Serene clean is the best cleaning service in Whitehall WI. If you live on a farm and have the need for a deep cleaning of your home, there is no better company out there. From horse hair to Dogs and cats they can clean it all. I am lucky to be able to say I work for a company that put animals and family first. Any fluff you need taken care of, they have the tools and the supplies to make sure your home is shining when you return. 

Knowing that our company is family and animal oriented really makes me proud to go to work everyday. I am able to bring in my Dog Gryffin, who is a shedding machine and all the staff are very understanding. If you come into the office wearing all black you will leave taking some of gryffin with you. There are days that he would come into the office still smelling like he was out at the farm herding horses and chasing donkeys. No worries! Bringing in your loveable floofer with you as we have enough tools and supplies to keep the office clean and smelling fresh. Which is why Serene Clean is the best cleaning service in Whitehall WI. 

My parents have used Serene clean at their home as well and were nothing but ecstatic after each cleaning. They have three Bernese Mountain dogs and the shedding as you can imagine often leaves the house in disarray. When there is still drool on the kitchen floor or that missed clump of hair our cleaners are very detail oriented and won’t miss a thing! Having our cleaners out to the home really helped reduce the stress my parents were feeling before the holiday. Nothing can stop our cleaners from any dog hair or dirt making Serene Clean the best cleaning service in Whitehall WI. 

Having three dogs can be alot for any home, especially if they grow to the size of a mini donkey. Maya the youngest Bernese had the eye for mischief. She would often get into things she shouldn’t and even had a faze of trying to eat the carpet. She has thankfully outgrown this nasty habit, however you can still see in certain areas where she had pulled some of it apart. These areas can often have pieces of fabric or fuzz come off. As you can imagine this was quite a stressor for my parents and would take quite a bit of time to clean up. When we had one of the cleaners from Serene Clean, the best cleaning service in Whitehall WI clean their home, they were not fazed by the challenge at all. They got right to work and made sure their carpet looked brand new after vacuuming. 

Having animals in your home can certainly contribute to stress in the daily maintenance in your home. Especially during Shedding season, where I have certainly struggled with keeping up and so has my Vacuum cleaner. I find it to be quite frustrating at times when the hair seems to accumulate after you just cleaned the day before. Knowing that Serene Clean is the best cleaning service in Whitehall WI is an option is always a relief. Being able to work for such an amazing company that understands the struggles of being a pet owner is something I am truly proud of. I never have to worry about feeling judged for the amount of dog hair I am often having to remove from my jackets or gloves. They believe that our animals are our family and are never shy from snuggles and pets your pupper may want to give them.

There have been times where I have been in need of advice on how to keep up with dog hair. Serene Clean the best cleaning service in Whitehall WI has many ideas and go to methods to keep up with your puppers hair. We recently acquired a new cleaning tool, furs off that has been a lovely addition to our cleaners kits. They are made locally in La Crosse Wisconsin with recycled glass, they are lightweight and very easy for anyone to use. I recently used it on the couch in our Serene Clean office located in Brf. It was able to get all of those stubborn hairs off in tough to reach areas of the couch. I would highly recommend any pet owner, whether it be horse,dog or cat, acquire this tool. Serene Clean always strives to find ways to make things as stress free for our clients and are always looking for the next best tool to suit your home’s needs. 

We offer many different services that can help keep you doing what you do best, loving your pets. We follow checklists to ensure that all areas are met and kept up to our high cleaning standards. Communication with our clients is key to us to make sure we are giving the best services we can provide. Customizing our cleaners for our clients needs is something we pride ourselves in and are always looking to perfect. Our cleaners strive to be the best and are willing to go above and beyond other cleaning services in the area.   I am so honored to be a part of Serene Clean, the best cleaning service in Whitehall WI. As a local service we pride ourselves for putting our clients families and  

If you’d like to seen any of the before and after pictures or our cleanings, take a look at our website at Or you can visit our google and facebook page! We have tons or wonderful reviews and many pictures of our before and after cleanings. If you would like to get a quote for your home or even commercial areas, please give us a call at 715-204-4270. You can also fill out an application on our website I am certain we can help keeping up with your pets so you can relax and enjoy the quality time you should with them.