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 If you are looking for the top cleaning service  in Blair Wisconsin,  Look no further. Serene clean is excited to offer the highest rated and most reviewed cleaning service in Western Wisconsin. We know that you will be absolutely thrilled with the services we provide, just like the countless other clients we already service and Wisconsin.

Serene clean opened in April of 2019, and quickly grew to a staff of over 10 cleaners by the Winter of 2020. Our clients were incredibly impressed with our professionalism and attention to detail. We quickly became the top cleaning service in Blair Wisconsin by always having a cheerful attitude and following standardized checklist that cover every inch of your home. And fact our core values are family 1st, integrity, and having a grateful and positive attitude. We hire cleaners who match these core values so that our customers are always getting a happy cleaner who is willing to go above and beyond at every single cleaning no matter the size of the home or the condition of the home. We actually loved a clean especially dirty houses, because the difference is so big on our Before & After. Plus we know the client will be so excited because their home was really stressing them out before we came and cleaned. The reason why our core values are so important when we hire people is because without having strict guidelines for how we behave you will not be able to find people who align with what you are trying to do in your community. Our community involvement is incredibly important to us especially in Blair Wisconsin. We are always looking for ways to help our community become a better place for everybody who lives here.

 The top cleaning service and Blair Wisconsin, serene clean, donates monthly to local charities in our area. Each month one of our team members chooses a non profit organization for the business to donate to. We know how much value this adds to our community as well as to are cleaner sense of purpose, so that it is not just another job, they know that they are truly making a difference with their work. We have donated to a nonprofit every single month since the summer of 2019, and we will continue to do so and will work hard to up our donations every month as well because we want to make as big of an impact as possible in our community. We love where we live, and we want our clients to know it!

 It is very important that when you are looking for someone to clean your home, you look very critically at both their insurance and business status, and also their online presence. In this day and age, You can’t trust just anyone in your home. That’s why the top rated and most reviewed cleaning company in Blair Wisconsin works very hard to maintain a great reputation so that you can be put at ease immediately when you find us online. Serene clean has more 5 star reviews than any cleaning company in Western Wisconsin, and if we ever do have a situation where a client is not completely satisfied, we always go and make it right so that they are completely happy no matter what the situation is. We love seeing happy customers and we genuinely want to make sure that every experience is fantastic.

 We have heard horror stories from our clients of other cleaners they have hired who they just found and line. Ranging from lack of professionalism, being late all the time, poor communication, using the wrong products in their home, wearing dirty shoes in the home, or a variety of other inappropriate things comet the list goes on! The reason you should hire the top or cleaning service in Blair Wisconsin, serene clean, is because we are fully bonded, licensed, and ensured, which means that if someone was to get hurt in your home like a cleaner, or is something were to get broken in your home, you will be protected. This is not always the case with an individual cleaner. Though their prices will be enticing, do not fall for it. You will be filled with regret because the quality may not be what it would be if you had hired searing clean and the 1st place and often times we have to come back and fix other people’s mistakes because the level of quality and detail was not their. Often times we will come in after a previous cleaner and we will find areas that are missed which really upsets us because our clients were paying good money to get a quality clean which was not performed before period however we are not here to judge other cleaners we just focus on ourselves and what we can do best for our clients because that’s all that matters and the only thing you can control is your own actions.

 If you have a lot of questions about what the top rated cleaning service in Blair Wisconsin, serene clean, can do for you and your home, we are here to answer them. We are highly communicative in answer quickly to all communications from our clients whether that be in email, phone calls, text messages, or Carrier pigeons. We always make notes of any specific requests by clients in our customer relationship management software, which is very useful for keeping organized when you have as many clients as us! Our clients love how organized we are and that we always know what to do in their home even when their home is very different than other people’s homes in the area. Every time we clean that we continue to add notes by our cleaners that can be read by any cleaner who goes to your home, though we always try our best to send the right the same cleaner every single visit. The nice thing is about being a company is if somebody calls and sick we always have another cleaner we can send. This is not the case when you hire an individual cleaner because you will probably have to either a cancel the cleaning or B find somebody new which is a lot of work on your part where with us you can just trust that we’re gonna send a professional cleaner in your normal cleaners place.

 To book with the highest rated and most reviewed top cleaning service and Blair Wisconsin, serene clean, give us a and fill out the booking request form right there we will get right back to you. thanks for reading!


About Our Founder

Serene Clean was created with one primary goal: to relieve the stress of our clients. Our founder, Stephanie Pipkin, understands the struggles our clients face with their homes because she has the same difficulties in her own home. The frantic cleaning before the in-laws are “just stopping by” in 10 minutes is a very familiar crisis to her, and she realized many others must go through this as well. Serene Clean was born and has quickly become the highest-rated and most reviewed cleaning service in Western Wisconsin.

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