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Serene Clean Fort McCoy, WI

Phone: 715-204-4270

Who enjoys moving? Not too many people. What’s worse than having to clean every square
inch of your home before leaving it and then moving into the new home and having to clean all
that before you put your boxes away. As the best cleaning service in Fort McCoy, Wisconsin
Serene Clean is here to serve you and help you with your cleaning needs. We are professional
and timely and will make sure you are happy with the condition of your home after we are done
cleaning. We want you to be more present and less stressed during your transition into a new
home or moving out of your current home.

We know how hard it is to pack up and move all your belongings and have to clean the home
you’re leaving or the home you’re moving into on top of it. We have all been there. There’s so
many responsibilities when you move to take care of let Serene Clean take care of the cleaning
for you. The professional cleaning technicians at Serene Clean are well-versed in what needs to
be done to help you get your security deposit back, or get your new home ready to be moved in
to. How great would it be not to have to wipe out kitchen cupboards and you can put your dishes
away immediately? We follow a detailed deep cleaning checklist for our move-in and move-out
clients. Some of the standard things we complete in your kitchen include cleaning the inside of
the windows, dusting the ceiling fan, walls and doors are cleaned, baseboards are cleaned
molding and corners are dusted, the inside and outside of both your oven and fridge will be
cleaned, counters will be wiped down, faucet and sink will be cleaned, backsplash will be
cleaned, the microwave and toaster oven will be cleaned, we clean the inside and outside of
drawers and cupboards, cupboard handles are cleaned, dishwasher control panel outside of the
dishwasher and inside of the dishwasher are cleaned, garbage will be emptied, and we always
clean and mop floors. As the best cleaning service in Fort McCoy, Wisconsin these are some of
the items that will be done during your move in or move out deep clean.

If you have us come clean your home whether you’re moving out or moving in, you don’t have to
worry about cleaning supplies or tools. We have all that available in our cleaners would bring it
to your appointment. We will extensively clean your apartment, the home you are selling, or
your new home. We have the tools and products to get the job done right. We have a 100%
satisfaction guarantee, which means we want you to be completely happy. If for some reason
you are not happy with our cleaning service we will come back and reclean the areas we may
have missed. Has the best cleaning service in Fort McCoy, Wisconsin Serene Clean will work
tirelessly to ensure you have the best experience and best service possible. We want you to
have one less thing to worry about during the moving process.

At Serene Clean we love what we do. We would love to get your home ready to sell or to move
into. It’s so rewarding to know that we are helping you on your journey. Hour cleaners love
getting your home sparkling and refreshed. If we are cleaning your home or apartment it’s
instant gratification for us to see the difference we make and we would love to help you any way
we can. As the best cleaning service in Fort McCoy, Wisconsin, Serene Clean wants to give you
the sparkling relaxing home you deserve. Moving in or moving out, we want to give you one less
worry when buying or selling you’re home. I personally wish I would have utilized the service
when I moved into my home. It was so stressful having boxes everywhere for weeks, and I had
to clean tubs, scrub floors and toilets. It puts a strain on the household to have everything
suspended while you spend time cleaning. Let Serene Clean take that stress away. We are
here to serve you as the best cleaning service in Fort McCoy, Wisconsin. We can have your
home ready to list or to unpack in less than a day! We will make it smell great, and remove any
residual dirt from the previous owner. We service many apartment buildings and do many
homes for real estate agents. And we would love to do the same for you!

Contact Serene Clean today to enjoy the moving process more. At Serene Clean we want to
eliminate some stress from your moving adventure! Let us alleviate the stress of cleaning from
your plate while you do the moving. We are having a special for our residential customers. If you
hire us to do a first-time cleaning of your home and schedule us to do a second cleaning within
the next month, will give you 50% off your second appointment. We know you will love how your
home feels when it is refreshed, and renewed by our caring cleaners. We offer free estimates
online through our website or over the phone. To learn more about what we provide as the best
cleaning service in Fort McCoy, Wisconsin please visit or call us today
at 715-204-4270. We are very responsive at all communications and will get back to you within
one business day. Please read our over eighty 5 star reviews on Google from customers just
like you that had us do their move in or move out clean. We also have several before and after
pictures on our website or if you follow us on Facebook you can see even more of what we can
do in your home. It would be a pleasure for Serene Clean to serve you and your community with
a clean, relaxing home. We want to be your go-to moving cleaning service in Fort McCoy,

About Our Founder

Serene Clean was created with one primary goal: to relieve the stress of our clients. Our founder, Stephanie Pipkin, understands the struggles our clients face with their homes because she has the same difficulties in her own home. The frantic cleaning before the in-laws are “just stopping by” in 10 minutes is a very familiar crisis to her, and she realized many others must go through this as well. Serene Clean was born and has quickly become the highest-rated and most reviewed cleaning service in Western Wisconsin.

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