I think the weather supposed to be pretty nice this weekend. I need to go keep up on my gardening, I think there’s like a lot of weeds. I really wanna make refrigerator pickles, but I’ve never actually done that before. But it sounds very domestic. I’m not actually very domestic at all but I strive to be, Kinda. Anyways I want to make some refrigerator pickles. My exes grandma used to make these really good refrigerator pickles with like lots of onions in them and they were like the best pickles I’ve ever had in my life. I also really want to make that cucumber tomato salad you know like with the red onions in it it looks so pretty and it’s so freaking yummy. But anyways that’s what I wanna do this weekend. I also got a couple books from Barnes & Noble but I need to dig into. I want to lay in my Hamic this evening and just read them. Serene clean has the best residential cleaners in Holmen WI.

This paragraph is about the time that I spent this morning finding a bottle to to fill with water for me to drink that would fit underneath this bathroom faucet so that I could fill it. The water bottle that I originally brought inside was too tall to fit under the sink so I couldn’t fill it up with water. Then the second bottle I found in my car that had water in it smelled really bad when I took the cap Off, so I threw it away. And I didn’t want to use it because That was gross. Anyways I ended up finding a kombucha bottle that I had yesterday that was the perfect size to fit under the sink. So I rinse it out really good and filled it up with water and now I’m drinking it. So our office is next-door to this salon in the walls are really thin and they and they probably think I’m crazy and are wondering why I’m going on anon about absolutely nothing. Serene clean has the best residential cleaners in Holmen WI.

So Lance’s Dad’s cousin died. He was in Iowa and he was like I don’t get out of my himself and I guess they didn’t find him until like days after he passed and it was like outside anyways really gruesome scene. But Lance and his dad are driving down there to that farm because they were like the beneficiaries or whatever of this guys whole state so they’re going there to like look at tractors and guy stuff and whatever whatever but yeah. I’m here because I did not want to go to that sounds awful and super boring because I’m not into looking at that kind of stuff. I kind of wish I was because I think me and my fiancé would have more to talk about if I liked tractors and all that you know. Call serene clean today and find out why we have the best residential cleaners in Holmen WI.

Oh my gosh, yesterday I got this new mop and I’m so excited to use it. I think it’s the same with my mom at my mom house but I’m like can fill it up with whatever cleaning solution you want so that’s really cool that you don’t have to buy like weird things you can just buy them up and then the pad on the bottom is like washable and you can just put like Don dish soap and water and the cleaning part so yeah. It was like $20 and I’m gonna use it this weekend. Last night I cleaned my house and I got done with just about everything except for the floors so when I get home I’m gonna vacuum and then I’m up all of my floors with my new squirty mop and I’m excited. Like the things that you get excited about as an adult. Like a mob. Buying it was like probably the highlight of my week actually. Get your freak out today with the best residential cleaners in Holmen WI.

So including this Airbnb this afternoon with another girl named Faith and is really funny because it’s a house that isn’t like the haunted sparta book. It is super creepy and has some really juju about it. But I’m kind of in that stuff so I’m kind of excited. I guess there was like a surgeon or doctor that did his work in the basement of that house so that would bring about some heebie-jeebies or something. I went there one other time for a cleaning we were cleaning it to get it ready for the Airbnb season. And I couldn’t even have my earbuds in to listen to music because I was so scared that I was being watched. In the bathroom at super creepy because there’s a vet and you can see straight down into the basement. I didn’t like that at all. But I’ll be doing it with another cleaner so it won’t be bad at all. I really hope nobody reads this. I think I want to buy a shark vacuum. Like to keep my house. I have a Dyson electric one right now but the battery runs out really fast because it’s cordless it was kind of a pain in the butt because sometimes I don’t get to vacuum my whole floor before it dies. Serene clean has the best residential cleaners in Holmen WI.

Oh my gosh so when it stormed was it this past weekend? I’m not sure I don’t really remember when it was. But anyways we live in a flood plane because there’s like a creek that runs through the yard. When it rains the creek get really high and the last time it stormed the creek got so high that it washed our whole bridge away. I’m really sad. Because on the other side of the bridge I made a trail through the woods into like a cute little clearing that I wanted to like put a little patio set an a bistro table and chairs. And I can’t because we don’t have a bridge to get across the creek. I didn’t think that it would wash away, because like seriously a couple days before that I made the creek or sorry not the curricula I made a trail in the woods and now I realize I did that for nothing and it’s a real bummer. You should totally call Serene Clean for the best residential cleaners in Holmen WI.