clients that allow us to let their dogs out for a quick potty break. We know you will be thrilled with our cleaners personalities and they cleaning they do in your home.

So if you are ready to have the best cleaning service in Sparta WI come conquer the cleaning in your home, reach out to Serene Clean today. We will get you on the schedule as soon as we can or when it is most convenient for you. We do typically book out two weeks in advance so if you have an immediate need, please call us as soon as possible to get on our schedule. We would be happy to serve you and your home. Call us today at 715-204-4270 or visit us online at You can also view our customer reviews on our google pages or look at our customer testimonials on our website too. You will be so glad you called to schedule an appointment with serene clean and get your time back. We are so thankful to continue to serve you and our community with sparkling clean spaces. Get yours today!