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Best Carpet Cleaners In Sparta, WI

Your carpets are some of the most heavy hit areas of your home. Pets, kids, and normal wear and tear can really make your carpets look and smell less than fresh. Serene Clean is thrilled to offer carpet cleaning to our clients! Whether you have area rugs, stairs, one bedroom, or an entire home of carpet, as the best carpet cleaners in Sparta, WI and the surrounding areas, we are excited to help make them look fresh and clean again!

Serene Clean has been serving our communities for 3 years as the top residential and commercial cleaning service, and adding carpet cleaning to our services has been a long time in the making. Extensive research and training has gone into ensuring we are using both the safest and most effective methods possible to get your carpets beautifully clean and fresh. Below, you can read about the methods we use and other commonly asked questions. As the best carpet cleaners in Sparta, WI we are confident that you will be blown away by how great your carpets can look again!

Q: What carpet cleaning equipment do you use?

A: Serene Clean utilizes counter-rotating brush machines to capture and lift up debris and dirt from your carpets. The brushes rotate upwards and inwards, lifting your carpet pile so it dries upright and soft.


Q: What carpet cleaning products do you use?

A: We use encapsulation and enzyme based cleaning products. Enzyme pre-sprays work by breaking down the protein bond that causes soils and stains to adhere to carpet fibers. Encapsulation products surround each soil particle and crystallizes it, which is then lifted up out of the carpet by the counter-rotating brush machine and then vacuumed up. Other products Serene Clean uses include Odor Eliminators (great for pet homes!), Carpet Sanitizer, and Carpet Protectant to help fight against future stains! You can be sure the best carpet cleaners in Sparta, WI use the most effective products for your home!


Q: How long will it take for my carpets to dry?

A: Because we don’t rely on saturation and extraction, your carpets will be dry in record time! By utilizing the cleaning products and equipment described above, we avoid the need for pumping gallons of water into your carpet. Typically, your carpets will be dry in about an hour after your appointment, meaning less disruption to you.


Q: What will you move during my appointment?

A: Your Serene Clean carpet cleaning technician will be happy to move light furniture (anything one person can easily move). For larger items such as beds, cabinets, etc., we will clean around them unless you are able to help move these large pieces. We will clean around electronics and glass furniture. Preventing injury to our technicians and damage to your belongings is a top priority! Serene Clean is the best carpet cleaners in Sparta, WI and this means we put the utmost care into your home and our technicians’ safety.

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Q: How should I prepare my home for my appointment?

A: To allow your technician to work efficiently in your home, please have floors free from any items other than furniture pieces (floors, clothing, etc.) Some clients like to vacuum prior to our arrival, but this is not necessary. Once your Serene Clean tech arrives, they will walk through your carpeted rooms with you, noting stains or other areas of concern and ensuring your quoted price matches the areas to be worked on.


Q: Is there anything I need to do after my appointment?

A: The amazing thing about encapsulation cleaning products is they keep working even after we’re gone! We highly encourage you to vacuum the day or two after your appointment.


Q: Why should I have the Protectant option added to my appointment?

A: Your brand-new carpet comes with protectant that wears off over time during normal wear and tear. By adding carpet protectant as the last step of your carpet cleaning appointment, you will have more time to clean up spills before they cause permanent stains. This barrier helps eliminate abrasion on the carpet, keeping it looking fresh and new longer. By repelling moisture, spills, and soiling, getting your carpet protectant reapplied is a great final step to your appointment.


Q: Will my carpets look brand new again?

A: Nowadays, carpet comes in a variety of materials, lengths, and densities. These factors determine how impactful carpet cleaning will be on your floors. All carpet materials will benefit from cleaning and look much better. However, specifically with polyester carpets (a very affordable and common material now), there is only so much life that can be brought back. Once polyester carpets have been matted down, they do not spring back like nylon carpets do. Think of it like a plastic water bottle- once it is crumpled up, it never will look brand new again! Your carpets will look incredibly improved after your cleaning with Serene Clean, but it is important to know what is possible to have the most accurate expectations.

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“I live in the Sparta area and I called Serene Clean to clean my carpet on my stairs. We have white carpet with small children and pets so they definitely needed a good cleaning! They did a wonderful job and I’m so glad I called. My two cleaners were very professional and nice to talk to. I will be using them again in the future!!”
– Jessica Olson, homeowner, review of the best carpet cleaners in Sparta, WI

To get your free carpet cleaning quote for your home, please visit our website at or call 715-204-4270 and we will be happy to give you a quote over the phone. Serene Clean is positive you will be 100% satisfied with the best carpet cleaners in Sparta, WI, and we can’t wait for you to see the results!

Interested in house cleaning in addition to carpet cleaning? We’d love to help! Just fill out a house cleaning quote on the same page linked above and we will get you an estimate within 1 business day!


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